How Much Does Microwave Installation Cost?

Alison Kasch
Written by Alison Kasch
Reviewed by Salvatore Cutrona
Updated January 11, 2022
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The average microwave installation costs around $150 for labor alone, plus the cost of the appliance

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From last night’s leftovers to your long-forgotten cup of coffee, a microwave is your go-to appliance for a quick and easy reheat. Most installations will cost between $105 and $185, but built-in microwaves can cost as much as $2,000. Other factors, such as adding in outlets and custom cabinetry, might drive up your final price.

What Microwave Installation Can I Get on My Budget?

Adding a microwave can fit into a variety of budgets. Each of these budgets assumes that you already have a sufficient electrical outlet installed. If you need to add one, you’ll have to factor in another $135 to $300.


If you’re trying to keep your spending between $50 and $100, your best bet is choosing a countertop microwave. Provided you don’t need any new outlets installed, you can just plug it in, set the clock, and get right to microwaving your Cup of Noodles.


With a $300 budget, you may be able to get an over-the-range or under-cabinet microwave installed. However, you are limited to lower-end microwave models. Alternatively, you can buy a nice countertop microwave and skip the cost of installation.


For $500, you can afford a mid-range level (about $200 to $300) microwave installed over a range, under a cabinet, or below a counter. If you DIY this installation, you can spend up to $400 on a nicer microwave. You may also be able to get a simple built-in installation by sacrificing some of your microwave budget.


$700 will buy you a nicer microwave and almost any type of installation you want. Depending on how much you spend on the microwave, you might be able to afford some basic custom cabinetry as well.


Spending anything over $1,000 will get you a higher-end microwave with the freedom to choose from most installation options. You can get more custom installations by spending less on the microwave, or you can splurge on the microwave and get a basic over-the-range or under-cabinet installation.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Microwave Yourself?

Installing a microwave under a shelf or cabinet is pretty straightforward for an experienced DIY-er. Built-in microwaves are more complex and best left to professional microwave installers near you. Due to the microwave’s weight, you’ll need at least one other person to help you out. 

Before you begin, be sure to allow sufficient space around the microwave’s vents for proper ventilation. Also, remember to remove the turntable before mounting the microwave, as it can easily slip out and cause injury.

Here are some tools and materials you might need:

  • Stud finder: $20

  • Power drill: $75

  • Level: $6

  • Lag screws: $3

  • Toggle screws: $5

Total: $109

An important note: microwaves require a lot of power to operate. Be aware of the wattage requirements for your particular microwave. If you don’t have the proper outlet installed, this is a job for a local electrician. Do not attempt this yourself or plug the appliance into an extension cord.

Microwave Installation Cost Breakdown

Your cost to install a microwave depends on the cost of the microwave itself, as well as any labor and custom cabinetry. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect.

Microwave Cost

Most microwaves cost anywhere between $50 to $2,000. Depending on the brand and model you get, your microwave installation cost will vary.

Professional Microwave Installation

Installing a microwave professionally usually costs $50 to $300 in total. For built-in microwaves that require cabinet customization, this cost could get much higher.

Cabinet Customization

Custom cabinets cost $500 to $1,200 per linear foot. You’ll need to budget for this if you’re considering a built-in microwave, or possibly a below-the-counter microwave.

Installing an Outlet

If you don’t have a sufficient power outlet wherever you are installing your microwave, you’ll need to call an electrician and have one put in. The cost to install a new electrical outlet typically ranges from $135 to $300. “This cost may be more depending on the distance to the electrical panel,” says Salvatore Cutrona, Expert Review Member and Licensed Master Electrician

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Microwave by Type?

Costs for microwave installation by location in the kitchen, with over-the-range averaging $100 to $200

Depending on the type of professional microwave installation you want, costs vary. Note that these prices are just for the labor; depending on which brand and model of microwave you go with, you’ll need to factor in another $50 to $2,000 to your total cost.

  • Over-the-range microwave: $100–$200

  • Under a cabinet: $50–$150

  • Built-in microwave: $200–$2,000

  • Below counter: $50–$200

Aside from the microwave itself, your biggest cost variable is whether or not you’ll require cabinet customization. Built-in microwaves call for this, which is why the installation cost is so much higher. In some cases, you might need cabinet customization for a below-the-counter installation as well.

How Much Does Microwave Installation Cost by Brand?

Depending on the brand you go with, your microwave cost will vary. Keep in mind that these prices are just for the appliance, so you’ll need to budget an additional $50 to $300 for professional installation if needed. Here are some average price ranges for these popular brands:

  • LG: $100–$1,600

  • Samsung: $150–$600

  • KitchenAid: $500–$1,800

  • Frigidaire: $300–$1,500

  • GE: $100–$1,500

  • Bosch: $700–$2,000

  • Viking: $500–$1,800

What Factors Influence the Cost to Install a Microwave?

Depending on the type of installation and whether or not you hire a pro, your cost to install a microwave will differ. Here are the main factors that affect your microwave installation cost:

  • Varying costs of the microwave itself

  • DIY-ing versus hiring a professional appliance installer

  • Installing a new electrical outlet

  • Mounting the microwave

  • Adding in custom cabinets where needed


How much does it cost to install a microwave vent?

Hood venting for an over-the-range microwave usually costs between $400 and $1,500.

How much does it cost to repair a microwave?

Most microwave repairs cost between $50 and $400. What you pay will depend on the type of repair needed, as well as labor costs in your area.

What’s the best way to clean a microwave?

Using lemons to clean your microwave is the best microwave cleaning trick ever. Simply microwave a bowl of water with some lemon slices, wait a couple of minutes, then wipe the mess away. The steam helps loosen stuck-on food, while the lemons leave behind a fresh, citrusy scent.

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