How Much Do Kitchen Appliance Repairs Cost?

Alexandra Frost
Written by Alexandra Frost
Updated November 9, 2021
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The typical cost to repair a kitchen appliance is $50 to $450

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There’s nothing as frustrating as opening your refrigerator, only to find it warm and smelling like rotten food…except maybe walking into your kitchen to a puddle of water from a leaking dishwasher. Kitchen appliances repairs are an annoying but necessary part of homeownership, and it’s important to understand how much they may cost so you can budget for them before they are needed immediately. 

The typical cost for kitchen appliance repairs is $170. Most homeowners pay between $110 and $240, but, depending on the issue, you might pay as little as $50 or as much as $450.

How Much Does a Repair Cost per Appliance?

Refrigerators and microwaves aren’t going to cost the same amount to repair. Here’s what you can expect to pay depending on which appliance is broken.

Dishwasher Repairs

When properly maintained, dishwashers can last up to nine years. Dishwasher repairs usually cost between $160 and $300, or about $200 on average.

Common dishwasher repairs involve the motor and the pump, or there could be a smaller issue, like with a valve or filter. Dishwashers can also have issues with draining properly, which can mean you need a local plumber to assess the situation and give a quote as well.

Refrigerator Repairs

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If your fridge is leaking, has a broken ice machine, or isn’t keeping your food cold, a typical refrigerator or freezer repair costs $200 to $300. You might also know your fridge needs some extra help if you hear an odd buzzing, humming, or rattling sound.

Microwave Repairs

The typical microwave repair costs between $50 and $400. But brand new microwaves can cost between $50 and $2,000, so, unless you have a high-end unit, it might not be worth it to repair this appliance. Do your research ahead of time to determine whether repairing or replacing is the best move. As a general rule, if you’ll be paying more than half of what a new unit costs for repairs, consider buying new.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Kitchen Appliances Near Me?

The cost of labor and supplies (such as appliance replacement parts) can vary based on location, ultimately impacting your price for your repair. To get an accurate estimate for contractors in your area, interview two or three to compare quotes, and look for certification with national associations, insurance, and positive references. Here is an idea of what you might pay for kitchen repairs based on your region.

New York City$180
Portland, OR$150
San Francisco$180
Austin, TX$170

Can You Repair a Kitchen Appliance Yourself?

Though you might think you can save some cash by DIYing a kitchen appliance repair, it’s not advised. Many of these fixes require dealing with plumbing and/or electricity, which can be a huge safety hazard. For a repair done right (and safely!) contact a professional to do the job.

FAQs About Kitchen Appliance Repairs

What should I consider before calling a contractor?

There are multiple steps you can take before determining that you actually need to call a professional, and various DIY repairs you can do without having to hire a contractor at all. These include:

  • Thoroughly cleaning the appliance, removing all extra parts, and cleaning those as well to ensure maximum efficiency of your product

  • Checking all visible parts for defects, evidence of burning, chips, cracks, and other issues that might help you determine if you can replace that single part alone (for example, a microwave glass tray) 

  • Clearing any clogs from valves or drains, such as in a dishwasher, to ensure proper water flow

If the above steps haven’t worked, or you aren’t sure what to do next, consult a professional rather than guessing to prevent further harm to your appliance.

What projects should I do at the same time?

Having a clean appliance is key to its efficiency, regardless of your problem, so it can be a great opportunity to personally or professionally clean your kitchen appliance before, during, or after the repair. 

For example, a refrigerator that is overloaded sometimes doesn’t retain cold air as well, and may need a deep clean out. Another example is the dishwasher filter, which, if not regularly cleaned, can cause your dishes to come out looking not so sparkly, with food particles still stuck to them. So, take this opportunity to clean your kitchen appliance and nearby appliances with the hope of reducing expenses on future repairs.

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