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Ross Tree Service Ltd
They were excellent. Did the work as promised. Evaluated the tree, they came back and completed the work.
- Kathryn P....
Gordon W Frazier Tree Service
We had an appt scheduled for Monday at 10am -- I have a text message confirming the day and time. They did not show up and did not respond to my text inquiries about their absence which was 6 days ago now.
- Bradley M....
Nova Arborist- Washington DC
They gave me good price. They did a good job but not perfect. The workers were very nice. I would use them in the future.
- Paul M....
Ross Tree Service Ltd
Terrible. Poor customer service. After several attempts to arrange an appointment, I cancelled the deal.
- Robert L....
The Davey Tree Expert Company
We've used Care of Trees multiple times for tree pruning, they are professional, and that an arborist typically evaluates the property, I never feel that the trees are being damaged like the fly-by-night trimmers (stop topping trees!!).
- Greg M....
Absolute Tree Inc
recommendations were good from the arborist...the actual tree cutters were friendly and professional
- Madeline A....
Northern Virginia Tree Care
Very knowledgeable arborist. First priorities - safety and tree health. My yard looks great. Would recommend.
- Carly P....
Chapingo Tree Care Specialists
We called for an estimate. The arborist arrived promptly and gave us an estimate and scheduled the work. The crew and the arborist arrived on time and completed the work. They were very careful not to damage the existing landscaping. All debris was removed. The estimate was accurate.
- Ellen L....
Ross Tree Service Ltd
Very professional and personable, provided several options scalable in nature for must, probably, and maybe in terms of tree removal and/or trimming. We liked that. No pressure.
- Michael G....
The Davey Tree Expert Company
I am not an arborist and specifically asked that an arborist be present when the thinning was done. Initially an arborist (Dave) was present when the job was originally scheduled but the time of day (around 7 to 7:30AM) was not ideal because the sun was not out and the day was overcast. The arborist (Dave) and the crew agreed to reschedule. Because of Dave's busy schedule, I mentioned to Bonnie, an arborist who also has done work for us, that I did not care when the work was rescheduled as long as a arborist was present when the work was done. The work was done on October 27. Much to my surprise, a crew did the thinning without an arborist being present. I appreciated honesty but was still upset as limbs cannot be returned to a tree should the crew make a mistake. Bonnie stated that she subsequently checked the work. I asked if she would come to our home to discuss the work and inspect the trees with us. She was prompt and professional and arrived on Saturday, November 1. She agreed that some additional pruning (removing limbs near myneighbor's garage) would be advisable. This work will be scheduled within a week or so. The price was a little high but the Care of Trees has a good reputation and has done good work for us in the past. The work met our intention. Bonnie previously told us (before the work was scheduled) that there was no guarantee that the thinning would allow sufficient light to promote grass growth. We appreciated that candor. The rating overall would have been higher had an arborist been present at the time the work was done. This was a specific agreed upon request. We were paying above all for supervision by an arborist. The trees themselves look fine but I do not know if they would look better had an arborist been present. Bonnie informed us that the crew/crew chief receives sufficient training to do these types of projects but I expected an arborist to reduce the risk of error.
- Michael M....
The Davey Tree Expert Company
The Arborist that comes around to do the estimates has been with them for years. They always show up on time and work pretty efficiently. The Arborists all seem very knowledgeable. They do pretty good cleanup and I will continue to use them.
- Alan F....
The Arborist Inc
We were very happy with the promptness and straightforwardness and price. The owner came and looked at the job first. It was not heavy sales pressure and he was very straightforward. We would certainly use them again.
- Kirk D....
The Arborist Inc
The price is very competitive. The quality of their work is excellent. They were very careful of our yard. They protected our stonewalls from being damaged and would move plants out of harms way if it was necessary. I like to leave spars from dead trees for the wildlife in our woods and they were very good about leaving the spar at the height that we wanted it. They cleaned up afterwards. The owner came around and gave good advice on how to prune the trees. I was very pleased.
- Kathleen M....
Dad's Tree Service Inc
They do an excellent job, they don?t try to hard sell you, and they are professional. The work, price, cleanup are all excellent.
- Peggy (....
Destiny's Tree Service LLC
Destiny was one of 4 different tree services that provided assessments and quotes for the work needed. We based our decision of which service to go with on schedule, cost and performance reviews. Nancy was the scheduler that sent Marvin to do the assessment. Marvin was professional, friendly and fully explained his assessment as to what and why was needed. Two days after we called Nancy Marvin and his crew arrived. 4 hours later all of the trees were trimmed, the branches and leaves were “chips” and the yard was fully cleaned. Marvin and his team were outstanding and watching them work was like watching Circus Olay. We will use Destiny again when we need additional arborist work.
- Rodney D....
Growing Earth Tree Care
Said visual inspection was enough to suggest no serious problem at this time, mentioned a $300 test to determine solidity of tree at some future point,
- James D....
I have used him many times. He is completely knowledgeable about tree care. He is a certified arborist. He work with living trees to make them more healthy. His crew is well trained and he is very safely conscious. He is insured and bonded.
- Grace E....
Greenlink Inc
We are very pleased with Greenlink, Inc that we found through Annie's List. We were concerned about a crack we noticed in a oak tree so we wanted the opinion of an arborist. Danny Patterson arrived at the designated date and time. He also confirmed the day before his arrival which is also reassuring. Danny thoroughly inspected the tree and is certain that the tree had been hit by lightening, but it is still in good shape and is already healing itself. He did recommend that we call a specific company for sub ground feeding, which we will do. He believes that the tree will respond positively. Danny also made some other recommendations on pruning, etc. We found Danny very punctual, informed and very willing to research on the spot. It was a very positive experience.
- Kathleen R....
Pro Arbor Tree Care Professionals
Very impressed with the Arborist who was able to safe an impressive tree. He is a true professional.
- John A....
HL Design Landscaping
I just want to add to my prior review that Dave Howe is a tree expert and an ISA Certified Arborist (#MA-5380A).
- Irene H....

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What services do arborists offer?

Arborists offer tree services such as pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding. Hiring a professional for these special tree services is always a good idea.

How much will hiring an arborist near me cost?

Arborist cost depends on specific services provided. For example, tree removal costs about $1,000 to $1,200, depending on the size of your tree. Arborists often charge per foot, meaning that an 80 ft. tree will cost more than a 20 ft. tree to remove. An 80 ft. or taller tree often costs about $15 per foot to remove, while a shorter 20 ft. tree may cost about $9 per foot.

If you just need pruning services, the arborist cost is often about $450. Pruning involves removing dangerous branches, controlling leaves, and ensuring the tree is structurally sound. After tree removal, the remaining tree stump may need to be ground from the area. Stump grinding costs about $300 on average.

Why is tree removal (sometimes) necessary?

The tree removal services of an arborist come in handy during the following situations.

  • An unhealthy tree that is harboring mold, moss, and pests
  • Unstable trees that may fall or dangle branches dangerously
  • Trees that interfere with nearby structures such as windows, roads, and basements

What cost savings tips should I consider?

If you’re wondering how to save money on an arborist, you can start off by ensuring the person is adequately qualified. This means that they will use the right tools and methods to minimize unexpected costs.

After tree felling, grind the remaining tree stump yourself (if you have the expertise) by renting a grinder at $75 to $150 for half a day’s use.

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