How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Ice Maker?

Paige Bennett
Written by Paige Bennett
Updated October 25, 2021
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Replacing an ice maker costs about $300 to $450

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There’s nothing more disappointing than placing your cup to the ice maker only for it to whir and ... not dispense any ice. If your ice maker has stopped working, it might be time to replace it. The cost to replace a refrigerator’s ice maker is around $300 to $450 for the replacement unit and labor costs of hiring a local refrigerator repair specialist.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Ice Maker by Part?

Ice makers have many components that work together to make and dispense ice for your iced coffee, cocktails, and seltzers. But these parts can break over time, so you may need to replace a motor or fill tube to get your unit in working order again.

Drive Blade

The drive blade is what pushes ice out of the dispenser and into your cup. These blades can become dull and block the ice from dispensing properly. A new drive blade is around $30, while the cost to replace it—including parts and labor—ranges from $75 to $150.

Fill Tube

The fill tube directs water from the supply line to the ice maker, but it can sometimes crack. A new fill tube ranges from $20 to $40, while replacing it costs around $75 to $125 for parts and labor.


If you don’t already, one of the best ways to maintain your fridge and ice maker is to change your ice maker’s filter every six months. Some filters are simple and will cost $10 to $50 each. Filters with advanced filtration may cost $100 to $200 each.


One of the most expensive replacements is an ice maker’s motor, but this component is required for the entire system to work. A new motor costs around $100 to $150, and replacing it will cost $200 to $400 total for the unit and labor.

Solenoid Valve

A solenoid valve, or single water inlet valve, allows water from the supply line to move into the water valve and into the mold for ice cubes. The coils of the solenoid valve tend to wear down over time, which can stop the ice maker from operating. A new part can cost $25 to $75, or $100 to $175 when you factor in labor.

Water Valve

The water valve controls the water that flows into the ice maker’s cube mold by turning on and off. The valve can break and potentially cause leaks. A new water valve will cost around $20, and replacing it will cost $75 to $175 including labor. But the cost is higher if the water valve is difficult to access, which is often the case.

Cost to Replace Ice Maker in Refrigerator by Brand

Some appliance brands may mean ice maker replacements are more expensive depending on the complexity of the ice maker’s design and parts. These are the costs for new ice makers for various brands, not including the cost of labor.

  • Frigidaire: $50–$110

  • GE: $60–$150

  • Kenmore: $50–$150

  • KitchenAid: $50–$100

  • LG: $120–$200

  • Maytag: $60–$80

  • Samsung: $110–$175

  • Viking: $150–$300

  • Whirlpool: $50–$150

What Factors Influence the Cost to Replace an Ice Maker?

The cost of an Ice maker replacement may vary by parts or brand, but there are other factors that influence what you’ll pay, too.

Problem With Ice Maker

You can replace different parts of the ice maker or the whole unit entirely. The problem your ice maker is having may indicate how expensive the replacement can be.

  • Leaking: Leaks may occur from broken fill tubes or valves. These replacements may cost $75–$175 for parts and labor.

  • Mold: Mold may just mean you need to clean the ice maker. Otherwise, it could signify that you need a new filter. A replacement filter will cost $10–$200, with standard models costing $10–$50 and advanced, high-quality filters ranging from $100–$200.

  • Clog: A clog may be caused by an ice clump or debris, so cleaning the ice maker may help. Otherwise, it might be an issue with the drive blade, which costs about $75–$150 to replace.

  • No ice production or ejection: If your ice maker isn’t making any ice, there could be a number of problems, from a worn drive blade to an old motor. The cost of replacement parts and labor to solve this issue may range from $75–$400.

Emergency Repair

If your ice maker is causing flooding in the kitchen, you might need to call a refrigerator repair specialist for emergency repair. Emergency repairs for ice makers may cost $150 or more per hour.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Ice Maker Yourself?

A refrigerator in a new kitchen
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There are many reasons an ice maker may need to be replaced, so it’s best to hire a refrigerator repair technician to identify the problem and replace parts or the entire ice maker. You don’t want to spend a couple hundred bucks on a part only to find out it didn’t fix your problem!

If you do choose to replace the ice maker yourself, individual parts range from $10 to $150. New ice makers may cost around $50 to $200.

Replace an Ice Maker Cost Breakdown

Ice maker replacements are usually fairly simple and consist of the cost of replacement parts and labor.


A new ice maker will cost about $50 to $200. If you are simply replacing certain parts, expect to spend anywhere from $10 for a new filter to upward of $150 for a new ice maker motor.


If there are refrigerator repair specialists in your area, you can expect to spend $75 to $125 per hour, and replacements typically take about an hour. You may also consult a plumber for $50 to $200 per hour.

FAQs about Replacing Ice Makers

Can I replace my ice maker with a different brand of ice maker?

Most ice makers are similar in design, and some are interchangeable. But if you have an ice maker with advanced filters or other special features, you should stick to the same make and model. To prevent wasted money for ice makers that may or may not be interchangeable, it’s best to order the same ice maker you currently have.

Should I repair or replace my ice maker?

The cost to repair ice makers and the cost to replace them are so similar that it’s often more beneficial to just replace the ice maker. Replacing it means the new ice maker will last longer than a repair for nearly the same price.

How long does a refrigerator ice maker last?

With daily use, an ice maker will last about four or five years before it needs replaced. If you keep up with ice maker maintenance, such as changing the filters every six months, you may get up to 10 years of life out of your ice maker.

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