6 Dryer Parts That Lead to Appliance Repair

Written by J.T Gonzales
Updated October 6, 2015
washer and dryer
If your dryer is on the fritz, chances are one of these parts is the cause of the problem. (Photo by Katelin Kinney)

A clothes dryer is made up of many pieces, but these six parts tend to be the common culprits behind dryer repair issues.

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Gone are the days of hanging washed garments on a clothesline to dry in the sun. Instead, clothes dryers have become a staple of many households and allow people to dry clothes at any time of the day.

That's why when any of these six dryer parts begins to act up, it's important that you hire an appliance repair service to promptly fix the problem.

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1. Drum

The drum is the dryer's main part — it's where you place wet clothes to spin dry.

On its own, the drum can begin to make excessive noise or spin in an erratic way because of worn-out rollers, which the drum sits on.

Sometimes the noises are caused by dust that has accumulated around the outer part of the drum.

2. Blower

Dryers have a fan or blower that spins and moves air through the heating element or burner, into the drum and out through the vent.

A bad blower will fail to circulate air through the dryer, rendering it useless.

Signs that the fan is going bad are an increase in time to dry clothing, clicking noises and rattling. The noises can be caused by an object grinding against the blower wheel as it turns, and the rattling can be created by a weak connection to the motor.

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3. Heating element or gas heater

To produce hot air, a dryer relies on a heating element (in an electric dryer) or gas heater (in a gas dryer) to warm up the air that the blower sends through to the drum.

If a dryer begins to produce little to no heat and fails to dry clothes despite the drum spinning properly and air flowing effectively, have an appliance repairman inspect the flame and gas valve in a heater or the heating element itself for burns or cracks.

4. Thermostat

A dryer usually has several thermostats to regulate the temperature inside the drum, and the thermostat the dryer uses depends on the settings you make for that drying cycle.

Thermostats are located in the path of the air that is leaving the drum to regulate the temperature.

A bad thermostat can be the culprit of not enough or too much heat or the dryer not turning on at all.

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5. Motor

A bad motor will fail to spin the drum. If the dryer is not spinning correctly, this can be caused by a bad motor bearing, making it move in an erratic manner.

A bad motor can also be the reason why the blower stops working.

6. Belt

A worn-out or broken belt is typically the reason why a drum fails to spin. It can also cause the drum to create loud sounds when in operation.

The belt usually wraps around several pulleys that provide the proper tension to spin the drum.

A loose or broken belt is an extremely common issue that a knowledgeable repairman can fix.

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