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Reviews of Raccoon Removal Nearby

Veteran Pest & Wildlife Services
Morgan was very professional and knowledgeable. The raccoons were all trapped over a 2 week timespan. After all of the raccoons were out, Morgan sprayed the raccoon's living area to eliminate residual adverse effects of the raccoons.
- Kevin L....
The Master Trapper Inc
Came as discussed and promptly removed first raccoon. Set a trap for 2nd raccoon but was not caught. But raccoon left attic and he closed their entrance. Have not had any issues every since.
- Michael R....
Environmental Pest Control
Installed a one way gate to allow raccoon to leave; closed up roof and replaced soffit pieces; removed raccoon droppings from attic. Two visits took care of the problem.
- Richard A....
Alexandria Pest Service
I spoke to three different people at Alexandria Pest - a dispatcher, an inspector and a tech. All three were helpful and kind! Within three hours of my first call, my raccoon was trapped and removed. I called two other companies at the same time. Alexandria Pest had removed the raccoon prior to me getting a returned phone call from either of the other companies. I would like to mention Tracy, specifically, as her customer service was impeccable as was her follow through. Our tech, William, took care of trapping the raccoon expeditiously. I would recommend Alexandria Pest to anyone in need of pest control/removal. 5 STARS!!!
- Susan G....
Absolute Home and Pest Solutions
We called Absolute for the removal of a raccoon in our attic. As usual with our house nothing is simple. The raccoon had entered in a part of the house with no access to the attic and the entrance was on a side of the house 40 feet or so off the ground. We worried that the raccoon was a female and had given birth (as had happened once before in a different part of our house). Enter Chris James. He assured us that he could catch our guest and laid out traps. For a week or so the traps caught two squirrels but no raccoon. Chris returned and said he'd have to change the bait. He put together some special concoction and within two days we had our raccoon. After a week of hearing no noises in the attic Absolute sent out a team to repair the hole on the side of our house. I would recommend this company. I don't know how they compare in price with other companies but they were responsive and got the job done.
- Ron M....
Adcocks Trapping Service
We had a loud scratching noise in our kitchen on a Saturday night and needed to have emergency service to trap the raccoon that had found it's way in as it was digging through the drywall. We call Adcock's Trapping based on the Angie's list reviews and they came on Sunday morning. They found the location where the raccoon was entering and set up traps to capture it. Once the traps were set, they came by every day to check. On the 4th day, the raccoon was caught. When they came to remove the raccoon, they sealed the entrances and fixed the damage caused by the raccoon. They also inspected the house to determine any other possible entrances at later times. Everything was done timely and professionally. We would recommend them to others who have the same issues.
- Miles B....
Formerly Connor's an Ehrlich Company
This company did great work! They came out and placed 2 traps in the attic to trap a family of raccoons that had invaded my attic. They DID trap and remove all the raccoons, cleaned up all the raccoon droppings, sanitized the attic area where they were living, and secured the openings where the animals got in. They were very nice and professional, came out a couple of times, and I am very satisfied with their service.
- Joyce H....
Adcocks Trapping Service
Trapped 7 raccoons over a 5 day period, though one day a fox managed to get in and out of the two traps without getting caught and eat the bait.
- F C....
Great, they arrived on time, diagnosed the problem, and resolved it. They kept me informed all through the process. They had to remove a raccoon, come back to verify nothing else had moved in, and then repair the area.
- Denise M....
BioTech Pest Management
Ever since biotech came in to seal the rodent entry point I haven't heard any crazy sounds in my attic I can finally sleep peacefully at night and so can my family thank you biotech !
- Erik H....
On The Fly Pest Solutions
These guys are absolutely the best. Everyone -- from the office staff to the person who came to evaluate the situation to the wildlife techs who came by -- was friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. The price was good -- MUCH less than the national firm I first contacted -- and most important, they got the job done. We will absolutely use them again should the need arise. We can't recommemnd them enough.
- Bruce K....
ARK Trapping
My daughter and I were surprised to find a raccoon living in our shed this afternoon. After a referral from the county site and references on Angie's List, I called Ark. Burt was able to make it to my house with a few hours and remove the raccoon. He also did some minor repairs and laid lures to prevent it from re-nesting in my shed.
- Kelly R....
Yes it was successful, the raccoon was removed and it took its offspring with it. I cannot promise that everyone will succeed at this. I did take a big risk that the raccoon would resume residence, and could not be trapped again.
- Ken R....
A raccoon was nesting in the attic. Trappro was one of several companies we contacted; we selected them because of their responsiveness to our questions. Their technician examined the attic and roof and recommended placing the trap outside rather than in the attic. The raccoon was trapped a couple of days later. They came immediately to take the animal away.
- Marion E....
The Master Trapper Inc
i felt taken advantage of! he quoted price of 300 for the cleaning of attic as well disposing of raccoons along with 240 for a metal bar to cover the fan outside. then after a month he said cleaning was not included even through 3 people heard him. he never gave all the important facts about costs! if you want to be taken advantage of please call hom
- Patricia K....
The trapper came out around the same time each day. Friendly guy. His friendliness likely caused the capture of the animal. In causal conversation, he learned the raccoon had eaten me candy out of our garbage. He brightened after receiving this information, added candy to the trap as bait, and the raccoon was captured shortly thereafter. Had he not bothered to strike up a conversation, the animal may not have been caught.
- Anthony P....
Veteran Pest & Wildlife Services
I was having issues with raccoons in my garage ceiling. Morgan came out and inspected the whole property and immediately noticed the entry point. Morgan put a total of two traps and the raccoon was caught in less than two weeks. Morgan is very knowledgeable, very punctual and very professional.The best part is Morgan worked with us on the repairs that needed to be done. He had his crew tear down the garage ceiling, changing the insulation, put up new drywall and painted not only the ceiling but the garage walls. Morgan also inspected the attic to make sure there were no raccoon damage. His crew went beyond my expectations. Once the repairs were done, the garage looked like new. I highly recommend Morgan to anyone that needs any sort of pests removed.
- Christophe B....
Adcocks Trapping Service
It went very well. I had them come for the initial 3 days and then extended it another 2 days. The trapping was successful on the first day, but I kept seeing additional signs of more raccoons. They come each morning to reset the trap/bait. I highly recommend them.
- Pat F....
American Pest
Called them because we had a raccoon in attic and it had babies. They said they would come out in a few days. When they did, the service person said they would have to drive the mother out by using a spray but he did not bring it. It took two more days to come back and do it. I had to pay for the treatment right then. he then said he would come back in 2 days to retrieve the babies. Two days later, on Saturday, I got a call saying he broke down on highway and could not make it. I called back on Monday after no one called back and was told he was busy and I would have to reschedule. I called another another company that came out that same day and completed the job and for a lot less money and did more complete of a job. Wards called almost a week later and wanted to come over as if nothing happened. Never count on them.
- Kevin S....
Century Termite & Pest
I paid them $550 to get a raccoon out of my ceiling and they didn't get it. There were babies in there as well the guy had to come get them out. They put a one way door so they could get out but not back in so the babies were stuck. I wouldn't give them a high rating. They didn't do what they said would do, they didn't get the raccoon. They didn't have the equipment they said they had.
- Mary B....

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