4 Reasons Why Your Gas Oven Isn’t Heating Up

Lauren David
Written by Lauren David
Updated August 30, 2021
 Modern kitchen and stovetop
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So you finished mixing your banana bread batter … only to find your gas oven refuses to heat up. But don’t let it ruin the moment—there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to find out what the issue is.

First, a note on safety: Before you tinker with repairing the gas oven, make sure to switch off the breaker that connects this appliance first. Always err on the side of caution when working with gas, and, when in doubt, call a local gas oven repair pro.

1. The Circuit Breaker Tripped

Think of the circuit breaker as the distribution center, connecting electricity to your home’s outlets. If you’re having issues, check if the circuit breaker has tripped, meaning that the electrical supply that connects to your gas oven has been stopped. 

Although gas ovens are powered by—you guessed it—gas, some components rely on electricity to operate, such as timers. So, if there is an issue with the circuit breaker, the gas oven won’t heat up. 

If you check your breaker and everything is functioning, but the gas oven still won’t light up, check the gas supply next.

2. The Gas Supply May Not Be Connected

Sometimes access to liquid propane gas or natural gas can be stopped for different reasons. If you recently had repairs done to your oven or stovetop, the gas valve may still be shut off, and you’d just need to switch the valve open.

3. The Temperature Sensor May Need to Be Repositioned or Replaced

 Modern kitchen and stovetop
Sonyachny - stock.adobe.com

If your gas oven is not heating up sufficiently, to your desired temperature, or if food isn’t cooking evenly, there might be an issue with the temperature sensor. If the temperature sensor is touching the inside wall of the oven, it will produce inaccurate results of how hot the oven actually is (and yield not-so-edible results).

The solution: simply repositioning the sensor. However, if it’s not touching the inside wall, you can use an ohmmeter to check if the sensor is working properly. If not, it needs to be replaced by a pro.

4. The Burner Igniter May Be Broken

When you turn on the gas oven, you should hear the igniter click until the gas ignites. Once the igniter is hot, the gas valve opens to transmit gas to the burner. But if something is amiss with the burner, it can be a reason the oven won’t heat up.

Here’s how to troubleshoot:

If the Gas Won’t Ignite

If your stove is clicking and your burners just aren’t igniting, there could be an issue with the igniter. Switch off the oven or stop trying to ignite before too much gas accumulates. (Basically, if you can start to smell the gas, stop).   

Before continuing, switch the oven off at the circuit breaker to ensure it’s disconnected. Check the igniter for any changes in color on the coil, as this can be an indicator that it’s no longer functioning.

Perform a Multimeter Test

Another option is to review the resistance of the igniter by using a multimeter. A typical range of resistance for a working igniter is anywhere from 10 and 2500 ohms. If there is no continuity or no resistance, this is a sign that the igniter doesn't work and needs to be replaced.

Replace the Igniter

If, after checking and inspecting the igniter, you’ve found that it’s not working, you’ll need to replace it. The igniter can be simple and easy to replace on your own with only a circuit tester, a new igniter, and a screwdriver. If you don’t feel comfortable replacing it on your own, call a service repair professional.

When to Call a Professional

A service repair professional can detect the problem and provide a solution quickly so you’ll have a gas oven that heats up (and finish that banana bread). Most gas oven repairs cost about $85 to 100 an hour, and repairs for replacing the igniters cost around $150 to $300.

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