How Much Does Gas Dryer Installation Cost?

Nick P. Cellucci
Written by Nick P. Cellucci
Updated December 8, 2022
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Gas dryer installation costs $100 to $200, not including the cost of the dryer itself

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Gas dryers can reach higher temperatures to dry clothes in a flash, lowering the overall cost to run the dryer continuously. However, gas dryers cost more upfront—between $760 and $1,650, including installation—but they have lower long-term costs than electric dryers. As you browse the appliance store, most dryers on the floor are likely electric, but gas dryers are popular with many homeowners. 

Both types use electricity, but gas dryers use far less, garnering most of their sweater-drying power from natural gas or propane. If you’re considering making the switch or buying a new gas dryer, here’s what you need to know.

Low CostAverage CostHigh Cost

Gas Dryer Installation Cost Breakdown

The cost to install a gas dryer includes labor, supplies, and the appliance itself if you need to purchase a new one. If you’re swapping out an old gas dryer, you will also need to pay for appliance removal and disposal to get it off your hands.

Gas Dryer

Gas dryers are more expensive than electric dryers upfront at $760 to $1,650, or about $900 on average. If you already have a gas dryer and just need to move it, you obviously won’t need to factor this into your total appliance installation cost, but it can be helpful to know if you’re starting fresh with a new dryer.


The amount you pay in labor will ultimately depend on who you hire and whether or not you have an existing gas line and hookup for your gas dryer. Professionals typically charge between $50 and $100 per hour to install a gas dryer, which typically takes two hours. Running a gas line costs an extra $260 to $800.


Supplies will cost between $30 and $50 if you already have a gas line ready to go. If you hire someone to run a gas line for you, supplies may increase to $100 or more depending on how long the gas line needs to be. If installing the pipe requires going through drywall, then drywall repair can cost upwards of $550.

Additional Costs to Consider 

There are several other potential costs to consider as you plan your budget for gas dryer installation.

Appliance Removal

If you’re replacing your old dryer with a new gas one, you will have to pay for appliance removal, usually on top of the installation. Detaching the appliance from the wall and hookups and breaking it into smaller pieces to remove it completely will take about an hour and cost between $50 and $100.

Debris Disposal

After someone properly removes your old dryer, they will need to dispose of it legally. Each state has different rules about disposing of machinery, so costs vary. Typically, homeowners will need to pay a fee of $20 to $50 for disposal.

New Gas Line Installation

The main difference between gas and electric dryers is that gas dryers use power from a dedicated gas line. Gas line installation costs can substantially increase the total cost of your dryer installation, averaging an extra $260 to $800. Professional installation is necessary to avoid gas leaks. Expect to pay $10 to $20 per linear foot or $45 to $200 per hour.

Gas Valve Installation 

Like all gas appliances, gas dryers need a shut-off gas valve to stop the gas supply to the unit during maintenance or emergencies. Gas valve installation for gas dryers costs $200 to $500, which includes an inspection by the installer to ensure that the valve functions properly.

Venting Installation

Venting installation increases costs by $100 or more, but it’s necessary to vent the moist, linty air expelled by your dryer to the outdoors. Venting keeps your laundry room from becoming stuffy and mildew-filled, reduces fire risk, and keeps you from inhaling dangerous air. Venting materials include aluminum, rigid plastic, and metal.

Dryer installation costs breakdown comparison: dryers with an existing gas line versus dryers without an existing gas line

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Gas Dryer Yourself?

We recommend hiring a pro to help with any work involving gas (safety first!), but you technically can install a gas dryer yourself. Keep in mind that your gas dryer will have to meet specific codes and standards. 

If you DIY your gas dryer installation, you could save about $100 on labor. But let’s face it, hiring a pro is absolutely worth it if you're not an expert. If not installed correctly, gas dryers can cost you in the long run when they need repairs or cause structural damage. Gas dryer installation is also dangerous, and a licensed pro will have the experience to do the job safely.

You can perform general maintenance duties yourself, including regularly cleaning the lint trap and keeping the space around the appliance free of debris. When it comes to installation, kick your feet up and let a natural gas plumber near you or a local appliance installation pro handle it.

Cost to DIY vs. Hiring a Pro to Install a Gas Dryer

Because DIY gas dryer installation is not safe or possible for the majority of homeowners, you will need to hire one or more pros to handle the project for you. Expect a pro to charge $50 to $100 per hour for this two-hour job, though you will pay up to an additional $800 if you need a plumber to install a new gas line for your dryer.

5 Ways to Save on Gas Dryer Installation Costs

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Regular maintenance is the best way to save on gas dryer installation. Maintenance prolongs your dryer’s lifespan, reduces monthly energy costs, and helps prevent fires or other damage to your home. Follow these tips for dryer maintenance:

  1. Spend around $145 every few years to have a pro remove buildup in your exhaust vent.

  2. Clean your lint trap each time you use the dryer, daily, or weekly.

  3. Clean the inside of the dryer drum to remove any excess lint or residue.

  4. Remove debris and dirt that has built up around your outdoor vent cap.

  5. Pay $75 to $100 for the cost to replace a dryer vent to upgrade your vinyl or plastic exhaust vents to a fire-proof metal.

Many homeowners choose to install gas dryers because of the long-term energy savings they provide. Gas dryers use about half the electricity that electric dryers use. If you choose an Energy Star appliance, you’ll save even more on your monthly energy bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gas dryers heat up more quickly and generate more heat than electric dryers, meaning they dry clothes faster. Using a gas dryer will lower your electricity bill and may even be more gentle on clothing than an electric one.

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