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Superior Lawn Care & Home Improvements
Donnie and his crew arrived on time after confirming by text. All of the repairs were performed competently and professionally. In a couple of cases, some ingenuity was required because the fix was not straightforward. Prices were reasonable and matched his estimate. Would definitely hire again.
- David B....
Gilkey Window Company, Inc.
They were a good company. The quote was fair. They originally put our windows in, that was why I called them. They provided the windows so I have been happy with the company. However, I used another company who did everything, from roof damage to everything else. They had fair prices and their quality was good. In terms of overall experience, they were a good company; I had been pleased with them in the past when they did the work on the windows and they were prompt on this too, no fault of theirs. I would use their services for another quote again in the future.
- Philip E....
Superior Lawn Care & Home Improvements
It went great, he was very professional, nice guy, he was on time when he said he would be there and fixed the doors in less than an hour, super great service, he also tighten the screws in the front door for no price and fixed the screen door lock
- Diane P....
Ervin & Sons Handyman Services LLC
Two MONTHS later we had those two thunder and wind storms rush through Dayton ending up on the east coast. After the second storm, one of the repaired panels tore completely out one edge making a gaping hole. I called Mr. Ervin and explained the problem and that he needed to fix it. After putting me off for 5 or 6 times (telling me he would have someone out to fix it, then saying "next time"). Finally he did have someone show up to fix it. The worker looked at the problem and was ready to undo the trim, but realized that in taking the trim off, he would probably break it, because of the staples put in with the nail-gun. He didn't have trim with him and would have to come back later. He did staple the screen up so that the bugs and birds wouldn't get on the porch. I then have spent until now trying to contact Mr. Ervin again, but he does not return my calls anymore. I still have a screen panel that is not fixed and have given up on Mr. Ervin contacting me. THE MAN HAS NO INTEGRITY! Two year warrenty - Two month problem.
- Darrell S....
Superior Lawn Care & Home Improvements
The project went very well. It grew due to problems no one could have foreseen, and they went above and beyond in responding. The final results were great.
- Thomas T....
This is a wonderful company. I have used them in the past and I will continue to use them. They were very professional and they did a wonderful job on the repairs. They offer a very competitive rate as sliding doors are quite expensive to repair but I feel that I paid a very reasonable price for the product and installation.
- Kenneth L....
Dave's Handyman Service
We were moving into a new house and had several projects that we needed done. We expected to have to contract several different people. We actually got in touch with Dave because he is listed as a locksmith in Angie's List. He is not really a locksmith. However, we are so happy we found him. Dave is a handyman that can do just about anything. The home had some water damage in the ceiling that included damage to stained wood. Dave repaired the ceiling drywall as well as sanding the wood and matching the stain so that it is perfect. He also re-screened a front porch, made our front door open smoothly, and removed shelving from a closet. We have him coming for more projects soon. Very professional and highly recommended.
- Eric S....
Xenia Glass & Lock
They were very professional and courteous. Requested same day service, and they were able to complete in a few hours. The work was excellent. Would recommend them to anyone in the area.
- John G....
Superior Lawn Care & Home Improvements
One item they deferred on was a minor appliance repair. They said that the lid switch on my washing machine would be a speedier repair if I hired an appliance specialist. Things we got done included the faucet replacement in my kitchen; installing a door stop and a door stopper (kickstand); alignment of my shower doors, although the part I had provided for installation was too tall to be used (which created some extra effort); and some repair of my storm door where the sliding panels were installed improperly (and I thought we would make a screen-kit screen, but they pointed out it's not the right type of door for that). That actually went a little past the hour mark so I tipped extra well. I do not know what else they do. The handyman post was kind of nonspecific. I love my new faucet and they made that installation happen so that was terrific. I also thought they were efficient. The most minor suggestion I have is on a rainy day to try to leave clean tracks.
- Teresa C....
Xenia Glass & Lock
The work was performed on time and the quality was fine. The office staff is knowledgeable and able to help with all your questions. I am very pleased with thier work and the wide range of services they offer. I will continue to bring them my business.
- Donald K....
Stickler Home Improvement
The floors that were originally carpeted were sanded and urethaned look fantastic. They fixed numerous flaws in the drywall prior to repainting the entire interior of the house. The kitchen needed a complete overhaul as it had all original fixtures. They did an amazing job as it looks excellent. The fit and finish is impeccable. I would be happy to share pictures if anyone would like to see the quality.
- Edward H....
Superior Lawn Care & Home Improvements
He did a great job. He was neat, polite and considerate of my disabled husband. On previous days he cleaned the gutters and cleaned out the spouting. I feel lucky to have found him to be our handyman U
- Diana S....
Xenia Glass & Lock
Our existing screens had old wood frames, and the screens could not be repaired without rebuilding the frames. They replaced these with screens with an aluminum frame that can be more easily removed/repaired. We also added pet-resistant screen on the bottom half. Beautiful job, quick and professional. A little more than we wanted to pay, but we had used Xenia Glass and Lock before, and I knew they would do an excellent job.
- Kim W....
Superior Lawn Care & Home Improvements
I have been more than satisfied with his work and work ethic. I have a long list of other projects I will be working with him on in the future.
- Deborah I....
Superior Lawn Care & Home Improvements
Donnie and his crew were very attentive and responsive to the needs of the home. They encountered many obstacles completing the work in my 60 + year old home but they were able to adjust and finish the job. Their work is top-notch and I am so pleased with the outcome. After they were finished they cleaned up and hauled away all the oversized garbage.
- Mary S....
Wizards With Tools
They were very reasonably priced too. I thought they were just going to s up off the edge of the board but they did a proper job of rebuilding the fence, so we never had a problem. I love them. They have tools and their ideas. They were good people. They moved the hospital bed and furniture for us. They were nice people and do a good the job. I have to wait because they were busy people.
- Gil M....

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Be sure to ask these questions:

How much does it cost near me to repair a window screen?

Professional window screen repairs cost around $100. That's to replace screens in five windows, or about $20 per window for taking the screens to a service.

Can a handyman near me repair a window screen?

Yes a handyman service could provide on-site repairs for around $68 for a single screen. Expect slightly lower per-screen charges for multiple screens.

Which nearby window screen company should I hire for repairs?

Whether you pick a handyman or a company for window screen repairs, choose local talent with great reviews, ratings and grades online. If they do not have online reviews, ask for references.

How many screen repair companies should I contact?

No less than three. If possible, ask several companies for per-screen charges and if they have a flat charge for a service visit. Use this list of window screen repair services near you to find a trustworthy company.

How much do screen repair kits cost?

Kits run about $13. Window screen repairs are something a handy DIY'er can tackle with a screen repair kit, which usually includes the fiberglass screening, a spline tool and spline (the flexible plastic cord that holds the screen in place).

Does the price change for the type of screen repair?

Yes - consider these special types that could change the price:

  • Insect screens - Solar screens
  • Retractable screens

If you hire a window screen repair company try taking the damaged screens to them for screen replacement, frame realignment, and cleaning to possibly save money. The third option of inviting a handyman service to come to your home to work on the screens is also a great option - some handymen near you are listed on this page. 

They provide more protection to a home than people first realize. They keep bugs out. They keep your indoor air clean of airborne pollen and dandelion puff balls. Your window screens need proper care, and in many cases they need window screen repairs due to pet damage, errant sports balls, or age.

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