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L.A.Design Collective LLC
The process was done professionally and the end product was delivered on time, and of great quality.
- Roberto R....
Ballard & Mensua Architecture
Seth Ballard and his team are top notch! Every single client that we have referred to Seth and his team have raved about their service. I even have received stellar reviews from a client of mine who manages billion dollar commercial projects for a living, and that's not easy to do!
- Hans W....
Act-Architectural Construction Technologies
Our family owns several commercial locations and Chris Papadopoulos has been providing us with his services for over ten years. He is a professional with high ethics and the quality of his work that he provides is always outstanding. His team is highly skilled and very well trained on meeting strict scheduling obligations, site organization and great craftsmanship. Chris provides strict supervision and solutions to any construction issues that might come up. His warranty is always honored promptly and his prices are always reasonable.
- Guity S....
Catarina Ferreira worked with me throughout 2012 in the design and throughout construction of a new Contemporary Modern house in Kensington MD. Caterina has a great appreciation for ensuring great light and using innovative materials, eg commercial materials not often used in a residential setting. Catarina is happy to work both as the all-in architect and designer, but in my case she was able to deal with a highly involved homeowner who wanted input in every decision. The projuct was a great deal of work for everyone involved- not least Catarina, who threw her training and passion into her work. The final result is one I am ecstacially happy with
- Aidan H....
Charles C Almonte Aia Asid
We know what we know - and what we don't know. We have no background in interior design and architecture. We were faced with the prospect of re-constructing a small home and were at a loss. We knew we needed help. After reviewing potential candidates on Angie's List and making initial contact with a few - we selected Charles. Once we met Charles, we knew we had made the right decision. He is exceptionally talented, highly intelligent, a warm and joyful human being, and really knows how to listen. He reviewed the building plans, made suggestions for improvements, specified lighting, fixtures, colors, wall placement, living levels, flooring, tiles, kitchen and bathroom layout and design, etc. His recommendations were on target and his collaborative spirit made working with him a real pleasure. We know we will be coming back to Charles again and again - and we look forward to it.
- Donna M....
VKB Kitchen & Bath
Excellent overall. Joe is the best in the business. He came up with solutions and designs even better than the Architects! He really has eye for how things should be laid out and can come out with very creative designs and space saving solutions.
- Yama J....
Scott Boddie is hands down the best source for planning a new build or remodel I have ever known. His company, Pattern 4 Building, specializes in residential remodeling and home additions in the Northern Virginia & Washington DC Metro Area. One of the things that I love about his business mode is that is the only “Flat-fee” system you will find in the custom design business. AND he does Free initial design estimates to align with your budget’s needs, and he knows ALL the right people to recommend. I highly recommend Scott wholeheartedly and without hesitation.
- Mindy B....
I thought he was great. I didn’t have any complaints. He was very responsive, punctual, and professional. It was just that he was busy and was kind of hard to schedule with. I would definitely use his service in the future.
- Robin G....
Tom was quick to meet our request for an initial visit, as well as good with follow-up, even over the busy holidays. He likes to have a substantial portion of his money up front, which can be unnerving, but otherwise he's very responsible, dependable, and thorough in his work.
- Todd S....
I have absolutely zero interest in doing home improvement projects myself or dealing with subcontractors or permitting. Mike was great in taking care of all of this stuff for us. Once construction began, Mike was incredibly considerate of our comfort during the process. He even constructed a temporary wall to keep the dust and cold (January weather) from entering our home via the giant hole in our basement wall. The renovations did run a bit over budget, but Mike was always clear with us as to the reasons why and gave us options if we wanted to cut costs in other areas of the project. The project is now complete and we are very happy with the results. Numerous clients have commented on how much they love the space. It is extremely functional and looks great. We were very happy with MC Design Build, so much so that we're starting on another project with them now.
- Jeremy C....
Kamran Ohi P E
I thought that he was good to work with. He came when he said he would and he was available within a matter of a day or two. He seemed very competent and seem to know his business very well. He probably saved us some money because he told us we didn't need to be worried about certain issues and pointed out another issue we should address first. He really gave us a true indication of what really needed to be done.
- Michael A....
Dulles Kitchen and Bath
I’d like to begin with telling you all that I am a very busy woman, as I own a business, which keeps me up on my feet all the time. I often have to travel to different states for business purposes, and it doesn’t leave me enough time to take care of maintenance issues in my home. The neighborhood I live in had some pipeline issues a few weeks back which caused leakage and literally ruined my bathrooms. I knew that it was necessary to get the bathrooms remodeled, but needed a company that could do the job in the least possible time. My secretary recommended me Dulles Kitchen and Bath and told me that I should contact Ali who is a project manager and designer. I called him and he came to my home just after two hours. I was surprised to see him come on such a short notice. He went through all my bathrooms and we sat down to discuss the plan of action. I specifically pointed out that I want the job to be done in the least possible time, and he told me that he would do everything to complete the remodeling task as soon as possible. The next day, my house was crawling with people, with Ali supervising them. I thought that my house would be a mess after they were done with remodeling the bathrooms. But not only did they complete the job well before the deadline mentioned in the contract, they also left my house just the way it was before the remodeling project started, i.e. spotlessly clean. I am on a flight to Miami, and got the time to share my experience with Dulles Kitchen and Bath here. I would like to thank Ali and his team for doing a splendid job with my bathrooms.
- Nancy C....
Moore Construction Group LLC
I do not recommend this company. I had a scheduled visit with the owner of the company for a potential construction project. The owner showed up to my home and was completely rude and not understanding of a work call that interfered with our meeting at the beginning. He left abruptly and said - we are not going to do business with you. For no good reason. The interaction lasted less than a minute. It was completely unprofessional and frankly rude. I do not recommend working with this company.
- Jenica T....
Tried contacting Carpenter Beach through a personal introduction and referral from someone who has worked with them in the past. They sent that email on January 14 and I followed up myself on January 16, but never heard back. Figuring the blizzard that hit the end of January threw everyone off, I waiting a couple of weeks and called about a month later. Left a message and still didn't hear back. Finally about six weeks later I get a response to the original email saying "Thanks for contacting Carpenter Beach but at this time we cannot fit you into our schedule." While I understand people get busy and paying customers take priority over potential new business, it shouldn't take that long to brush someone off especially when you are a referral.
- Todd P....
Louis & Associates LLC
Louis was professional, experienced, responsive, on time, very sharing, insightful, smart and thoughtful. You could not ask for more. We explained our concerns including cracks in exterior brick work, cracks in the basement walls, drywall tape in the ceiling of the master bedroom peeling, etc. Louis walked the entire property with us and we received an education while following him from floor to floor. He is a fountain of engineering knowledge. He followed up quickly as promised with a thorough written report and provided a few suggestions of items we could follow up on. Louis was a complete delight to meet and do business with. We recommend him highly!
- Donna M....
Bella Home Design, LLC
If I had to sum up Bella Homes in just a few words, it would be this: Our family dream home. Bella Home Design is comprised of the perfect team absolutely dedicated to making your dream home become a reality. As busy as they were managing multiple home projects, Marco and his team were truly dedicated in attending to our desires and genuinely GENUINELY cared. They didn't nickel and dime us, but from the beginning I always got the vibe that their greatest satisfaction was seeing their customer absolutely LOVE their home. And we ABSOLUTELY LOVE our home. 150%! When we first came across the house we bought it was about 50% complete. It had the foundation, framing, and roof completed. Initially, we thought the house was a bit too big for what we were going for, but the architectural design and layout of the home honestly made the house a perfect fit for us. We came in at just the right time where we were able to make some design tweaks (i.e. remove elevator design, modify master bedroom closet, modify formal living room for an office, modify a wine room into a storage space, etc). Additionally, we were able to make selections for all the bathrooms, accents walls, mud rooms, wet bar, coffee bar, butler pantry, and much more. As a Naval Officer, I take a lot of pride in being a man of integrity. Therefore, I want to be completely honest. Was there bumps along the way? For sure. But when you're building your dream home, and its not an actual custom home build - there will be some bumps. I would take these bumps every single time as opposed to going through the pains of a new construction custom build that comes with a lot of risks. With that said, every bump was able to be communicated and worked out. When I say Marco has a team truly dedicated to attending to our desires - he has a great team. Tony, their CFO, was not too busy to get his hands dirty and took the time to work on some requests and/or discrepancies. He is a man that takes a lot of pride in punctuality and timelines, but he is also a man that prides on delivery a quality product to his customers. Darren, one of their designers, was so responsive and upbeat - he was an absolute pleasure to work with and provided timely responses. In a time where supply chain issues are present, Bella Homes did a remarkable job in planning ahead and delivering a quality product to its customers. What made this experience even better was the fact that they valued my input and often sought my input. What an amazing feeling it was to walk into a home that you felt like was a custom build, and not having to feel like you have to hire a bunch of contractors after closing to do a bunch of remodeling. For those in the military and are familiar with performance reviews, as a senior Lieutenant Commander in the Navy with 16 years of service I would give Bella Homes my absolute HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION for building you your next home. From the quality workmanship to the communication and genuine desire to perfect (as reasonable as possible) our dream home, we will forever be grateful for the home they delivered to us. Thank you Marco, Tony, and the remarkable Bella Home Design crew. You truly built us our dream home!
- Mark O....
Moss Building & Design
We recently hired Moss Building and Design to do some renovations to our home. The entire Moss team from the initial consultation with Justin to our project manager Brian, and Customer Care Representative Kristen were amazing! We renovated all areas of our entire home and lived onsite while the work was being done, while planning a wedding. We couldn’t have made it through all this without the strong project management and customer service skills Brian brought to the project. He was very transparent in the process, kept constant communication, and insured the work kept moving in a timely manner without compromising quality. We would not hesitate to recommend Brian and the Moss Team, and look forward to doing business with them again in the future.
- Joel G....
Hagan Build & Design
It was very pleasant experience working with Chris, he always communicated with me and kept me updated all the time. His work was very professional and reasonably priced. Chris and his crew made it easy for me as an investor due to their extensive construction experience. The crew arrived on site exactly and completed the work as scheduled. Chris does not cut any corner, he secured all necessary county permits, he also used a highly qualified team of licensed electrician, plumber and engineer where needed, for example, he arranged for the services of a licensed building engineer to inspect and design the proper size of the load bearing beam/truss replacement. They are a very professional and thoughtful company with a great deal of integrity - features not easily found in today's business environment, Highly Recommended!
- Joe Q....
Forward Momentum Construction Group, LLC
Despite the negative review that I read after I'd received an estimate by Mr. Johnson, I decided to move forward and do business with him based on my initial first impression. I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Johnson's professionalism and the quality of the work that was done. Having worked with contractors in the past for other work on my home, I've earned that in most construction jobs things don't always go as planned. Throughout my project, I'd have to say that Mr. Johnson kept an open line of communication and transparency with me as the work progressed which really helped things go smoothly overall. I'd definitely recommend this company based on my positive experience.
- Johnette B....
Case Design Remodeling Inc
Our experience working with Case Design and Remodeling on this project was absolutely excellent. As noted above, Lisa Cortright, the project designer, made the design process as easy as possible, was always responsive, professional, smart and client-oriented, whether offering to accompany us to suppliers or bringing samples to our home, or meeting with us at times that worked for us, all without any pressure. We often communicated by email, accommodating my busy schedule so that I could reply late at night or while on the road. And Lisa has great intuition and excellent taste that made working with her delightful. Kevin Morrissey, the construction project manager, is also great to work with and is an excellent communicator and very practical. Kevin has a wealth of experience and he brought that experience to bear in skillfully moving this project from design to reality -- setting realistic expectations while making the process as easy on us as possible. Kevin met with us weekly to answer our questions and prepared us for what to expect, explained the process to us with ease and clarity, presented alternatives and was mindful of their budget implications so that there were NO surprises. Kevin answered hundreds of questions from us and communicated with us clearly, promptly and often and between weekly meetings, by email or cell. Kevin knows his business and has the respect of those who work with and for him, and he has ours as well. John, our on-site carpenter, was a pleasure to have on-site every day, and we have missed him. John arrived every morning at 7 am, and worked with skill, precision, and discipline all day, every day, for over 4 months. For those of us who are all thumbs, it was truly remarkable to watch John work. John is a true craftsman who respects his tools and keeps his workplace in perfect order. Our golden retriver was also befriended by John. Kevin, Lisa and John made a great team, communicated among themselves easily, and made us feel that we were in excellent hands, as evidenced by our beautiful new kitchen.
- Mary J....

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