Paige Bennett

Contributing Writer

Paige is a freelance editor and writer with over six years of professional experience covering design, DIY projects, food, health, and travel. Her work appears on Insider, Eat This, Not That!, EuroCheapo, Dailybreak, Buzzfeed, Thrillist, and more. She graduated from Ohio University with honors and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism. In her education, Paige specialized in gender studies and sustainability.

Originally from rural Ohio, Paige now calls sunny Los Angeles home. When she isn't working, Paige can often be found shopping online for home decor, trying out new recipes, or crafting. She's especially passionate about drawing, painting, urban gardening, and making renter-friendly upgrades to her apartment.

Hometown: Ohio

Passions: Gardening, painting, sustainability, cleaning, decorating

Favorite design style: Mid-century modern

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