How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade to a 200 AMP Service?

Ben Kissam
Written by Ben Kissam
Reviewed by Salvatore Cutrona
Updated February 17, 2022
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Upgrading to 200-amp service will cost you between $750 and $2,000

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It’s a digital world and we’re just living in it. Knowing this, upgrading your home's electrical panel to accommodate more appliances and electronic devices makes a lot of sense.

Most homes come with a 100- to 150-amp service. But for many, the cost to upgrade to 200-amp service is easily justified—especially if you work from home, expand the size of your house, or have resigned yourself to the fact that running several appliances at once is a need, not a want.

This guide will walk you through how much you'll pay to supply your home with a little extra juice.

The Cost to Upgrade to 200-Amp Service

Assuming you have an existing electrical panel that doesn't need a total overhaul, the cost to upgrade to 200-amp service is between $750 and $2,000. This price includes both the cost of the box and installation.

However, your cost may fluctuate based on factors such as:

  • Your current service (100 to 150 amp is common for homes that have been around for a bit)

  • Whether you have a fuse box or circuit breaker

  • The size of your home

  • Whether any new electrical wiring is required

  • Whether or not you need a permit

An extensive job where new wiring and a new circuit breaker are required (meaning you'd hire a local electrician) could cost around $4,500.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade to 200-Amp Service Near You?

The average price for electrical work holds pretty steadily across different regions, states, and environments (i.e., rural versus urban). You can expect to pay about $1,350 to upgrade to 200-amp service regardless of where you live.

In most existing homes, 100- to 150-amp service is standard (100- and 200-amp service are both just as safe, though pros are building modern homes with more power to accommodate our love of gadgets).

Additional work, such as moving your electrical panel to a different room (or outside), adding new wiring, or running two separate feeds to another building on the property (like a barn) is required, could drive the price up.

What 200-Amp Electrical Panel Can I Get on my Budget?

From handling the project by yourself to bringing in a pro and doing a total overhaul, here's how much it will cost to upgrade 200-amp service.

$500 or less

At this range, you can buy a new 200-amp electrical panel and install it yourself (if you have previous electrical experience, that is). If minimal electrical work is needed and you can find an electrician who charges a lower hourly rate closer to $50, you may be able to squeeze it in for $500.

“It must be noted that even though you installed a new 200-amp-rated panel, the exterior wire and meter box is still only rated at 100-amp or 150-amp and will need to be upgraded to 200-amps to get the full benefit of your new panel,” Salvatore Cutrona, Expert Review Member and Owner of Cutrona Electric, said.


Between $500 and $1,000, you can hire a pro to upgrade your 100- to 150-amp service to 200 amps. If additional work is minimal, such as upgrading old wiring, you can still come in under $1,000.

$1,500 to $2,000

In this range, you're paying a professional for the costs of labor and an overhaul of your home's electrical wiring. This budget could include moving your home's electrical panel inside or outside ($1,000+) and replacing an old fuse box ($200 to $2,000).


Beyond the $2,000 mark, you're likely paying an electrician for a major overhaul of your home's electrical wiring. Completely rewiring your home could cost as much as $4,000.

Subtasks needed to complete the upgrade may include adding new wires to additional rooms (starting at $100 but dependent on how much new wiring you’re adding), replacing your fuse box with a modern circuit breaker panel is a necessity and not an option if upgrading to 200 amps ($1,000 to $2,000), and perhaps even having the electrical company install a new meter.

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How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade to 200-Amp Service by Yourself?

Upgrading to 200-amp service starts at $1,000—essentially the cost of the service part, wire, meter box, grounding, and circuit breaker panel. But this cost could easily jump up if you have to have your local electrical company install a new meter to accommodate more power.

Despite potential savings, this is probably not a project you want to take on by yourself. Electrical projects pose a greater safety risk than other types of DIY jobs, especially if additional tasks are required. And electrical codes? They’re different in every area. Leave this one to a licensed pro who knows the proper codes so you can use your free time to plan an awesome new home entertainment set-up.

The Cost by Panel Type

The 200-amp service electrical panel will cost between $150 and $350.

High-end electrical panels may cost $100 to $200 more and include features such as:

  • Flush and surface mountings (for flexible installation)

  • Additional cutouts for easy wiring

  • Outdoor capabilities (weather protection)

If you own a newer home, give your device a once-over before calling an electrician. Today, many new homes have 200-, 300-, and even 400-amp service already installed.

Factors that Influence the Cost to Upgrade to 200-Amp Service

The electrical panel itself, the extent of the job, and hourly installation costs make up the bulk of the cost to upgrade to 200-amp service.

Unit Pricing

Budget between $100 and $350 for a standard 200-amp electrical panel. Features, as mentioned in the previous section, can drive the price up.

Additional Electrical Work Required

This is where the price of upgrading can really fluctuate. Installing new wires to go to different areas of your home could cost a few hundred dollars, whereas a total overhaul could cost up to $4,000. An electrical service company in your area can help you figure out how much your home's upgrade might cost.

Installing a New Meter

In some homes, you may need a new meter to accommodate additional power. This task can only be handled by your electrical company and not an electrician, and cost as much as $600 or more if you need to move the meter.

Small Materials

You’ll need fittings, connectors, and fasteners to secure your new electrical panel. These aren't that expensive—under $100—but still need to be taken into account.

Installation Costs

Given this is not a recommended DIY, you’ll need to factor in labor. The average cost of an electrician per hour for electrical panel work is between $50 and $80.

Upgrading to a 200-Amp Service: Common Questions and Answers

Why should I pick a 200-amp service for my upgrade?

A 200-amp service allows your home to warm and cool itself while running multiple appliances at once. It's a good option for homes that have been extended, or after adding new appliances. Older homes with a 100-amp service that are susceptible to overheating or blown fuses could also benefit from the upgrade.

What should I consider when upgrading to a 200-amp service?

Electrical experts suggest a 200-amp service is enough power for an average three-bedroom home.

If you're running large appliances frequently (central air, heating) or have items with large electric demands (in-home saunas, hot tubs), you could benefit from installing a 300- or 400- amp service instead.

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