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Snow Plowing Reviews In Your Area

Birchwood Lawn Care Inc
It went well They were thorough, they were responsive to my needs,.e.g. I had to get to a doctor's appointment and they were able to clear our driveway and walkway to meet my needs. I prescheduled them and they a timely manner. I have used them several times this winter and have been pleased with the service each time.
- Linda W....
I called on Sunday Feb 14 because the ice dams on my roof was causing water to leak into the house. Bill Smith called me back that afternoon, and the work was done the very next day. Excellent service!
- Lian C....
We called on Thursday about an urgent need to remove snow from the roof, where ice dams had formed. Bill arranged to have the job done the very next day, and quality of work was first rate. Yet even after the job was done Bill didn't charge us until he had called to verify that we were satisfied with the quality of work.
- Charles R....
Enhanced Roofing & Remodeling
From the snowstorm beginning on February 9, 2010, we received approximately 40 inches of snow. The slowly melting snow caused water to leak into four rooms of our home. Another company was providing cleanup, dehydration and drying services. Our insurance company was eager to get their expensive equipment removed from our home. I explained that about 30 inches of snow and melting ice remained on our roof and that as long as it took to melt we would need to continue the other company's work. The insurance agent suggested that we hire someone to clear the snow off the roof and suggested we contact a roofing company. Using Angie's List we identified several local roofing companies who said they did ice and snow removal. It was about 8:00 in the evening when I called Enhanced R&R. Ryan promptly returned my call and when I explained what we needed, he said that he was calling on his cell phone from a customer's roof where his crew was removing snow. He said he could not do ours that night because it was no longer safe, but would do ours in the early morning. He arrived with his crew at about 8:00 in the morning and efficiently removed the snow from our entire roof, checked the condition of the roof, and cleaned the fallen snow from our deck, patio and driveway.
- Robert K....
Merlos Lawn Care
These guys are terrific! I called them the day of the storm without much hope that they would be able to come out, but they did! I was so impressed. They cleared my drive way, shoveled out from around the cars, shoveled my walk, stairs and even put down ice melt for a very reasonable price. I'm impressed and I would definitely use them again!
- Abby M....
Reliable Hauling & General Services
We have used Reliable Hauling & General Services for snow removal since the Fall of 2013. They've done a great job for us -- they're very communicative, told us exactly what services they would perform, communicate by e-mail when snow is expected, and show up on time, each time. They agreed to use the ice-melt we provided instead of salt. They cleared ALL the snow that we requested in a very efficient time. Their rates are lower than our old snow removal service. We highly recommend them for this service, and based on their work we would hire them for other services such as moving or hauling.
- L. L....
Birchwood Lawn Care Inc
They were very quick. We were away on vacation and coming home to the icy streets. We called them to take care of the ice on the driveway and they did, and we were able to get in safely. They are very reliable. The work is satisfactory and the service is reliable.
- Martin A....
JTB Innovations LLC
Was very pleased with Jason's work and responsiveness. Finally got home after cancelled flights and delays on Sunday evening after the big snowstorm and of course my house was buried and the drive entrance was plowed over so no way I could shovel myself out in any reasonable time. Found JTB on Angies list and even though it was Sunday night gave it a shot - Jason answered his cell directly while he was out plowing. He gave me a rough estimate (since he had not seen my house or size of my drive) over the phone and said he would be there first thing the next morning, which was great given the conditions and volume of work I was sure he had from the storm. When I went out at 7am the next day I found my drive, sidewalks and path to my door completely plowed and cleared including application of ice melt to prevent refreezing. The bill was generally consistent with the estimate. I don't know how his cost compares to others as I never used a plow service in VA before, but given his responsiveness and the quality of the job I have no complaints. Thanks Jason.
- Mark S....
Garcia Landscaping
I work for a medical facility and we have a small lot with approximately 16 parking spaces. Since we didn't have a current contract with Garcia I was told (when I called on Monday) that they would get to our lot after they took care of their contracted clients. I had to call daily. Our lot was finally cleared on Wednesday (mid-morning) and I immediately received an astronomical bill. When I questioned the validity of the charges, I was told that their trucks have GPS tracking and that they spent 3hrs to clear our parking lot but I was only being charged for 2.5hrs. This was after a nice gentleman with a snowplow, that happened to be passing by, graciously made two passes to remove the mound of ice/snow blocking our driveway all the way back to the end of our lot. We were also charged $70 for a bag of ice melt. I knew that the fee was $300/hr and had prepared for a charge of $300-$450 but to be gouged with a bill of $820 is ridiculous.
- Ann H....
BAM's Landscaping
There was a time when the first sign of snow brought cheers from those of us living in our home; however, fast forward many years later, after the era of sleds and snowmen, and the sight of new snow would send me to my shed to get the shovels ready for a strenuous workout. Groan! Since my house is on a corner lot, there is a significant amount of snow that needs to be removed, and so I would be out there, even on cold, dark nights, starting the laborious process of clearing snow to get a headstart before I would have to be out there again in the morning. Since I discovered BAMs, this encounter with ice, snow and cold is now just a memory. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Once there is one inch on the ground, Brett McCurdy knows he will be sending his men to my house after the snow has stopped. There's no need for me to phone. No need to email. Brett has his list and I can rely on the fact that his men will be on the way. Because my husband and I have been so satisfied with the service provided this past winter, we just renewed our contract for the coming winter. For us, this service is not a luxury but a necessity as well as a safety issue on a number of levels. What a good feeling to know that my neighbors and family members will have clear passage in front of our home! As we have had a new stone walkway installed this past spring, I had a few questions about how the snow removal process might affect the new walkway. With each question, before the night was over, I received an email response. What a good feeling!
- Toby M....
Oak Tree Lawn & Landscape
They were very prompt, showing up just when they said they would. They dispatched the work quickly and relatively neatly. They even salted the driveway after they were done, which I had not expected--he was concerned that it would ice up otherwise. That was a nice touch. When I first called, he asked me to name the price, which I did. I picked what seemed a fair price, although I expect they would have done the work for less. I was more interested in having it done quickly and correctly than in haggling over the price.
- Paul G....
ATD Landscaping LLC
We have been using ATD for over 5 yrs. They are prompt, efficient, and will work with you if you have your own design. They have installed plants and brick borders for us, and maintained the lawn in front of our townhome. The staff is friendly, the pricing is fair, and our neighbors often stop to admire our small garden. Oh-they also do snow removal, for which we are eternally grateful!
- Terri P....
My husband and I had been away on vacation and ended up "stuck" in Phoenix for 4 extra days until Washington National Airport opened up and began accepting flights. We came home to find one car buried under 3.5 feet of snow and our second parking space still empty but also buried. My husband has a bad back and I am also physically challenged, so we knew we would need help to get the snow cleared. We started to search online for a company and went to Angie's List. The first company that came up in our search was Labor Ready. I called the number listed and found that we were not in their geographic district, but they gave me the number of another Labor Ready division in our area. I called and spoke to Adrian, and he was extremely polite and cordial and eager to help us. He took the information and said he would call us back to let us know when someone would be coming. He called back about 10 minutes later to say that it was going to be about an hour before he'd call back with the information, and he didn't want us sitting there wondering what was going on. We were very pleased with that. About 30 minutes after that, there was a knock on the door and a Labor Ready representative was there, with the worker who would be shovelling us out. My husband provided a signature on the appropriate paperwork, and the worker went right to work, borrowing our brand new shovel. An hour and a half later, he was finished, and it looked GREAT. We couldn't believe how much he had done and how quickly. We gave him some water and a tip.
- Elizabeth I....
Central Exteriors
They removed all the snow from the roof and the ice from the gutters, which we appreciated. Unfortunately, instead of consulting w/us beforehand, the guys who did the job loaded huge amounts of snow on 40-60 year old shrubs and bushes w/out asking us. Although we appreciate the work done, they damaged and/or many shrubs, and we dug out a 60 year old irreplaceable dwarf japanese maple tree that they completely buried. When I called to express our thanks--and dismay--I spoke to one of the owners who I thought was defensive and took no responsiblity for the damage done. We know it was hard work/we appreciated they came out quickly, but doing what they did the way they did it simply added fuel to the fire. At the very least--they should have offered to take some money off the total bill, which they didn't. Instead--I was chastised by the owner for calling at all.
- Barbara F....
Kuhlman Lawn Service
Kuhlman is great for snow removal and landscaping. Julie is exceptionally responsive whenever I need to contact her - I would highly recommend Kuhlman Lawn Service for all your snow removal and landscaping needs!
- Elaine B....
Adalberto Lawn Service Inc
We used Adalberto because the previous owners of our house used him for years as do other neighbors. They do good work, but their communication is not great. When we first contacted them, they said they would do the work and their prices and that we would get a bill, but did not explain it is quarterly (we oddly have yet to get one). While this prevents having to write constant checks, it also doesn't allow you to keep track of the services being done so by the time the bill comes, you're just hoping you're not getting billed for services you don't want. They also shovel snow for $50 a snow. The previous owner had a deal for shoveling over 2 inches. In December, it snowed less than 2 inches and we were frustrated because we certainly could have shoveled the dusting ourselves. So we left a message in mid-December asking him to call us so we could set up a protocol with the goal of us texting or calling if we did want the service if the amount was iffy or just doing it if it was clear we would need it. He never called back (this was 3 weeks ago). So when it snowed a lot this past weekend, he just didn't come and it was several inches and very icy - clearly some time we would want it. So I texted asking him to come (not even sure if texts would work as I hadn't texted). Sure enough - he did show up with a loud truck at 7 AM on a Saturday, though I never received a response. I was happy the job was done and done pretty well (some ice remained), but it would have been nice if he had communicated and we could have said to come a bit later given that it was the weekend - or really just communicated at all. So I am a bit hesitant to have them do the spring cleaning as it is very pricy and I just assume it will wind up being done without discussion of price or task. So I guess the verdict is out here. They definitely get the job done and nicely, but the communication is really bad.
- Brian B....
South Mountain Lawn & Landscape Inc
Jamie of South Mountain did an excellent job of snow removal during the last epic storm of this particularly snowy winter (Feb 2014). He cleared my residential drive and walkways amidst the heaviest snow in years, quick and tidy. I want to use his company for the long term. I highly recommend Jamie and South Mountain. Thank you very kindly.
- Erich F....
Clarks Landscaping
Removed snow for my elderly father. Clark's arrived when they said they would and removed the snow quickly. Adam and his team are very courteous and respectful. Price was very fair. I would highly recommend them.
- Cathleen S....
TS Pressure Washing & Deck Restorations, LLC
Kurt is very reliable and cleared the snow from my driveway during the BIG storm when we were out of town. He did an excellent job and kept in touch with me to let me know when the job was completed. I will definitely use him again!
- Sheryl F....
Northern Virginia Grounds, LLC
We received outstanding service and would hire Tony again for snow removal and we will recommend him to others. Communication and follow-up by phone was outstanding, the price was fair, and we definitely recommend him and would hire him again. In fact, based on how he responded to our request for plowing our driveway, including clearing the curb area for the mail truck and the storm drain area so run off could occur, we will be contacting him for other services this spring (e.g., new walkway, front stoop, etc.). He was highly communicative, fully transparent about what we would get for the fee, responsive, caring, and provided top notch customer service. He exemplified the American work ethic and we feel we got our money's worth.
- Karen K....

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Average snowstorms in the United States last between 2 to 5 days. There are typically 105 snowstorms a year.

If you have a lot of snow blocking the driveway, you might want to avoid the winter chill and rely on the experts to get the job done.

How much will snow removal near me cost?

For driveways the cost lies between $30 to $45 to plow snow.

Here are some key considerations before hiring a snow removal company:

1. Get Estimates Up-Front

If the company you want to work with is reputable, they'll provide you with an estimate without any complaints. Compare with at least two other quotes to find a reasonable rate.

2. Ask About Licensing & Insurance

The right snow removal company near you will be properly bonded and insured. Plus, they might need to be licensed in your area.

3. Be Specific About When They'll Plow

Different companies plow when different amounts of snow are on the ground. You'll have to be specific if you want to make sure that your company will show up when you need them.

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