Allie Ogletree

Contributing Writer

Allie is an Austin-based content writer specializing in home improvement, renewable energy, and deregulated energy markets. She has over five years of experience writing on home improvement and energy topics for several publications, including Angi, Forbes Home, Choose Energy, SaveOnEnergy, Choose Texas Power, Austin Tex Real Estate, and more.

Allie earned her MSc degree in research and modern literature and continues to turn her love of data into digestible content so that homeowners know all the ins and outs of their next home improvement project.

When Allie’s not researching sustainable solutions for the energy and home industries, you can find her tackling the latest outdoor DIY project or exploring the great outdoors.

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Passions: Renewable energy, sustainability, and native plant conservation

Favorite design style: Allie loves merging modern and rustic styles for a contemporary home with natural wood and stone features.

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