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Animal Control Experts
They were expensive but high quality. I've hired a local guy who left me hanging when I had a raccoon trapped in my attic. They came out quickly to take care of the raccoons. They did good work on the house in a reasonably timely fashion.
- Rob R....
Animal Control Experts
The technician came out on the appointed date and time. I described to him what I had heard while in the house and from what area of the house it had come from. The technician inspected the outside roof and noticed raccoon activity. He set a trap and said he'd come back the next day to check it. The same day, he also went into the attic to see if there was another entry point or evidence of raccoon activity. There was none. The technician made 5 more visits after the initial one. After seeing no further activity or catching a raccoon, he then repaired the point of entry and sealed it up. On the last day, an opossum was caught in the trap, but he figured that was not the culprit. To repair the damaged area in the roof was an additional $100.00. I thought the whole cost was pricey, but then I had checked with some other pest control companies and the cost was comparable. Initially, the tech told me that they would trap for up to two weeks. So from 8/24/12 thru 9/6/12, he was on the job. I have had no further problems from the raccoons.
- Warner W....
They were fine. They were easy to work with and very professional. I think the price was 150 initial for them to lay the cages, and then I believe, 50 each racoon that they caught. They caught a 6 raccoons. The price was competitive. Actually I'm going to buy my own cage and do it myself next time. So we are not going to use them again. I don't mean to denigrate their service, it's simply that I've just learned enough and can do it myself.
- Kerstin S....
Critter Control of Birmingham
They were very good. They did a fine job. I rate them high overall. I will use them again in the future.
- Sara J....

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