Alison Kasch

Contributing Writer

Alison is a Chicago-based writer who has spent the last seven years focusing her content on everything inside and outside the home. Her creative drive and penchant for projects mean she always has her hands in something, whether it’s redecorating and optimizing her living space, painting upcycled furniture, propagating her indoor plants, or tending her herb and vegetable gardens. Having close friends and family in the trades, her personal experience, and industry connections allow her to craft well-informed content to help homeowners navigate the fun (and sometimes not-so-fun) aspects of home improvement. 

In addition to her work with Angi and HomeAdvisor, Alison has ghostwritten blogs for plumbers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, pest control professionals, and other small businesses in the home service trades. She’s researched and written about a wide range of topics, from household utilities and home structures to cleaning, pest control, gardening, and home decor. As a DIY enthusiast who never plans to stop digging in the dirt, she is also constantly working towards her goal of developing a self-sustaining homestead. 

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Passions: Sustainable living, eco-friendly solutions, pollinators, wildlife, gardening, art, home decor, cleaning, and home organization

Favorite design style: Art Nouveau

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