How Much Does a New Microwave Cost?

C.E. Larusso
Written by C.E. Larusso
Updated January 24, 2022
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The average cost to buy a new microwave ranges from $50 to $2,000

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The modern microwave is a time-saver and a kitchen helper, with a wide range of options. With variety, however, comes additional cost considerations; you can spend as little as $50 for a standard countertop microwave or opt to splurge on a $2,000 built-in model, without factoring in complicated installations that require reworking your cabinetry. 

What Kind of Microwave Can I Get on My Budget?

The cost of your microwave will vary greatly based on the make, model, and type of installation. 

Type of MicrowaveCost Range

The cost to hire a professional to install your microwave can reach $2,000 for a built-in model with cabinet customization needs. On the other hand, if you opt for a countertop unit, you won’t need to spend on installation at all.

New Microwave Cost Breakdown

Microwaves with special features will cost more. Here are the extras and options you should pay attention to when deciding which model to purchase.


Countertop models range from 12 to 27 inches wide, while over-the-range microwaves are typically 18 to 36 inches. The depth and overall internal capacity can vary as well and impact the bottom line cost.

Cooking Racks

Racks allow you to cook several dishes at the same time, though they can sometimes be a hassle when you need to heat up a taller dish or coffee cup and need to remove the rack each time.


Several models have pre-set buttons for easy reheating. Choices usually reflect popular food items, like pizza, popcorn, or beverage. In addition, there might be buttons for pre-set cooking times, like 30 seconds or one minute, which you can press several times to quickly extend.

Smart Features

This tech-forward option allows you to control your microwave using your smart device or digital assistant.


You can opt for a microwave that doubles as a mini-oven, with options to grill, bake, or brown.

Safety Features

If you have little ones, you might want to look for child lock and safety features.

Trays and Turntables

Necessary to heat food evenly, some models have a rotating turntable while others have a tray that moves horizontally. 

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a New Microwave by Type?

A woman wearing kitchen gloves heating cupcakes in microwave
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The biggest factor in the cost of your new microwave is the type of unit you buy.


The countertop models sit on top of your existing counter space, no special installation required. These range in price from $50 to $500, though they may not be a great choice if you have a smaller kitchen with limited counter space. In addition, they don’t have ventilation systems.


Commonly referred to as OTRs, these models will free up your precious counter space and have venting and lighting. However, they can collect grease and will require professional installation, possibly by an electrician, which can cost between $160 and $500.


Built-in microwaves, costing $180 to $2,000, are professionally installed to seamlessly integrate into your cabinetry or a kitchen wall. This is another option if you need to conserve counter space, and appealing to those who want their appliances to match. Built-in microwaves require professional installation.


A style of built-in microwaves, these units are exactly what they sound like: microwaves installed in a drawer of your cabinetry. Because this style requires you to lift food and beverages up, rather than out, it’s great for kids (and clumsy adults) as this method reduces spills. Costing $1,000 to $1,400 before installation (which can be tricky), drawer microwaves do not typically come with convection cooking or turntable features.

Combo Oven

The most expensive option, combo units are a two-for-one, with one appliance having both a traditional oven as well as a microwave. The cost range for this option is $2,500 to $3,500.

What Factors Influence the Cost of a New Microwave?

Along with the type of unit, there are a few other factors that impact your new microwave’s cost.


Countertop models do not require professional installation; they simply sit on top of your counter. If you need to pay for delivery, factor in $50

Microwaves that are built-in to your cabinetry, including drawer versions, will be much more expensive to install, typically ranging from $200 to $2,000.

Special Functions and Features

You can opt to buy a very basic model or choose a decked-out microwave with all the bells and whistles, such as child lock, pre-set cooking functions, and convection-oven cooking modes.


Higher wattage means a quicker cooking time. Microwaves range from 800 to 1,200 watts; the more your model has, the more expensive it will be.


The average microwave capacity is 1 to 2 cubic feet, though some are smaller. The larger you go, the pricier it will be.


Review the warranty for all microwaves in your price range. Ones that have extended warranties covering repairs or a replacement could save you more money in the long run even if the upfront cost is higher.


There are many brands to choose from, all making different types of microwaves, from countertop to drawer-style. Popular brands include:

  • GE

  • Frigidaire

  • Kenmore

  • LG

  • Maytag

  • Panasonic

  • Samsung

  • Sharp

  • Whirlpool

How long should my microwave last?

On average, your microwave should last about seven years but can last as long as 11.

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