Microwave Repair Costs: Are They Worth It?

Margaret Wack
Written by Margaret Wack
Updated January 11, 2022
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The typical cost to repair a microwave is $50 to $400

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The microwave is ideal for making a quick dinner, popping a bag of popcorn, or steaming veggies. But when this convenient appliance stops working, is it even worth repairing? The average cost to repair a microwave is about $150, including labor and parts. While this estimate falls on the lower end of appliance repair costs, take a moment to consider whether you’re better off replacing your microwave instead. We breakdown the costs of each option more below.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Microwave?

It costs an average of about $150 to repair a microwave, with a range of about $50 to $400. Most homeowners will pay $100 to $200, including labor and parts, depending on the brand, model, and the broken part.

This cost doesn’t include any discounts that service providers may offer to members. If your microwave is still under warranty, you may also be able to have it repaired for a minimal cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Microwave Yourself?

Depending on what’s wrong with your microwave, you may be able to repair it yourself with minimal costs. There are several simple fixes you can try to get your microwave started again.

  • Check your breaker panel for tripped circuits.

  • Unplug the cord and examine it for chewed, frayed, or exposed wiring.

  • Inspect the touchpad keys for dirty buttons or loose connectors.

  • Ensure the turntable is in the proper position and free of obstructions.

For more complicated microwave issues, you may need to enlist the help of a technician. If your microwave’s still under warranty, hiring a microwave repair company may be the right choice. You can either bring a small appliance technician to your home or take your microwave to an appliance repair shop to have it looked over.

Microwave Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Common repairs include minor ones like replacing the light bulb to more significant ones like replacing or repairing the microwave door. Here are a few common microwave repairs and their respective costs, including both parts and labor:

Repair TypeCost Range
Magnetron$100 – $200
Diode$55 – $125
Glass Tray$80 – $160
Light Bulb$55 – $120
Door$150 – $400
Turntable Motor$65 – $200
Power Cord$60 – $190
Handle$80 – $180

Microwave Repair Cost Breakdown

Microwave repair costs depend on both the labor and materials required to complete the repair.


Labor typically costs between $50 and $100 per hour plus parts. If you take the appliance to a repair company, you should pay significantly less, although you'll often wait longer for service. Your machine will go into a line with others, and it could take several days or a week for a complete repair.


In some cases, your microwave may need a replacement part on top of whatever labor costs are necessary to complete the repair. Materials costs can range from a $5 new lightbulb to a $300 microwave door.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

At a rate of $50 to $100 per hour plus parts, hiring a professional to repair your microwave may or may not be necessary to replace a tray or light bulb. By comparison, you’ll want to find microwave repair companies near you for services such as:

  • Replacing a magnetron

  • Putting in a new turntable motor

  • Wiring a power cord

When you’re ready to contact at least three pros for an estimate, be sure to ask if mileage and parts are included in the total.

FAQs About Microwave Repair

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Should you repair or replace a microwave?

The cost to install a new microwave ranges from $110 to $190, plus $100 to $700 for the appliance. Depending on the purchase price of your microwave and the cost of repairs, you may decide to replace it. As a general rule, you should consider replacement if:

  • The microwave is more than 10 years old

  • You’ll pay at least half the cost of replacement

  • You can’t find replacement parts that fit the brand and model

Consider a replacement if you have a basic model that can cost as little as $60. On the other hand, an expensive model with special features or a mounted microwave might be worth repairing. High-end microwave models can run from $500 to $1,000, so repairing these devices is often cheaper than replacing them.

How do I make my microwave last longer?

One of the best ways to prevent costly repairs is to take good care of your microwave. This includes cleaning your microwave regularly. If your microwave is covered in an embarrassing amount of gunk, there are a variety of simple tricks to get your microwave squeaky clean

Common household ingredients like lemons, vinegar, and baking soda will combat grease as effectively as harsh chemical solutions. Microwaves kept in good condition typically last about ten years.

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