What is the Cost of Replacing a Gasket on a Front Load LG Washer?

Updated November 10, 2020
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What is the Cost of Replacing a Gasket on a Front Load LG Washer?

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Answered by LCD: Gasket itself commonly $50-125 depending on brand, though a few (especially European like Bosch) can run as high as $250 for the gasket. Most are easy to pop out and reinstall yourself (though some use a contact cement or caulk too which can get messy), but some can be a real pain - google for how-to for your machine to see if it looks easy or not. Unfortunately, from glancing at a couple of the Youtyube videos for LG's, looks like they are one of the ones requiring a moderate amount of machine disassembly to replace the gasket, so unless you are a mechanical DIY'er probably not something you want to do.

In addition to the seal cost, an Appliance Repair - Large tech visit to install it would typically be another $75-150 for labor depending on local labor costs - generally $100-150 if using a brandname nationwide service network like Sears or Whirlpool or A&M or such.

You can also check your owner's manual or google for how to remove mold, if it has not gone "spongy" with old age - mild dish soap like Dawn with some bleach is usually recommended - mixing in a bit of thoroughly dissolved (in hot water) Borax (NOT Boraxo soap, but laundry Borax powder) can also help delay the return of the mold - though that is a chronic issue with front-loaders. You can reduce the mold issue by leaving the door open to dry out after you take the clothes out (assuming no small child in house which would cause a safety haxard of climbing inside and closing the door), but many manufacturers do not recommend that because the air contact with the wet insides promotes rust of the drum where it is chipped or nicked - so you are sort of caught between a rock and a hard place as to which issue you prefer to put up with.

One other thing - be sure to clean the detergent dispenser too - it commonly also goes moldy, making it a "mold farm" to spread mold spores to the door gasket again if not cleaned and disinfected at the same time.

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