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Recent Reviews of Kenmore Vacuum Repair Near You

Herndon Vacuums
Very responsive. Quoted a higher price for replacing the wand on my Kenmore canister but actual price was about $100 less. Appreciate the honesty when we picked up the vacuum cleaner and the price was only $60. It took about 1 week longer extra to have it repaired. ( 2 weeks total)
- Mary S....
Sun Sew Vac
We decided to go with a new Miele vacuum. Robert was extremely helpful in helping us select a model to suit our needs, and beyond patient in explaining all of the settings. Thanks, Robert!
- Lorraine M....
Vacuum Zone - Burke
Vacuum Zone was very helpful. Vacuum Zone checked-over/tuned-up my Kenmore canister vacuum. A broken attachment, used to vacuum upholstery and stairs, could not be repaired and would be costly to replace. Vacuum Zone recommended the purchase of a less expensive brushroller to effectively replace my broken attachment. In addition, Vacuum Zone stocks a wide variety of replacement bags and filters for my machine.
- Susan K....
After using neighborhood vacuum repair shops, including Sears for a Kenmore, and being very unhappy that the vacuums were not repaired properly nor promptly, I took the trip to Hyattsville Sew and Vac. Sylvester, the proprieter, repaired one vacuum on the spot, showed me how to repair the problem if it occurred again, and charged $12. He couldn't figure out easily what was wrong with the second one so kept it, and I haven't gotten it back yet. He made a great first impression, and I recommend that you take the trip. It's well worth it
- Bronwyn B....
American Vacuum & Sewing Machine
The repair was prompt and not expensive, and they gave me advice on how to store the machine to extend the life of the hose and neck. I wish they repaired other small appliances.
- Lisa R....
A Weinstein Inc
Call Mr Weinstein who tried to walk me through some possible sollution to fix the problem my self, when that was unsuccessful one of his service team call me that evening to set up an appt for the next day. Terry, the service man was outstanding, he diagnosed the problem quickly, ordered the part and had it installed with in two days.
- Michael D....
ACE VACUUMS of Ashburn
I had debated using Sears at Dulles Town Center or Ace - so glad I chose Ace. They were able to quote me a cleaning price upfront when I called (Sears would not even give me an idea). I did get a call from the store when they saw something potentially wrong...but they called me back and said they were able to repair the broken piece without me incurring additional expense over what they quoted me to replace it. So glad! This was really great because my Dyson was actually purchased from as a refurb 6 years ago!
- Janet G....
Brothers Sew & Vac
Very well. I bought my vacuum cleaner from them many years ago and I go their for occasional servicing and to buy replacement bags.
- Bonnie B....
Appliance Fix-It Inc
Vacuum power switch wiring overheated and shorted out. I e-mailed (after hours) Appliance Fix-It, explaining the problem and inquiring about how much this type of repair would run. They promptly replied by the morning with an estimate. I took the vacuum in that day. After checking out the vacuum, they told me how much the repair would cost, which was a reasonable price. Vacuum was ready for pick-up the next morning. They were very prompt and courteous.
- Todd C....
Strosniders Hardware
I went looking for a new vacuum. They had a lady there in charge of vacuum cleaners and she was very knowledgeable.
- Kathleen S....
We dropped off the vacuum, it was repaired in a timely fashion. Works great. We will go back when it's time to buy a new vacuum.
- Nancy T....
ACE VACUUMS of Ashburn
Very responsive. I went with the vacuum and John, the owner, showed how much suction was coming through the vacuum, told me he would completely bring it back to the state it was in when purchased -- and he did. Its an expensive vacuum cleaner and worth fixing. They completed the work 2 days sooner than promised.
- Barbara E....
Ace Vacuums
Vacuums Unlimited were very good, very knowledgeable. The guy knew all the various lines, all their products. We had a very in-depth discussion of the brands and upright versus canister. I had spent a lot of money on my vacuum and wanted performance and durability, and a good motor, but small and lightweight! He tries to match the product and the service to your expectations. I was very specific about what I wanted the machine to do.
- Richard A....
Rickman's Central Vacuum Systems Inc
Rickmans provided both prompt and excellent service. The installation was done on time and for the exact amount of the quote. Nice people and very easy to deal with. When the house was built, part of it was pre-plumbed for a central vac, but when the previous owners finished their rec room, they never ran all the vacuum drops back to a central location. So in the rec room, Rickmans had to cut drywall to run all the pre-plumbed drops to a central location. They did this with minimal cutting to the drywall and put the cut pieces of drywall back in place, ready for mud and finishing. The spec'd a unit that was perfect for our house and we purchased additional accessories so there's a hose and attachments for each floor. They located all the jacks in good locations, which is critical for a central vacuum. This way we can reach every square inch of each floor with the vacuum. One thing Rickmans encouraged us to do was to vent the vacuum unit to the outside, so all the micro dust that you get from other standard vacs is removed from the house. They gave us detailed operating instructions and showed us how to maintain the unit. We also receive periodic reminder postcards to have the unit serviced. Overall an excellent experience and I'd use them again without hesitation.
- Sam L....
NOVA Vacuums
I purchased an Oreck XLL Commercial vacuum cleaner almost at a 45% discount off the origina l price. There was no pressure sales involved in the transaction. After bringing the vacuum cleaner home, I vacuumed my house and truly saw the difference in the results of this new vacuum cleaner. I am thrilled that I bought it! I want others in my area know about this shop.
- J W....
Arbor Vacuum
They did a fine job, their repair was effective, they didn’t take too long and they got it back within the time that they promised, which was like ten days. Their price fairly because I think that was the going price and the last time that I had the vacuum cleaner serviced in Virginia, because it was clogged up, I paid the same thing. I would use them again in the future if needed.
- Cassandra C....
Vacuum Zone - Burke
My husband took our vacuum cleaner (a Kenmore Progressive) in for servicing on September 25, 2011. When he removed the vacuum from the car, he noticed the Handi-mate Jr. attachment had fallen off the vacuum and replaced it before entering the shop. When my husband picked the vacuum up a week later, the Handi-mate Jr. was missing. He asked about it and the owner told him he didn't think it had come in with one. My husband paid for the repair, took the vacuum and left. I called and inquired about the missing part a few days later. The clerk said he'd look and call me back. He did call back an hour later, saying he'd search and couldn't find it, and the owner searched separately but couldn't find it either. My husband knows he brought the part into the shop. When I explained this, the clerk said there was nothing he could do. I asked that the owner contact me to resolve the situation. He did not call. BOTTOM LINE: Not only is this business careless with the equipment it receives for repair, its owner does not bother to try and resolve problems. In my opinion, this is sleazy behavior and they won't get our business any more. They shouldn't get yours either.
- Cynthia C....
When I dropped the vacuum off, the fellow at the front helped me plug it in and listened to (and smelled) what was wrong with my vacuum. He said he'd try and do a regular cleaning/maintenance on it, and if that doesn't fix the issue he'd deduct that cost from a new model. The maintenance would be about $25, and the filter would be an additional $25. I left happy. The vacuum was ready a few days, maybe a week, later. My husband went about paying the $50 for maint + filter, while I checked the vacuum's operation. It was working fine. However, when I opened it up, I found a cleaned (but not new) filter inside. I asked if we were being charged for the filter, and he quickly reversed that part of the charge, apologizing and excusing himself because he's not the one who does the cleaning... I feel he should have checked the work. I've waited for 3 weeks for the 2 filters we had them order to come in, but have never received a call. In the mean time I did my own research. I found one filter for sale from the dealer's site for $10 less than what Vacuums Unlimited wanted to charge me (that's 40% off!). I also discovered that the filter on my handheld is washable. I think the VU guys could have told me that, too. So, while I'm happy about having a working vacuum again, I am very disappointed with how they failed to handle my filter issues. I won't be going back.
- Beverly C....
All Appliance Solutions
I called at 4:00 on Friday and was able to get a 9:00 a.m. appointment on Saturday. I received a call notifying me that the technician was on the way, and he arrived as scheduled. He made the diagnosis that the heating element was bad and replaced it. He also advised me on my decision to purchase a new washer and dryer in the future (e.g., what brands typically are reliable and easy to obtain parts for repair). Very pleased with the service.
- Robin R....
Vacuums Unlimited - Chantilly
They took it and cleaned out the beater head, then returned it with the host still disconnected and the vacuum still not vacuuming when used as an upright.
- Arek P....