How Much Will It Cost to Install a Built-In Oven?

Kelly Weimert
Written by Kelly Weimert
Updated April 11, 2022
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  • Ovens typically range from $600 to $3,500, but they can cost as much as $15,000.

  • Built-in oven installation prices vary by type, features, and potential construction updates.

  • You can save money by installing a built-in oven yourself, but leave complex installations to the pros.

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Built-in ovens, also known as wall ovens, are installed directly into kitchen walls, sitting flush with the cabinets or wall. They offer a sleek, streamlined look to elevate your kitchen design without infringing on your square footage. 

It costs anywhere from $800 to $3,200 to install a built-in oven, but costs vary by several factors. Find out how much it costs to install a built-in oven based on variables like oven type and whether you hire a pro to get the job done. 

Which Type of Built-In Oven Fits My Budget? 

The type of oven you choose is among the biggest factors impacting cost. Most built-in ovens are electric because it's easier to install the 240-volt outlet needed to run an electric oven than it is to run a gas line through a wall encasement. But if you have your heart set on a gas oven, installing one into the wall is still possible.

Oven TypeCost
Gas Oven$600 – $1,500
Electric Oven$600 – $3,500
Convection Oven$820 – $3,300
Pizza Oven$1,400 – $5,000
Steam Oven$2,000 – $4,000

What Factors Affect the Cost? 

When building a budget for a built-in oven installation, remember to account for oven features and construction updates to ensure the new oven fits seamlessly into your space.

Oven Features

Ovens typically range from $600 to $3,500, but they can cost as little as $350 or as much as $15,000, depending on their features. The more features you add, such as convection and baking options or smart functionalities, the more it will cost. 

Construction Updates

Some built-in ovens require construction updates during the installation. For instance, if you don't already have a designated cutout in your wall, counters, or cabinets for a built-in oven, then you should factor in the cost of making those cuts.

Additionally, some homeowners want a cabinet door covering their built-in oven to help it blend in with the rest of the cabinets. The cost of construction updates for a built-in oven range from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the project's complexity. 

Electrical or Gas Work

Electric ovens typically require a 240-volt outlet, so if you don't have one, you'll need to pay to install one. Installing an electrical outlet costs around $140 to $300, including labor costs. Similarly, gas ovens require a gas line to work. The cost to install a gas oven line is about $20 per linear foot


Generally, the bigger your oven, the more you can expect to pay. For example, single ovens typically range from $420 to $2,900, while double ovens range from $1,200 to $5,000

Built-In Oven Installation Cost Breakdown

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Oven units can cost anywhere from $350 to $15,000, but most ovens cost between $600 and $3,500. Ovens with added features and capabilities, like smart functionalities, cost more than ovens with very basic features. 


If you hire a local general contractor to install a built-in oven, you can expect to pay around $90 per hour in labor costs. How long your installation will take depends on the complexity of the project. For instance, if you're simply replacing an old built-in oven with a new one of the same size, then installation should take no longer than an hour. However, installation can take a day or more to complete if you need any construction updates, a new outlet, or a new gas line. 

What Will It Cost Me to Install My Own Built-In Oven?

You can save money by installing a built-in oven yourself since you'll only need to pay for the cost of the oven. However, some built-in oven installations are much more intensive than others. 

Cost to Install It Yourself vs. Hiring a Contractor 

If you decide to DIY, you're only responsible for the cost of the oven and any tools needed to install it. However, some built-in oven installations require cutting into cabinets, counters, and drywall. An installation might also require running a new gas line or installing a new electrical outlet. We recommend hiring a local contractor for more complex installs unless you have related experience under your belt.

Built-In Oven Questions and Answers

What are some benefits of built-in ovens?

Built-in ovens are installed directly into a wall to sit flush with a kitchen's cabinets, counters, or walls. These ovens offer a streamlined appearance that can blend into the rest of your kitchen aesthetic. And if you want it to blend in even more, you can opt to put a cabinet door over the unit to match the rest of your cabinets. 

Another benefit of built-in ovens is that they help preserve your floor space. If you opt for a standalone oven, you'll need to find a place for it in your kitchen. However, since built-in ovens are flush with your walls or cabinets, they won't encroach on your square footage. 

How much does it cost to replace a built-in oven?

If you're replacing an old built-in oven with a new one of the same size and type, you'll only need to pay for the cost of the new oven. However, if your new built-in oven is a different size or type, you might need to pay for construction updates or the cost of a new outlet or gas line.

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