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First, it is good to understand that the technicians sent out are independent contractors, so there is some variability in what you get.It is good to be very clear about your specific needs and expectations (don't rely on your phone or email request), vet their knowledge and their communication abilities given your needs. We had experience with two technicians, one listen and followed our pace, the other was more focus explaining how complicated it was to move photos from a Mac to a PC, he did not check to make sure the promised data transferred had actually happened (hence the second service call). Although they advertized an Angie's List discount and a senior citizen discount, neither was offered. Let us be honest, while we are experienced computer users we are of the silver-haired set so talking in short-hand didn't always worked and we had to slow them down as they told of the challenges they faced. They were politie and arrived on time, but did little to explain their services or billing practices (e.g., they took our old PC computer with the hard drive, thus leaving us without a way to import data that had not been transferred). The office manager recognized the error and had the technician later rectify the error remotely, but we are dependent upon their word that the hard drive will be totally cleaned). The bottom line is three service calls and several messages to the Office to get data transfer between two computers.
- Ronald M....
Cameron Jones Computer Services
Smart home, smart TV, smart phones... setup, troubleshooting, purchasing decisions. Helping to migrate data, settings, programs and preferences from old computer to new, Mac to PC or PC to Mac. Cleaning nasty spyware infections that slow down your computer and compromise your privacy and data. Improving computer performance by upgrading or removing accumulated junk. Setup, troubleshooting and expanding wireless networks. Hardware repair, replacement and upgrades of all kinds. Individual tutoring for anything you need to learn - how to use your new phone, your new Mac or how to manage your digital pictures, and everything else
- Bonnie B....
Mobile PC Solutions
Working with Mobile PC Solutions was a wonderful experience. We had problems with a touch mouse-pad on one of our laptops and called Mobile PC Solutions after reading the reviews of this website. My phone call was returned promptly, service was scheduled for next day. Kyle arrived on time, was very knowledgeable and courteous. The repairs were completely promptly. Kyle definitely knows his way around the computers. Thank you for a great service and we will make sure to use Mobile PC Solutions for our future needs.
- Natalia S....
Absolutely great! Dawn & Shawn are very professional, and technically savvy! We'll continue using this small business for our home computer repair/upgrade needs! Trust your computer equipment to them, and support them!
- James T....
Erik came to our home and worked on our PC as well as our laptop computer. He very quickly evaluated what the problem was with both computers. He was very efficient with his time and answered all of our questions and gave us some very helpful suggestions as well. The diagnostics for the laptop would have taken a lot of time so he took it with him to evaluate at his office. The laptop hard drive needed replacement and he replaced it for the cost of the hard drive. We really feel confident that we now have a good honest company for computer support and repair.
- Pat S....
Cameron Jones Computer Services
I could not have been happier with Cameron. He absolutely knew what he was doing. I have worked many times over the years with computer experts and have never had this good of an experience. He is fast, knowledgeable & helpful. I would highly recommend his services.
- Megan S....
Cameron Jones Computer Services
My experience with Cameron was great. He arrived exactly on time. We talked about the plan. I was ready to just add more memory to my 5 and 8 year old computers and ended up, at his suggestion combining the two and getting a new one. Clearly this was the best choice and he made it all seamless. It's like the patient that said to the doctor, I have this disease and would like this treatment and the doctor, Cameron, said, no you have this disease and this is the best treatment. I strongly recommend him and would certainly call him any time I need his services in the future.
- George S....
Fantastic! You want someone you can trust with the private data on your drives and Andy is absolutely that. And he is highly competent. He got right the first time and recovered drives taken by malicious actors on the Internet. he also gave me the great advice to use some different and reasonably priced products to back up and defend my drives in the future. Computers are working better than ever know and we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they are protected.
- Marc F....
GRS Technology Solutions - IT Support for Business
It went very well they where very knowlegable , professional , and also caring about there work ....
- Darrell C....
CSDC Computer Services
CSDC Computer Services were great. He worked quickly and understood both the PC and Mac systems. He was very patient with non-technical explanations and got right to the heart of the matter. He fixed what needed to be fixed. He had already fixed our computer and I asked him if he knew anything about Mac computers and told him I was having trouble with the wireless printer for it. He said, "Sure, I got time to fix that," and didn't charge us any extra. I would absolutely use him again. His card is taped to my computer.
- George C....
A&S Technology Soloutions
Everything went great! Worked like a charm, I was very happy with the service provided and felt A&S was very competent and helpful in explaining my new Windows 8 PC.
- Valerie T....
Mobile PC Solutions
This was a great experience. When I first contacted Mobile PC Solutions I received quick responses from both Darby and Kyle Ford. They were very flexible when it came to scheduling a date/time that would work with my schedule. My appointment with Kyle was scheduled for 4:00 pm but he was running late. He called to let me know that he would be at my home about 20 minutes later than planned. Then he showed up when he said he would. He went immediately to work and fixed my problems. He was friendly, efficient and professional. I would recommend Mobile PC Solutions to any home or business in need of help with their Apple or PC products.
- Maura D....
When Eduardo Maal from PCMango arrived we had one laptop that didn't work at all due to a virus (and we could not retrieve any of the data), one laptop that barely worked, and a PC that was extremely slow. To our amazement, Mr. Maal worked on all 3 computers at the same time -- how he kept all the many procedures straight on each computer, I'll never know! -- and by the time he left 5 hours later, all 3 computers were working great, lightning fast, and all the data we thought we had lost forever had been successfully restored! Five Stars for PCMango!!
- Nancy B....
We called Tech Medx because our son was having problems with his PC. We assumed it was some sort of Virus and we had tried running our own antivirus check and could not solve the multiple little issues. Shawn Wyatt from Tech Medx came out the same day we called and was able to diagnose the issues right away and cleaned the computer up and had it running like new. He also helped transfer a bunch of data from our older PC hard drive to our new Mac. He explained why were were having the issues and showed us how to avoid future problems. Very happy with the services and would highly recommend
- Ryan M....
GRS Technology Solutions - IT Support for Business
Steve, the technician was very efficient and knowledgeable, He took the PC with him and ran a free analysis and gave us a price for repair. It was not worth the cost to repair the old computer, so we arranged the purchase of a new one through Geeks R Us. We're not computer people, so Steve was very helpful in reviewing options, costs, etc. He ordered and installed a new laptop for us. They also transferred all of the files (photos, spreadsheets, etc.) from the old PC to the new laptop. He also he set up the new router, making sure that it synced with the TV for online streaming, and made sure that the computer worked with our i-phones and i-pad. We were very satisfied with their knowledge, price, and service.
- Michael M....
Erik did an outstanding job in only a few days! He moved all of the data from the old PC, recovered everything from the crashed PC and put it all on my Mac in easy to understand folders. Erik got rid of all of my worries about lost data, I can't thank him enough. He was fast, professional, courteous and easy to work with. I give him my highest recomendation.
- Lee C....
A+. I called Paul and he was able to look up the computer information and determine they had the screen in-house, provide me with a fixed quote and tell me how quickly it would be accomplished. All three were spot on. They ran into a problem with the new screen not being exact (matte vs. shiny) Paul called and discussed cost/time and made a recommendation. I had my computer back in 2 days and it works great. As with the software issue, I have been trying to access my corporate (Windows) network on my Mac for several years without any real success. I've had three different companies come through my office and tell me it either: can't be done, or setup limited virtual shares that don't really solve the problem. Paul was able to connect the Mac to the network in under an hour, let me watch, showed me exactly what he was doing so I could replicate it and wrote down instructions. And he did the whole thing remote from my network! They're a little far from Boston, but well worth the trip as they are excellent.
- Seth L....
Cameron Jones Computer Services
This repair was extremely convenient because Cameron comes to the house. He figured out what was wrong, supplied a new hard drive and a loaner monitor, and provided links to other items I needed to buy. My computer is now running better than ever.
- Heather M....
Affinity PC LLC
Called Affinity PC, I was a bit anxious to have someone come out to look at what was going on with my laptops. I wasn't quite sure what the was going on. David, the owner of Affinity, came out and assured me that everything would be ok. After sometime, my PC was working as fast and as nice as it did when I first purchased it! David removed a lot of viruses from my system and also did some other performance tuning. He also got my laser printer working properly. I like that he explained and showed me what he was doing. I also like that he's available to remotely fix my pc from anywhere. Great guy! Very easy going...a computer guy with a personality!
- Maura W....
Geek Squad - Best Buy
I dropped off the laptop on 9/16 with a promise date of 10/1/06. I finally received the PC back on 10/29, after several calls and visits. During each call, they were "working on the unit now." Finally, the PC was ready 30 days after the promise date. During each call and visit, I noticed that the Computer Geeks desk inside of a Best Buy store just seemed to be overwhelmed with business. The reps were considerate, but clearly in a hurry to get to the next person or task. My phone calls were the same experience; long holds with brief and uninformative information. The PC definitely was repaired, but with a few glitches I fixed on my own after picking it up.
- Mark M....

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Curious about the best computer repair companies near you?

Computers have become essential tools for people of all walks of life. However, like all machines, computers are susceptible to common issues that may warrant repair.

Common computer repair issues cover both hardware and software, and they apply to laptops, desktops, tablets, and notebooks. Each repair process will come with its associated cost.

What are typically rates for computer repairs?

Most machine owners pay between $50 to $70 for common repairs such as hard drive formatting, virus removal, or hardware-related issues.

You may also have to pay $30-$40 more for pickup/delivery services as well as diagnosis. Data recovery services can cost several hundred dollars, depending on the size of your hard drive. There are also many warranties and insurance policies that cover (wholly or partially) the cost of computer repairs. Make sure a repair service provides a clear and detailed billing structure to make it easier to track repair costs.

What do large outfits like Geek Squad charge for computer repairs?

Expect to pay between $35 and $400 for a single service call from Geek Squad or a similar service.

While that's the cost for a single visit, individuals and families can sign up for service plans. These are typically charged monthly and can range between $20 to $55 per month for each individual covered.

How much does it cost to fix a computer screen?

Computer owners should expect to pay between $100 and $350 to replace a computer screen.

The screens themselves retail for between $80 to $100. After this initial cost, it's mostly labor fees. Try to get a computer repair company near you to commit to certain labor rates and hours.

Common repair issues:

  • Application or Screen Freeze – Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, start your task manager and/or reboot before calling in a pro. This could be just a glitch with an application or with the operating system.
  • Issues with Your Internet Service Provider – there are several free tools online to help you find if the promised speed and performance is a reality.
  • Failure of Your Hard Drive – Be sure you back up your valuable data to avoid losing everything.
  • Slow Applications – typically a memory, power or bad application issue. You might need more than the 2G typical with Windows systems.
  • Malware, Viruses & Malicious Code – enough said. You are familiar. Be careful what you open and download.
  • Microsoft Windows STOP Error aka The Blue Screen of Death – be sure to capture the error code displayed. This is typically a hardware problem.
  • Microsoft Windows DLL & .NET Framework Missing Files – essentially your operating system is missing critical files for dealing with applications. Call in a pro.

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