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RND Construction
My wife will be 80 at her next birthday and the way RND has operated has been very stressful for both of us. It has been common for Russell to not respond to phone calls, text messages or emails which is apparent from comprehensive printouts of those items in addition to invoices, check payments and pictures; any of which are available upon request. He would schedule to meet and frequently not show up for days and sometimes weeks after scheduled meetings without letting us know. Note (*). In January 2021, before agreeing to any work, Russell let us know it would be more cost effective if we did multiple projects together, and assured us that he would be on site over 80% of the time, but to date it has been around 5%. This greatly impacted worker effectiveness and they often would sit in their cars during work hours because they did not have the right machine, materials or did not know what management wanted them to do. We complained and Russell agreed that it was not our job to manage the projects and agreed to a price limit on the balance of work as per an August 16th meeting and resulting detailed schedules which he has billed against. In September his lead worker mentioned Russell told him he underbid the job, I do not believe Russell has been here since. Coronavirus complications have delayed delivery or increased pricing on most materials at our expense. The last well pump was not received until December and installed this March but that should not have delayed the irrigation work or prevented erosion control management. The major jobs are not at 100% completion, and per RND’s schedule of % completion will be billed when completed. We are 15 months into the work and six months since any progress made. Proposed work has not been completed and there are defects in many of the jobs which need resolution. The area around the ponds have substantial erosion which is getting progressively worse. RND did not cut an outlet and stream in the bottom pond so nature is doing so. The irrigation piping and sprinklers are only partially complete with open ditches throughout much of the area. No written plan has been provided and it is not possible to determine the current status due to open trenches being partially covered by mud. I have repeatedly communicated concerns of delays and erosion problems since September (confirmed by text and email messages). We have voiced concern of being in violation of government regulations due to delays. RND still has small equipment and a personal auto on site at this time. The ponds, water features and waterfalls are specialty jobs sold to us based on RND’s representations of expertise, and would not have been started without expectation of completion. If another company had to complete the work from this point, they would charge significant premiums directly effecting the estimated value of complaint.
- Greg H....
Lofft Construction Inc
Overall, the work went very well. It began within days of its scheduled start time with demolition. The crew did their best to keep the rest of the house free of dust and debris. Our kitchen remodel was fairly simple, staying within the footprint of the existing kitchen-dining room areas, but removing the wall that used to separate them. The carpenters worked quickly to reinforce our subfloor by sistering the existing joists, building up the kitchen island and new walls to create the powder room; plumbers installed their pipes and fixtures fairly quickly. Of all the work done, the electrical work seemed least organized and professional. Gang boxes were installed in obviously wrong places, wiring had to be redone several times as it didn't go to the right places. The electrician Lofft put on our job had to come back again and again to fix his own work. In an otherwise solid job, I felt electrical was the weakest performer. It was needlessly time consuming and frustrating. Once the electrical work was done and the drywall went up, the cabinet installation could proceed. On the whole, this went well, but there were a few mistakes made, which I attribute to some of the crew members being less experienced than others. These mistakes -- hanging certain cabinets upside down, at the wrong height from the counter, incorrectly installing molding, were, for the most part, reversible, but time consuming. The good news, and this is I think Lofft's strength, is that all mistakes were fully acknowledged, never defensively, and Lofft sent crew back again and again until we were happy with the fixes. We've done various jobs around the house over the years with various contractors, and I would say that mistakes, construction surprises ( in an old house ) are inevitable. We were happy that Lofft always patiently was willing to make the fixes, without trying to tack on additional costs. Our granite countertops were farmed out to a subcontractor Lofft had previous experience with. In retrospect I don't think I got any better deal on this piece of the remodel than I would have had I gone through a major, big-box retailer like Lowe's. The cost was almost exactly the same, and the installation was not perfect. Despite measuring extensively, the granite contractor did not cut the backsplash correctly ( and never mentioned his mistake ). Painting and finish work was all fine. Lofft's work on our second project: refinishing floors and installing a new metal roof while integrating existing skylights went smoothly and I am happy with the work. On the whole, I am happy with Lofft's work. By comparison with the 4-5 other estimates we obtained, they were very reasonably priced, performed the work without any major problems, and we are happy with the results. The main manager/owner, Alex, is first-rate, responsive, patient, smart. Where we had the few problems mentioned above, he stayed in touch with us until we were happy, listening to our concerns, checking in regularly, making us feel that he wouldn't be happy until we were happy. That gave us great confidence, and made the experience a good one. Ultimately, the final product is one we are happy to have.
- Eric W....

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