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It was a great experience, from start to finish. The fridge went out on Wed., morning and we called him right before lunch. He was at the house by 2:30 that afternoon and had to order a part. Since it was after 3 pm by the time he was done determining what was needed, he missed the order deadline for the part and told us it wouldn't be in until Friday afternoon at the earliest, and maybe even on Monday. As it turns out, it didn't really matter when the part came in as we lost power due to the storm that came through. He was finally able to come out on Thursday, July 5th (after the power came back on) and he fixed the refrigerator. He was absolutely wonderful to work with. Prompt, efficient and extremely reasonable rates.
- Christine P....

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Convenient, small room-sized window air conditioners are perfect for cooling off apartments, additions, or homes not yet equipped with central air conditioning. When window air conditioners break, however, a reliable, trusted repair service is sometimes hard to find. 

How Window Air Conditioner Repair is Done

Getting a window air conditioner repaired is often far easier and less costly than getting a central AC system repaired. A service technician will examine the unit for common problems: 

  • Failure to start
  • Failure to cool
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Leaks

Window air conditioners break down for all the same reasons more robust systems do. The service technician is likely to remove the unit from the window, but is not likely to haul it away for service, since most parts can be swapped out on site. 

How Much Does Window Air Conditioner Repair Cost?

The national average cost of window air conditioner repair is $226, but that obscures extreme ranges, from $50 to $800. The typical range falls somewhere between $106 and $348. 

Finding A Repair Service

Just as with their bigger brothers, window air conditioners need qualified, trusted service technicians to repair them.

You can use the above List of A/C window repair companies near you to find the best pros in your area. Consider calling three HVAC contractors for repair estimates before authorizing work to ensure a great price. Sometimes the cost to repair the unit is more than the cost of buying a newer, more energy-efficient model. So be sure to weigh the estimates against the cost of a new unit.