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Regal Construction & Remodeling Inc
We worked with Sean and crew for the interior work first. We liked his professionalism, creative ideas, trustworthiness, and responsiveness. His crew worked hard and were also conscientious. Because our house is old, there were many existing conditions that were discovered once walls and floors were demolished which resulted in extra change orders. But this would have happened with any company. We found Sean and team to be trustworthy and in general very pleasant to work with. The office staff are super nice too and dealt well with city for permits etc. We liked Regal so much that we asked them to do a big exterior renovation as well. We love our house inside and out. Anybody who knew the BEFORE situation are blown away by the changes. We recommend Regal to our friends and would definitely use them again for any renovation work.
- Gerard R....
Jim sent out his entire crew that had done the original work - they completely removed the old caulking and installed new. Incredible customer service. I was not expecting such a great response. Highly recommend JW.
- George E....
DoRite Construction
Mr. Loizou removed and replaced the pool liner, tested all the plumbing, installed a new filter, redug & repaired the base and provided information about what he was doing and what he recommended every step of the way. There were a couple of unexpected expenses but we believed that they were reasonable. He and his team were tidy, friendly and professional, and we trusted them to do the excellent job they did. The end result was spectacular.
- Kathie M....
Wilcoxon Construction, LLC
Wilcoxon removed all the old plaster from our 25 year old swimming pool. A few tiles were damaged in the process and they had matching tiles to replace those that were broken. These were odd shaped blue tiles and they matched perfectly. The work site was very clean and vacummed after that messy process. They carried all that broken plaster by buckets to their truck to prevent damage on the lawn with wheelbarrows. They had a tarp on the asphalt driveway to keep that clean. The next day they came to plaster the pool at 9:00 a.m.The job was completed and the pool ready to fill by 11:45 a.m. when the water truck arrived with the first load. EXCELLENT JOB! We are very pleased.
- Eileen T....
Precision Aquatics LLC
I interviewed several contractors and hired Precision Aquatics over other reputable companies because (a) the price was competitive, (b) the contract didn't include a bunch of legalese that I couldn't understand, and (c) Mike Howard, the owner, impressed me with his knowledge and was helpful in suggesting stone and other materials that would complement the pool's natural setting. Quality of workmanship was good, but the project dragged on too long and communication was poor. Much of the work was completed in the fall of 2012, but I opted to save the plastering and some other odds and ends until the following spring. The project wasn't completely finished until September 2013, when the pool deck was caulked. Work in the spring was sporadic because of the rainy weather, but they could have done a much better job of keeping me informed. I never knew if or when they were going to show up and at times worried that I'd been abandoned. I had both Mike's cell and office numbers, but I was rarely able to reach him on his cell, and the office--which I understand is staffed part time by family members--never seemed to know anything about his schedule. The only thing left to do by the end of June 2013 was caulking, which I was told would be done when the weather dried up. They warned me they were backed up on caulking jobs, but I consider a 3-month delay excessive. The delay was not the biggest problem though because the lack of caulking didn't stop us from using the pool. What bothered me was being left hanging with no communication, despite my several calls and e-mails. I probably would have given an A rating based on quality of work alone, but poor communication caused me a lot of stress and would stop me from hiring Precision Aquatics again.
- Beverley B....
H2O Pool
The project was riddled with problems from the beginning. The wrong tiles were partially installed and had to be removed and reinstalled. The pump broke week 1 and had to be replaced. The project was way over deadline so that we missed out on swimming for most of the summer. Worst of all, H2O did not pay one of its subcontractors who then threatened to sue us for their non-payment. All in all a disaster. Would never recommend them to anyone to install or service a pool.
- Christine W....
Subcomm Pools
My pool couldnt even be called a pool at the time an estimate was provided. The previous owner of my home atempted to turn a liner pool into a concrete pool and use kitchen tiles along the wall. Needless to say the base of the pool cracked, broke and I could literally see dirt. The service manager at Subcomm pools communicated their concerns and the quoted price along with their plan of action. They communicated consistently and always kept me abreast of what was going on. They are very courteous and will go the extra mile to ensure I was satisfied. They took the time to answer any questions that I had. They also directed me to reading material that assisted with the maintenance of my pool. Very courteous staff and hard working. They were in the heat of the sun and still kept driving on. I would bring them a pitcher of water and ice everyday and they were very grateful.
- Sharae G....
Stevenson Pools
Initial discussions and descriptions of actual items to be installed were very vague. When asked about specifics (such as exactly what pump, what light, which filter, which cleaner, which pool cover, etc), Doug?s (Owner) response was ?that?s the normal stuff and is already included?. The contract does not state exactly which items are included. When asked to identify those items, he responded ?I can if you want me to, but those are the standard items we install '. Doug constantly re-emphasized ?we dig our own pools. Others do not?. Well?he is correct. They dig their own and install there-bar and plumbing, but that is all. They subcontract the gunite, tiling, concrete, electrical, plaster, caulking and pool cover. Doug stated ?when we are finished, the surrounding grade will be ready for seed?. This statement implies the area will be graded and raked and ready for grass seed. On numerous occasions when I asked if they were going to perform the finish grade and move the dirt they stated I needed for grade, he responded with ?we usually don?t do this, and other companies charge extra for this. But we?ll go ahead and do it?. Payment schedule?The front end of the effort they collect quite a bit of money (at specified intervals). Basically, they collect 96% of the funds before the water is even put in the pool. 99% once water is put in. Understand, once the pool is filled with water, items remaining to be completed are: install the pool cover, caulk between the tile and concrete and install the chlorine generator (we have a salt water pool). Once Doug received 99% of the funds (the day the pool is filled with water), we have never heard from him again. Once the hole for the pool was dug, it rained frequently resulting in a lot of water in the bottom of the pool. They provided a pump to pump the water out but removed a couple of sections of hose from my garden reel to use as their pump discharge. While this may seem trivial, it just irritated me that they didn?t bring their own nor did they ask if they could use my hose. During this evolution, they also broke the handle off of my hose sprayer and did not replace it?.even after I asked them to. Once the pool was filled with water, I had to demand they come out and put up a construction fence around the pool that day as the pool fence had not been installed. Doug had responded with ?we?ll get out there in the next day or two to put one up?, until I informed him he would assume all liability should someone get hurt until then. During the first month and a half after the pool was filled with water, the circuit breaker to my pump would consistently trip. Sometimes up to 4 times a day, sometimes only once. I contacted the Service department and they directed me to contact the electrician. The electrician was outstanding. They came out on numerous occasions to rectify the issue. After about 5 attempts to correct (read: 1-1/2 months), they finally fixed the issue. It was 2 defective GFI breakers and found it was necessary to individually power the circulation pump and the booster pump). The pool cover: Post installation of the pool cover, I noticed a couple of installation adjustments that were necessary. I contacted Stevenson Pools Customer Service. After two weeks of contacting them every other day and their response was consistently ?I can?t get a hold of the cover guy, I?ll try again?. I finally requested the cover guy?s phone number so I could call him myself. Once I received the phone number (3 days later), I called and to my surprise, he answered right away and ultimately came down within 4 days and corrected the installation errors. The Plaster??Let?s just say the Plaster guy needs a huge lesson on attention to detail. Along the steps and the ?tanning bed? we have 2? square tiles installed to aid in identifying the edges. After the plaster work was completed, the tiles appeared round and sunken into the plaster. Fortunately, I arrived home when they were finishing and had them ?trim-out? the edges of the tile so they would appear square. Other note, the surface of the plaster is uneven and the edges are not straight. We also have anchors installed for two separate ropes. Unfortunately, one set of anchors is grey with stainless steel hook points and the other is grey with grey plastic hook points. Again, it may seem trivial and not very noticeable, but attention to detail is terrible. One month ago I noticed a spot in the pool plaster (below the water line) that appeared odd. So I investigate. I find an area of plaster that is concave into the wall of the pool and what appears to be all the way down to the gunite. I call Customer service. For the past month I have been told?..?the plaster guy won?t be down in your area. Once he comes down there, I?ll have him look at it?. Guess it?s time for me to call the plaster guy. When I noticed the plaster coming off the spot in the pool, I also look at the water returns (on the bottom) and the main drains. Water movement seems odd?..nothing coming out of the returns on the floor. The Return line and the Main drain lines were installed backwards. They fixed that when they came out to install the chlorine generator (that still doesn't work). Automatic Chlorine Generator?..Still not hooked up after water has been in the pool for 2 ½ months. Aside from the delay of correcting the circuit breaker tripping, the installation included a variable speed pump wired through mechanical timers. Long story short, can?t install a variable speed pump (electronically controlled) through a mechanical timer control and a digital chlorine generator through a mechanical timer switch. However, their response was ?just leave the chlorine generator on all the time?. Well, the installation manual clearly states a Warning that a fire or explosion will occur should the generator be operated without water flow. So, now I am waiting (going on a month now) for installation of a digital control for the complete system. Read: I?m still adding chlorine tablets to maintain the chlorine level because the ?automatic chlorine generator? is still not operable. Update: They finally came out with the digital controller. Joe decided the area was too cluttered with 3 different boxes and decided to rip everything out and replace them with one single box that contained everything. This was another two day wait and this time I had to be home as the electrician needed to kill the power to the system. Once installed, everything ran perfectly. During the discussion following the install, Joe mentioned the salt level in the pool was extremely high and as a result, the chlorine generator would ?fault out? and not run. He stated I needed to remove about 6000 gallons of water and replace it with fresh water. When I explained it was his folks that added the salt 1 ½ months ago he immediately called and ordered a water truck to make a delivery the next day. All I had to do was pump out 6K gallons of the water. No problem. Water delivered next day at no charge to me. Salt level is now at the perfect level. After working with the system for almost a week now, only hiccup was I wanted to install the iAqualink system that I had purchased for this system. Found out the system they installed would need a different control board. Joe went and ordered the correct board and shipped it to me at no cost. Installed today and the system is running perfectly. Still waiting on Plaster guy to show up. They say he will be here ?early next week? (been 1 ½ months already). Now wife has concern the pool might have a water leak in the area of the plaster issue. We?ll see how that goes. Update: Stevenson Pools is aware of this review posted online. Doug comes over and we discuss the issues. Well, sort-of. All he wanted was for the review to be removed from online. I mention I know he and the plaster guy are good friends....but he needs to pay attention to detail. Doug's response "I've been trying to get on him about that". I respond with "I'm the one that has to live with it". In the end, agreement is, he will give me a credit on my account so my balance will read zero and provide me with a letter or invoice stating as such on Mon. In return, I will remove the review from online. I remove the posting that day (Fri). Update: Plaster guy shows up the next day (Sat). Fixes spot in pool. Looks good, and wife says there must have been a water leak as water level has remained the same for 2 weeks now. Update: Mon I send email reminding them about providing me with a letter or invoice stating my balance is zero. Nothing heard. I call Doug on Wed stating I haven?t heard anything. He stated his GM is on vacation until the following Mon. Update (cont.): Mon I rcv email from the GM stating he will check with Doug and get back to me. The following Thur nothing heard, I send email requesting status. Update (cont.): I rcv a response on Fri from GM stating he never spoke to Doug, and Doug is now on vacation for a week. He then emails me numerous credit and invoice documents?? I owe them $1369.00. They say the $1369.00 is due to the ?controller? that needed to be installed to operate the system. This is the same controller that was necessary to operate the system THEY installed?..?at no cost to me?. Further adjustments are made to the invoice?.and now they say I owe them $592.64 (for the controller). 3/12/14 - I attempt to schedule the pool opening (incl in contract). Response via email "As of this point your account will stay on hold and no services allowed because you re-posted to Angies List". And regarding the account balance, Joe states "I did not agree on completely crediting everything to bring your account to a zero balance". The zero balance agreement was between Doug (the Owner) and me, not Joe (the GM). 4/1/14 - Called Owner Doug on 3/27 to discuss. Left msg and no response.
- Randy H....

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