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Reviews of Mold Testing Companies Near You

Very Very satisfied with the home inspection done by VImal Kapoor. He came on time and was very professional. He conducted the inspection very patiently and thoroughly. I have worked as a realtor in the past and have got many home inspections done for my customers, but Mr. Kapoor is the best I have seen. I think he did not leave anything out. He looked at every part of the house even those difficult to reach and dusty. I am confident that if I ever need an home inspection done it will be with Mr. Kapoor.
- Dinz D....
Whitehead Environmental
Keith was great. Made an appointment immediately and was highly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process.
- Kelly H....
NoVA Environmental Solutions
We had Paul come in during a home inspection to conduct mold and air quality testing. This is our forever home with a price tag of over $800K so we wanted to make sure it was safe, especially since we have allergies in the family and a young one with an auto immune disorder. Paul did a wonderful job - seemed thorough, focused, provided updates as he moved through each floor, and provided a comprehensive write up following the inspection with photos. MOLD WAS FOUND and the air tests REALLY found mold. What impressed me the most was that he even spent time talking to our agent and the listing agent explaining the problems and issues. He wasn't obligated to do that but did. It was incredibly kind and professional of him to go above and beyond. Highly recommend.
- Vasili K....
I worked with Mr Kapoor twice when buying our, the first house turned out to have a large amount of mold in it and luckily the testing found this before we bought the house. It was in the living room and even a mold specialist said that he wasn’t sure it could be remediate. The next house Vimal carefully inspected, he does an excellent job and doesn’t leave any spot unturned. In the inspection he found foundation issues that the owners were trying to cover up with paint. We couldn’t see it at all until he flashed his light on it. This plus the 36 decficiencies he found helped us get the problem fixed and the sellers are going to pay for it. He saved us a ton of money and headaches. I would definitely use them again and couldn’t be happier. Thank you the building inspector of America
- Erin T....
Kemp Home Inspections, LLC
Greg is fantastic. I called Kemp Home Inspections an hour before they opened and not only did they answer, but they got me an appointment the same day for a rush pre-offer inspection. Heather and Greg were extremely responsive via text, phone, and email. Greg's inspection was systematic and thorough. He invited us to follow along so we could ask questions and he could explain things as we went. He took his time and answered all of our questions. He is also an engineer which was handy as the house we are buying is over 100 years old. He offers a whole spectrum of inspections; which we took advantage of. If I could give Kemp Home Inspections more than five stars, I would! We will never use another inspector.
- Tracy B....
ProTec Inspection Services
The inspector was prompt, throrough and professional. He caught wiring and drain issues I was not aware of. He pointed out an unvented fireplace. He walked us through the entire house, explaining issues constantly throughout the three hour process. All appliances and facuets were tested. The inspection report was slightly formulaic, but sent promptly that evening. The 48 hour radon test report was sent to us within 12 hours of it being complete (it showed high radon). The mold test included a background (outdoor test) and analyzed for mold species. As an indoor a
- Dustin P....
Kemp Home Inspections, LLC
He arrived 5 mins ahead of time at house. He performed courteous, knowledgeable, professional service. Took off shoes in the house, climbed up the attic, and walked the roof. After observing signs of mold next to a bathroom vent, he performed mold testing at my request. Not pushing any additional services. Final product was a thorough report. I felt it was worth the extra he charges compared to competitors and that he has additional structural engineering knowledge.
- Matthias G....
As a first time homebuyer, I was naturally apprehensive about the process, and as my wife will tell you, I'm a worst-case scenario guy by my nature. As such, I went looking for the most thorough, professional home inspector I could find, and I got it with Mr. Vimal Kapoor and the building inspector of America. On just a few days notice, we were able to schedule a home inspection, mold, and radon test for the home we were purchasing. Vimal Kapoor. Our inspector, showed up promptly for our appointment, had his equipment in good order, and took the time before starting the inspection to ask us about any particular concerns we had with the house (I was worried about the basement). Vimal took the time to explain every step of the process, what he was looking for/looking at, and when he found deficiencies, would explain the nature of the deficiency and put it in lay person's terms as to its seriousness. His explanations were so detailed that it was more like sitting in class listening to a professor than a home inspector. He also made sure to examine everything as deeply as possible, including getting up into tight places in the home to look for problems. He was also able to return our radon and mold results to us in quick order to ensure we made our inspection contingency deadline. Suffice to say, after his inspection, I feel much more confident in the purchase I am making, and can't say enough good things about him. While I did find his services to be a little on the higher priced end of the inspectors I looked at, it wasn't by much, and you definitely get the quality that you're paying for. With such a large investment, I felt the moderate additional cost was well worth it to put my mind at ease. I would recommend his services to friends or family purchasing a home in the area.
- David G....
Creative Construction & Home Inspections
I picked this company because I was looking for an inspector with experience in construction (that could give me ballparks on repairs and solutions etc). I did not want an inspector who only took a home inspection class. I also did not want an inspector who was suggested by my real estate agent, knew the agent or often worked with my agent. I wanted to have a thorough inspection (compare to the quicky inspections you get nowadays) and I wanted to know the real state of the house we were planning to buy. I was not disappointed. Mike Philips, the co-owner of Creative Construction is a real man of honor: He was at the house slightly in advance, with all the forms completed and ready to sign. We first sat and he explained the whole process as well as re-checked on the cost involved. He asked me about my objective or concerns. I shared my concerns about previous bad experiences with superficial inspections that later revealed all kinds of problems. He assured me that he was very thorough and shared that a lot of real estate agents do not like to work with him. He explained that he makes a living doing construction but he likes doing inspections to help people making the right choice. He also agreed that I could follow him step by step and that he will show and explain everything. Which he did. We left no corner of the house uninspected inside and outside. He even crawled the whole length and all the nooks of the attics (very few inspectors will do that) to check on roof leaks (many indications of past and current leaks), structural integrity and insect infestation (we found carpenter ants presence and damaged). He was able to explain possible fixes and repair costs when ask. The whole inspection took close to 8 hrs and there was no waste of time or even lunch break. Now that’s an inspection! Frankly, I feel blessed to have found him. There are so little man of honor left in this world.
- Anne W....
MoldGone LLC
There was no mold and moisture presence in the tested areas. Mike gave us the results and didn't charge us a penny.
- Francis F....
Inlogix Enterprises LLC
This is an outstanding company and while the cost for mold inspection without remediation may initially seem like a lot of money it was worth it. We struggled with mold in our basement (and therefore throughout the air in the house) for two years. We had one company test and remediate in Dec. 2012. A year later we realized there was still a significant amount of spores throughout the air in the house which could not be explained since there were no new water leaks and few places for mold to grow (since we have plaster and concrete walls). That remediation company came back, retested, and quoted us double what we spent the year before to finish the remediation job. I emailed them to ask questions but was ignored. So I had to go a different route. On the recommendation of a family friend who is an industrial hygenist, we hired InLogix to retest and inspect the home. We learned that the first remediation company did not do an adequate job cleaning and disinfecting the basement. They left large concentrations of moldy dust in the basement which then circulated throughout the air in the house. The inspector spent two hours in the house testing air samples, doing thermo readings and identifying areas of potential energy loss since cold and dampness could affect mold growth. Based on InLogix's recommended remediation plan we hired American Restoration Services (another VERY good company) to do the remediation work. What was important which we did not realize the first time around, was that InLogix tests but does not do remediation, and ARS remediates but does not do testing. This means that each company has an incentive to be honest and to do the best job they can because someone will be looking over their shoulder. ARS spent three days cleaning the basement, cleaning the duct work, and fogging the house. They isolated the basement from the rest of the house so that the mold that was in the air in the basement (or kicked up in the air as a result of their demo) stayed in the basement and did not migrate to other parts of the home. After the work was completed InLogix came back, inspected the basement, and took additional air samples to ensure everything was done right and the house no longer had significant concentrations of mold. That air sample showed one elevated level of mold in the main part of the house, but the basement was clear. David Young, the owner of InLogix called me and spoke to me for half an hour about that elevated level and why he was not concerned. When I was still a little hesitant he offered to re-test the main level of the home free of charge because he wanted me to feel comfortable and safe with the outcome of the work. That test showed almost no mold (some mold is inevitable, and almost no mold is great result!). I am thrilled. I was initially very hesitant to go this route because of the great expensive involved between the two contractors but my peace of mind is worth it. For the first time in over two years I feel like I can breathe easy in my home.
- Aubrey W....
Professional, Knowledgeable, Integrity, Reasonable Price, Quick Response, these are some of the characteristics that I would use to describe Kurt Randell and AHS. We have used several mold remediation services and Air Quality Checks in the past at various properties with mixed results. Based on reviews and my external validations of Kurt?s certifications we used AHS. Simply put, we were Very Happy. Kurt was easy to schedule, prompt to arrive, and leveraged several electronic tools, including infrared, moisture meter, and an air sampling to determine if we had an issue. Our experience with AHS was identical if not better then the others on Angies List. Our primary goal was to determine allergens in the air as one family member was experiencing heightened allergies in the basement. We had 5 air samples taken through out the house and no issues were identified. Kurt also checked for excessive moisture/ water in the basement to determine if we had a leak or water seeping in through the basement. After one of the bigger June 2013 storms experienced in Metro DC (yes those), Kurt came back after the initial work was completed to determine if we had a basement issue. Kurt found slightly elevated moisture levels in one 3' X 4' section of the basement, but not enough to warrant remediation. Instead we placed this on the watch list. Kurt could have easily attempted to make this into an issuing requiring remediation and bigger dollars, but he did not. That shows integrity and commitment to his work. We would not hesitate to use Kurt/ AHS again.
- Gregory B....
Mold Inspection & Testing
It went well. I have no complaints. The gentleman that came was nice, professional, and had good equipment. He had a lot of experience, and they were able to accommodate me right away.
- Angela A....
Mold Wizard
Found no signs of mold or a reason to test and did not charge me a lab fee. Very honest Company.
- Conor G....
Mold Pro Inc
Mold Pro Inc. is essentially a single person, Glen Decker, though I understand that he does hire others for jobs at points. I had a horrible experience with him and would not recommend him under any circumstances. Even though it's been six months, I'm still angry about the work (and damage) he did at my house. I will stick with the facts as much as I can. 1.) Glen does both inspection and remediation. Only later on did I find out that many people in the industry consider this a conflict of interest. Some people may not consider it a conflict of interest, but all three of the mold remediators I talked to after firing Glen told me that it was. The mold testing company I worked with later in the process indicated that the approximately $1,200 Glen charged me for mold testing was excessive (though testing still is expensive). 2.) Glen did not use proper containment in my house, and spread mold from one area to the entire house. This is not merely my opinion, but also the opinion of both the mold testing company I hired and the mold remediator I hired to clean up after Glen. 3.) Glen failed two clearance tests conducted by an outside company. After the second failure, the testing company strongly encouraged me to get someone else to do the work. I had already paid Glen for the work at this point. Paying him in advance was, of course, my mistake. Glen told me that this was standard, which is simply not true. After the second clearance test failure, I called Glen and sent an email explaining that I had to get someone else to do the work and asking him to return my money or some portion of it. He did not do so. In fact, he did not return the call or email. 4.) I had to get another company to come and both finish the job and clean up the mold that Glen spread around the house. That cost another $2,750, plus another $600 clearance test. Note that the figure I listed above as the cost of Glen's services does not include the $1,200 I paid to another company for the two clearance tests he failed. 5.) After his first attempt at remediation, Glen told me I could let the kids back in their bedroom before receiving the results of the clearance test. Foolishly, I trusted him (this is a pattern, I know). Of course it was my choice to let them back in the room, but I was relying on Glen's professional opinion. After the first clearance test failure, the kids ended up sleeping in the living room for several months as I first waited for Glen to respond to my emails/calls and take a second shot at remediation, and then had to go through the process of finding another contractor. 6.) At one point while I was away on travel, Glen recruited my mother-in-law to assist in wiping down the living room, which had been contaminated with airborne mold as part of the cleanup. The mold testing company later told me that they found this simply outrageous. 7.) Glen does charge less than some other mold contractors, at least based on the estimates I got. Glen claims that it is because he doesn't have the overhead that larger companies do. However, having had another small mold remediation company in my house after Glen, I can say that he both has looser standards and much older equipment than at least that other company. Overall, I would reiterate that I would strongly recommend against working with Glen Decker. I made a number of mistakes in this process, but the biggest was trusting him. If you have a significant mold problem (and it doesn't take much to have one), I would recommend that you start by finding a reputable mold inspection/testing company first. They will identify the problem and write a report explaining what needs to be done. Then find another company to do the remediation. I had good luck in getting recommendations from the testing company, but that also could be risky. Don't pay any significant amount until the clearance test has been passed. The company I went with after Glen didn't charge a dime until the test was passed. (You do have to pay for the first test.) But be aware, a bad contractor can spread mold all over your house, causing more damage than the original situation -- that's what happened to me. Glen's original estimate was $500; at the end of the day, I paid well over $7,500 in total to him, the other mold remediator, and the testing company.
- Adam T....
MoldGone LLC
The inspector, Jon Gordon provided a visual inspection for mold and tested the level of humidity throughout the basement of our rental property. The test results showed a very low level of humidity that is well below the acceptable level. There was no remediation required. Jon provided an inspection certificate the following day with the results of the inspection. He was prompt, polite and very knowledgeable and he provided very helpful advice to insure the humidity remains at an acceptable the future. We highly recommend MoldGold and would use them in the future should we have any water or humidity issues.
- Bonnie G....
Restoration 1 of Washington DC
We would never have known we had mold contamination if we didn't get an inspection from Restoration 1 of Washington DC. The owner and team were friendly, yet professional and provided excellent service. If I ever need emergency services again, I will surely be calling Restoration 1 of Washington DC…Highly recommend!
- K R....
MoldGone LLC
They did a great job of identifying the mold, but I was surprised to hear that it would cost extra to have samples tested. They also could have done a better job with the quote for repairs given. It was higher than the one that I chose.
- Ellery T....
Emerald Inspection Service, LLC
Very detailed and thorough. Extremely professional, knew exactly what to look for. Easy to read reports.
- Patty C....
Very well. Hired Mr. Kapoor and Jeff Adler to come out and inspect and make recommendations. Also did mold air testing.
- Peter F....

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Once mold takes a hold of a home, it can be hard to find all of it.

It can be even harder to get it all out. Before you start the process of removing mold from a house, you'll need to know where it is.

If you're not sure how to hire for mold testing, follow these basic tips:

1. Value Thoroughness over Thriftiness

While it might be tempting to work with the cheapest mold inspectors around, it could be better to hire a company that gives you a pricier estimate. If you want to make sure that your inspector doesn't miss any mold in your home, only a thorough job will do, and the most conscientious mold inspectors simply cost more to hire.

2. Be Aware of Hidden Costs

Some mold testing companies might offer free initial inspections, but these services are often bundled with costly add-ons. Also, if a company offers both mold inspections and mold remediation services, they might have more incentive to exaggerate your situation, which means you might want to have these services done separately.

3. Quiz Them on Their Mold Know-How

The EPA has laid down strict guidelines for mold testing and removal, and the right mold inspectors will be well-versed on all of these government standards and regulations. If mold inspection licensing is required in your state, the right company will have their paperwork in order, and they'll also be more than happy to provide free estimates and referrals. Also review these types of molds found in and around the home.

Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Penicilium and Stachybotrys are Toxic Molds

Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Stachybotrys are Common Household Molds

Ask a Mold Inspector about these Types of Household Molds:

  • Alternaria: this black/white mold typically develops in the kitchen, bathroom or other areas with moisture and a lack of sunlight.
  • Aspergillus: typically airborne it doesn't cause major issues, but when it gathers in areas of the house it forms toxic colonies.
  • Aureobasidium: this pink/black mold gathers on surfaces such as wood, caulk, paint and wallpaper. It's very common.
  • Chaetomium: this dark mold builds in sheetrock or drywall that has been exposed to water.
  • Cladosporium: found in household fabrics such as upholstery and older carpets as well areas where wood boards meet, such as cabinets or flooring.
  • Fusarium: also found in household fabrics such as upholstery and older carpets.
  • Penicillium: this fast-moving mold grows in insulation that has been exposed to water or flooding.
  • Stachybotrys Chartarum: this is also called Black Mold or Toxic Mold and develops around wet pipes, air ducts and tubes.
  • Serpula Lacrymans: rarely found indoors, this yellow mold loves wood. But it can sometimes appear on wooden surfaces in the home.
  • Trichoderma: this mold can be found across most absorbent household surfaces (wallpaper, carpets, particle board) exposed to repeated water.
  • Ulocladium: more common outdoors, this mold typically develops indoors after a flood

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