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Perfect Lawn LLC
Normally I would have accepted this offer. However a friend offered to help me dethatch my yard instead.
- Patricia B....
Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape
The company stopped by the house when I was not home and left a note in the mailbox. They provided an extremely high estimate that included additional work that I had not asked for. When I contacted the company, they tried to sell me additional services. They do not work on weekends, which I thought was very unreasonable for a company of this type. In order to meet with them, I would need to take time off of work during the week.
- Eric B....
Lawnscapes Etc Inc
- Maurice G....
Campbell Landscaping LLC
I've used Campbell Landscaping for several years and will continue to do so. My lawn's never looked better!
- William O....
Premium Lawn & Landscape
My biggest complaint is that my lawn has never looked so bad. I contacted them as soon as the crab grass started taking over, and I even had Mark look at it. He didn't suggest a solution. With all of the treatments they did, the lawn should be in good shape. I recently emailed Mark to ask him what they were going to do about the crab grass and never got a reply. The other issue was the reseeding. The person who did this was in a hurry and paid no attention at all. He flung grass seed into areas that I have been trying to keep free of grass for years, like flower beds. I had Mark look at that too and he said I could take care of it myself. I will definitely not use them anymore.
- Diana S....
MRW Lawns Inc
Having recently moved from the Waldorf, MD area, I thought it was really important to give my thanks and public recognition to Wayne and the good people at MRW Lawns who cared for my lawn over a period of 15 years. They provided a full course of 5-6 treatments throughout the growing season. We periodically used their other services, such as soil chemical analysis, lawn dethatching, core aeration, and over-seeding. There was never any nagging pressure to up-sell their services. They always came when scheduled, didn't leave fertilizer pellets all over the pavement, and were courteous and professional in every possible way. With simple cutting the lawn always looked green and healthy. Even in the dry summers the deep rooted turf came back to green with a good rain. I couldn't be happier with the care and value I received from MRW. Although MRW was not the FIRST lawn service we used over the years, they certainly were both the BEST and LAST.
- Richard T....
Premium Lawn & Landscape
We needed to completely redo our front, side and back yard last year with design and new sod. We looked to Premium but went with another company when we had some issues with a sales person that is no longer with Premium. I guess we should have gone with them initially. After the very expensive work that we had done last year by another company - that company had issues in doing our routine ongoing maintenance (i guess they were okay getting the big job, but not okay on an ongoing basis) and we had problems with some of the work that they did. After giving them many tries to correct their issues, we terminated our agreement with them, interviewed the companies we looked at initially, and met with Ritchie from Premium and decided to go with them for the remainder of this year, and hopefully going forward. We are now using Premium to ensure the continuity of our new, expensive yard. They mow like clockwork, Ritchie is responsive with my questions about problems we may be having, and we're looking forward to a successful ongoing relationship. I would recommend them highly.
- Jean W....
Gillco Lawn & Landscaping LLC
I joined Angie's List in order to find someone to help me fix my lawn, which was in great need of repair. I made the mistake of choosing a very highly rated Angie's List provider's referral instead of hiring someone who had many references on the list. I REALLY wanted to be happy with the services provided. This seems to be a one man operation and the gentleman who runs it is very enthusiastic about his work. He exuded passion in making lawns look good. Unfortunately, his passion did not translate into a healthy lawn. In fact, my lawn looks worse than when he started doing work. My lawn has continued to erode and is more patchy than ever before. The gentleman told me that he would conduct a 30-60-90 plan, but after the first session, I never heard from him again. I purposefully didn't reach out because I felt it was his responsibility to go after the business and to follow-up with the client. This never took place. When I reached him a few months later he questioned why I waited so long to complain. Well, I wanted to give him a chance. When I informed him that I was going to write a review, he wrote me the following after calling me unreasonable: and quot;Bear in mind any information that is found to be false and damaging to the individual person or company, there are provisions in the law to remedy such false accusation, defamation of character or slander.and quot; I come from the school of thought that you try to make your customer happy. This gentleman prefers to deal over e-mail, when I believe much could have been sorted through his having taken the time to call me. My lawn continues to look horrible, but this experience gave me the opportunity to try and do some work myself. It's certainly much cheaper than what I spent and seems to have had no effect. I would never do business or hire this company again.
- Alfred N....
True Alternative Lawn Care
Personally I'm a green thumb and enjoy landscaping my yard however; I was tired of dragging bags of fertilizer and seed every year to maintain my lawn. My lawn generally looks good, but I was having a problem getting rid of the weeds. Throughout the spring and summer different types of weeds would sprout and it was very frustrating because I wanted the perfect golf course lawn. People would say my lawn looked good but, I was not satisfied. Each year I would aerate, re-seed, dethatch and fertilize my lawn, but now I'm tired of doing all of the work. I don't mind cutting and trimming my lawn, however, I'm tired of treating it, so I went looking for a company that would give me the golf course look by the way of treating it. True Alternative Lawn Care was the company that fit my needs. They were very courteous explaining what my lawn needed and I was impressed with the estimate and the review of my lawn. The representative even told me the names of every weed in my yard. So all that being said they have been treating my lawn and the results are outstanding! The first treatment turned the entire lawn deep dark green, attacked the weeds and immediately killed a patch of weeds that started growing in the back corner of my yard due to the water runoff in which I could not get rid of no matter what type of weed killer I applied. After the first treatment I received a courtesy call and they came back out to review the progress of my lawn. I'm not trying to brag, but I was very familiar with lawn treatment so I was waiting to see if True Alternative Lawn Care knew what they were doing and not just trying to take my money and rush through my yard like other companies I've experienced. I have to be honest; I am completely satisfied and would recommend True Alternative Lawn Care to anyone! To make a long story short the treatments are reasonable and I also have the golf course lawn I want and have been working for years to grow!
- Meghan N....

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