Why Body Dryers Are a Must for Any Luxury Bathroom

Alison Kasch
Written by Alison Kasch
Updated September 21, 2021
The interior of a stylish bathroom with a shower unit
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A body dryer adds convenience and accessibility to your bathroom

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If you’re tired of dealing with soggy towels, a body dryer has a lot to offer. Here is everything you need to know before deciding if this luxury device is a good investment for your bathroom.

What Is a Body Dryer?

A body dryer is an in-shower air dryer that can take the place of towels in your bathroom. Think of it as a supersized hairdryer—after your shower, a simple press of a button releases warm air from a series of blowers for a quick, relaxing full-body dry.

Eliminating the Need for Bath Towels

Towels work fine for their intended purpose, but they seem to always develop that mildewy smell no matter what you do. Even if you hang them perfectly to air-dry, you’re often left wrinkling your nose at your second-day towel, wondering “didn’t I just was this?”

A body dryer eliminates this constant, smelly annoyance. What’s more, it reduces the laundry cycles necessary to keep fresh towels in the bathroom. This equates to tons of time saved in the laundry room—not to mention less waste and a smaller water bill.

Improved Safety and Accessibility for Your Bathroom

For those with mobility issues, drying off the entire body with a towel can be difficult. Body dryers offer more privacy and independence versus having a caretaker or family member assist in the drying process. Plus, with no water on the floor after exiting the shower, you’re reducing the likelihood of slip-and-fall injuries.

A Better Way to Dry Off Kids and Pets

Whether your smaller, antsier family members have two legs or four, getting them dried off with a towel can be a challenge. More often than not, you still end up with puddles and wet clothes despite your best efforts. Body dryers offer a time-saving and more effective alternative, especially for those who aren’t a fan of the towel-drying process.

A Luxurious After-Shower Experience

Aside from their long list of practical benefits, body dryers are luxurious. If your dream bathroom remodel involves a setup that keeps you toasty after the shower, imagine drying your entire body with warm air jets instead of stepping into the cold air to dry off. You could even consider a radiant floor heating system to warm your feet, too.

Planning Out Your Bathroom Remodel

Thinking it might be time to remodel your bathroom? A body dryer would be an excellent companion for that rain shower head you’re considering to create a true spa-like experience.

Considering the value of a bathroom remodel, it’s a worthwhile investment that can fetch a higher price on the resale market. Aside from that, though, it can improve your quality of life—and who can put a price on that? Find a local bathroom remodeler and a bathroom designer near you to create the luxurious bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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