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Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver

Founded 2006 • With Angi since September 2008


(34) Verified Reviews

Business Details

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3922 West 1st Ave

Eugene, OR 97402


Your one-stop shop for optimizing the energy efficiency of your residence or business. Services include Crawl Space Encapsulation, Air Sealing, Attic Insulation, Crawl Space Insulation (including wet crawl spaces), Sump Pumps, Blown-In Insulation, Spray Foam Insulation, Whole Home Energy Audits, and Windows across Western Oregon and SW Washington. Working with Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver means working with industry veterans....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Alyssa M.

Great experience working with Dr. Energy Saver on getting our crawl space encapsulated! Had numerous follow-up calls with the sales rep, Gregory Black, as we learned about the materials and components and compared several other quotes. Dr Energy Savers quote was on the higher end but was very thorough and thought out compared to everyone else. We are happy with our encapsulation system and I would recommend to other home owners. When it used to take 4-5 hours to heat our 1950’s 1200sqft home 5 degrees, it now just takes an hour.

Description of Work
Crawl space encapsulation

Category insulation, wells

Service Provider Response

Hi [Member Name Removed]: Thank you for this great review and all the details. It’s fabulous to read that your crawl space encapsulation has made such a difference in the time to heat your home! We hope you will tell friends and family about our crawl space encapsulation and our attic insulation services.


Denise G.

This company (Dr. Energy) is fine if you don’t mind doing your own research, arguing with them over what was agreed to, and paying for extra charges after the fact. I almost didn’t write this review because they did ultimately take care of the crawl space encapsulation and repair of furnace ductwork. But when I found out they wanted to charge an increased fee again, I decided to share our experience. First, there was a lot of discussion and miscommunication about what was happening. They didn’t complete the project during their expected time period (despite just not showing up one Friday) so they wanted to schedule to finish more than a month later. They thought the sump pump was installed despite us telling us it wasn’t. Then were surprised when a different person came to our house and found out it wasn’t installed, as we were telling them. They told us they would install the encapsulation in a way that water would drain out of the enclosed plastic if there was a pipe leak (I asked them about this before selecting this company after a different company pointed out that it was important to assure the enclosed space does not become a swimming pool with leaking pipes). After many emails, calls, and threats, they finally sent a person who figured out how to do what was promised. They told us the heating ducts would be repaired under the cost but then wanted to charge us more to do this. Finally, although the project clearly doesn’t look like what was done by John’s Waterproofing (the cement and beams are completely covered in a friend’s home done by them), which may be fine, they didn’t cover the outside vents which are shown in their promotional material (and routinely done by others). When we called to ask about this, they said this wasn’t included, and we would be charged even more. Overall it was a very frustrating experience on so many levels.

Description of Work
Encapsulation of crawl space and repair of furnace ductwork

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, plumbing, basement waterproofing, wells, energy audit

Service Provider Response

Hello [Member Name Removed]: Thank you for talking with our manager last week when he called you and for scheduling with us to cover those vents. Your satisfaction with our work is very important to us, and your review has been shared with our employees.


Lawrence L.

They were professional and on-time for the estimate and should be providing the estimate shortly.

Description of Work
Need to insulate attic; interested in best type of insulation for highest R value. Considering blown in rock wool. Is that the best type for this application if I don't want to use fiberglass?

Category insulation



arthur P.

They did what they said there were going to do when they said they were going to do it for the price promised. The crew was easy to work with and readily expanded the scope of the project slightly at no additional cost to make sure all possible problems were addressed. I was impressed with the quality of the products used and with care with which they were installed. Other similar bids offered minimal trenching and piping with a new layer of 9 mil black plastic draped over over it all. By comparison, from Dr. Energy Saver I got a bright white 20 mil fiberglass reinforced plastic barrier on top of a heavy duty plastic protective layer. The piping, under these two layers directs any ground moisture to a sealed sump pump on its own electrical circuit. The top 20 mil layer is taped at all seams, secured to the foundation by fastens drilled into the concrete, and sealed with a heavy bead of caulk. The crawl space is completely sealed from moisture and it also looks great.

Description of Work
Crawl space ground water control and semi crawl space encapsulation

Category insulation, basement remodeling



Wallace C.

We signed our contract with Dr. Energy Saver on 6/22/17. Throughout the duration of the project crews arrived on time and ready to begin work immediately. The project was scheduled to be completed in two days. The first day of work was 7/5/17. At the end of the workday on 7/6/17 it was obvious that the task would take at least twice as long as originally scheduled. It eventually took 4 weeks for all work to be completed on 8/2/17. On the first day of work, the crew found that the soil under my house was made up of clay with scattered rock throughout. The first day of work they found that the clay was soaked with moisture and it was impossible for them to use shovels to dig the trench for the drain pipe. Each shovelful of clay would stick to the shovel and have to be scraped off before another shovelful could be dug out. The crew determined that it would be necessary to dry out the clay before continuing. They installed a temporary dehydrator and let it run for 1 week. After one week the crew came back and again attempted to dig the trench for the drain pipe. Again they were unable to use shovels to dig the trench, this time because the clay was dry and so hard that it could not be penetrated by shovels. They removed the dehydrator and allowed the clay to become moist once again. One week later they came back and finally were able to complete the trench for the drain pipe. But, again they ran out of time to complete the project. In the process it became obvious that a sump pump would be required to move the drain water around the fireplace foundation. This required the services of an electrician to install a power outlet to service the sump pump. One week later the electrician was able to do the electrical work, and one day after that the Dr. Energy Saver crew was able to finish their work. I relate all of this information to make it clear that the extended time needed for the completion of my crawl space project was no fault of Dr. Energy Saver. They worked in a very difficult environment to complete their work. This they did with great professionalism. The office staff and work crews of Dr. Energy Saver did a very commendable job of completing all phases of my crawl space project. Should I ever need further work of this type, I will call upon this business without hesitation. I would recommend them to others requiring this type of service.

Description of Work
1. Removal of old vapor barrier 2. Installation of drain line on inside perimeter of crawl space 3. Install sump pump 4. Install new vapor barrier

Category basement remodeling

Service Provider Response

Thank you so much for this write-up and review! Our crews work hard to complete each job on time. Your crew needed to create solutions so the work could be completed. Your understanding of the challenges that created the need for more time to complete this work were much appreciated!


Jan B.

The assessment was very thorough, and Bill provided me with pictures of my attic and crawl space to document the current state. However, the proposed, complete solution for insulating my attic is based on text-book recommendations from the national chain Dr. Energy Saver. While the proposed solution would have worked and probably been the best available, it missed a middle-of-the-road, budget-conscious solution. Replacing all existing insulation with newer technology is very expensive, for my average one-level house with 2,200 square feet it would have been $16,000. I requested three more estimates from Energy Trust-approved companies, and they all came in way lower, proposing to air-seal and improve/add to existing insulation. I selected the middle bid at $2,800. Dr. Energy Saver prides itself in recovering the cost of their services in reduced energy bills. For an investment of $16,000, given a conservative estimate, it would have taken me 10-15 years.

Description of Work
I asked for a home energy audit to improve the cooling in my house.

Category insulation, energy audit



Melanie B.

To start, please take the lack of poor reviews of this company with a grain of salt. The owner, Josh Lowe, said he required legal contracts preventing me from posting anything about him or his company online or on any social media before he would take any further steps. This means if there is a problem, you can't tell anyone about it, even if he does not fix it. I did not agree to sign anything. In addition, Josh Lowe DOES NOT GUARANTEE the work. There is only a 1 year limited warranty for “defects”, which the homeowner has to find and bring to their attention. Hope you are up to crawling around your attics with a flashlight! (I did and found an entire room they left un-insulated). From the contract: "We specifically disclaim all other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, the warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose." Which means, they do not even guarantee that the insulation will actually do what they claim. I have now had two summers with the insulation and my house now is as hot or hotter than outside. On a day that is 87 outside (6/19/17), my upstairs bedroom was 90 F. In addition, my winter bills are now higher. I consulted 4 other insulation companies, who all stated that the foam insulation was not appropriate and would contribute to the heating problem. I contacted the company and met with the Josh Lowe, who disputed that my house had been cooler before his work, implying I was lying. He said the insulation was working fine and instead of attempting to compromise or even listen to the solutions I had already researched, he refused to acknowledge any problem existed and that he "had fixed me uncomfortable home forever". But then said I had to get an air conditioner because it was my house that was the problem, even though the problem started after his company did their work. His explanation that the insulation was working was to show me random photos on his phone of temperature readings of ceilings, which he claimed was evidence he was right. He also said the other companies were liars and that Fiberglass didn't work. I can not stress enough how unbelievably arrogant and dismissive Josh Lowe was. I strongly recommend avoiding this company and do not fall for their high pressure sales tactics. Trusting this company has been the most costly and upsetting mistake I have ever made.

Description of Work
I contracted the company to replace my insulation in October of 2015. I have lived in my house for 10 years. My goal was to keep my house cooler during the hottest weeks, as at the time the upstairs would warm to upper 80's F when it was 95 F outside. I was due to give birth and wanted to be sure my baby would be able to sleep in her room comfortably. They advocated foam insulation, which they stated would keep my house cool and decrease my winter bills, and I hired them despite the much higher estimate ($8352; the competitor estimates $2500-3300 for their recommended fibroglass batting). They installed the foam on the rafters.

Category insulation

Service Provider Response

We are very sorry that our crew missed blowing in new cellulose in the small room addition attic after we removed the existing insulation. As soon as we were made aware last year, we promptly insulated it to R-60 with blown cellulose and sincerely apologized. We also recommended an AC be installed at that time to get to her desired comfort level again stating that insulation is not the only thing that will make your home comfortable. Only after she told Josh she wanted a $5,000.00 refund or she was going to sue us, Josh then asked for her to sign a nondisclosure document after we had tried to resolve the issues for her but she was still not satisfied. She also stated she was going to post everywhere and she has. We have already disputed this thoroughly through the Better Business Bureau and it has been deemed resolved by the BBB. We did all the work that was agreed to. It was all done to the highest industry standards as agreed in the contract. The products we installed are the best available in the marketplace which included a combination of high density closed cell spray foam, dense packed cellulose and loose fill cellulose. Josh did confirm with her that the contractors she contacted for opinions did not offer spray foam services. Having a contract that states we will honor defects in the work for a year is standard practice. We guarantee that this work has been installed correctly and as long as it remains unaltered, it will continue to perform & last forever. Even with the best type of insulation, a home depending on its construction and location will still eventually warm up on a hot day and the only way to combat this especially in an upstairs cape style home is to add an AC system which was not part of the agreement. Josh did offer to install a new heating & air conditioning system below the company's cost offered at $3,000.00 which was significantly lower than $6,000.00. [Member Name Removed], please contact us offline if you would like to work with us to help you get more comfortable upstairs or if you would like to discuss further.


John P. H.

Very well. Their examination of the problems, the cleaning, restoration and correction of problems and the installation both of spray and blow materials were professionally handled. The crew were a friendly and courteous group.

Description of Work
The complete cleaning and reinstalling of insulation in the attic space. That also included over the garage. We had been told when we bought the house that the attic was insulated. The recent ice/snow storm showed that was not so. Icicles 2 and 3 feet long hung from the gutters and the snow melted off the roof. We were the only house around with that decor. In addition there were many spots where heat could escape and even a hole in the heating duct work.

Category insulation, energy audit



Melynda C.

My experience with Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver was mixed. The good: The front office staff (Sharlie, Amy, Jason) were all very prompt and professional; my energy consultant, Jacob Bibeau, was extremely pleasant, professional, and fair in his assessment of my insulation needs; the foreman for the last day of installation, Greg Krenz, was very thorough and professional. Jacob took the time to walk me through my attic (literally) and lay out various insulation options. Greg made sure the job was done right. I would work with this company again if I could secure Greg as the foreman. The bad: the job was scheduled to be completed in two days but took three; my attic, garage, and driveway were a mess after day 2 (boards left in driveway, incomplete removal of old insulation in attic); I received different messages about job progress and status from the foreman on day 2, Eric Collicott, and the front office; due to slow progress on days 1 and 2, I had to wait four days after my old insulation was removed before the new insulation was added and the job was complete.

Description of Work
Removal of old fiberglass insulation in attic, sealing attic, adding spray foam around skylights, and installing new cellulose insulation

Category insulation



Samuel E.

Went well. Crews arrived on time, were pleasant, and cleaned up satisfactorily. Asked them to come back after job was done to update a few things and they did so without any complaints. They also added several projects to our initial order and fit it in within their original schedule without having to come back later. Our basement crawl space was completely transformed from a dirt/wet rocky floor to a now useable space for storage. The attic insulation (cellulose) has made a big difference with heat/AC loss compared to the fiberglass we had and the spray foam underneath the kitchen has made the room smell better, no more temperature swings at night, and floors are no longer cold. It wasn't cheap by any means but we'll be saving on energy and overall comfort has improved indefinitely.

Description of Work
Replaced/upgraded insulation and air sealed attics, basement/crawl spaces air sealed, climate controlled, and insulated, insulated cantilever floor.

Category insulation, energy audit



rich C.

went great total use these guys again, best guest service ive seen in a long time. Thank you!!!!

Description of Work
insulate attic and seal

Category insulation



Brien Q.

Was just an estimate. Seems like a gimmick with the fancy book they send you and their props.

Description of Work
Gave an estimate 300% higher than other bid for insulating attic and other repair work.

Category insulation



Judy S.

meh.....we opted to go with new windows elsewhere...and will ask others to do other additional work as needed.

Description of Work
energy the way, I can't quite recall the date....that is an estimate...I just wanted to get this done because I keep getting reminders.

Category insulation, energy audit



Paul E C.

The process was smooth with this vendor. The estimator came out and looked over the job, provided alternatives and suggested some "gotchas" in the selection of this kind of system, which were later confirmed through personal research. Installation was smooth as well, and the installation crew even routed the lines on a more desirable path on request.

Description of Work
Install dual-head mini-split heat pump.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation



Randall T.

Highly satisfied with all aspects of the work.

Description of Work
Upgraded Insulation, Checked for air leaks, added a ductless heat pump

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation



Elizabeth F.

I had a good experience with them. They were very prompt and very thorough in explaining to me what the problem was. When they sent their invoice, it had everything set out as to what they were going to do and what needed to be done. I was just pleased. They're very professional. I didn't get another quote. I would say that the price was extremely fair just based on work that I had done quite a few years ago.

Description of Work
Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver worked on my sump pump.

Category plumbing, wells



Shirley F.

They took off their shoes, laid cloths down on the floors going to the Bedroom wher the door under the house is located. They left no mess and when they took the old insulation out from under the house they put it into plastic bags and carefully took it out of the house. Two men, very respectful and very efficient.

Description of Work
Insulated all areas of under the house. Plus checked and replace any vents. Wrapped pipes and wrapped areas in the furnace are with insulation. Also checked for andy other details that would be needed taken care of. .

Category insulation



Pete B.

It was fantastic. They were great to work with. They were quick, efficient and professional. The pump works great and we love it!

Description of Work
They installed a new ductless heat pump.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Toni B.

From start to finish Josh and his crew did a FANTASTIC job. Communication was stellar and everything went along without a hitch. I highly recommend them!

Description of Work
Replaced aluminum windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows.

Category replacement windows



Baxter S.

We are cool and warm at appropriate times again. Very happy!

Description of Work
Due to busy schedule, tech. was later than expected, but did a great job once he arrived. We were very pleased with his work. He was very professional.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation



Amira F.

The bidding process was great, we received a bid from a gentleman at the company who seemed to know what he was doing and was pleasant. The bid was about the same as Discount Windows and Doors (it was actually $100 more) but we decided to go with them because they could also do the insulation at the same time. Before work started, we found out that the gentleman that did the bid was fired for giving quotes that were too low. We dealt with the owner from there on. The owner was not as responsive, not as cooperative, and acted like he was doing us a favor. The insulation guys did their work quickly and efficiently. Windows and doors were supposed to start the same day, but they gave some reason why they couldn't start until the next day (to which the insulation guys rolled their eyes and made a comment about the two window guys just not wanting to work under them doing insulation). The window/door guys came in the next day and it was only supposed to take two days. This was two days before Thanksgiving. The house is an older house and I don't think they expected the uneven walls. However, the complete installation still took four days total (two before Thanksgiving and two after) which meant my husband and I had to take turns taking time off work to be home for two extra days. They trampled my new plants in the front of the house and the owner listened to my complaint, but mostly just told me its raining, they have a hard job, and they're perennials so they'll grow back. The work the guys did is good, I won't deny them that. It was just the difficulties in getting it done that we didn't care for. It could have been a lot less of a headache.

Description of Work
Insulation in the attic and under the house. Three new exterior doors; all new windows.

Category insulation, replacement windows, doors



John T.

They are efficient and thorough. They do a great job. We can tell a difference in our house since they have came. It is not as cold and drafty anymore. They were here for about three hours and they were very thorough.

Description of Work
They came to put some insulation underneath our crawl space.

Category insulation



John T.

The owner is Josh Lowe. We tagged everything up as a lot of things were hanging down there. The original people didn't do the greatest job on it. Our house is six years old. They tagged everything up correctly and also added some insulation down there. They did a good job that made a world of difference. We had good interaction with them.

Description of Work
We used Lowe's Weatherization for insulation and weatherization. They upgraded our crawlspace insulation.

Category insulation



Michelle S.

My experience with Lowe's Weatherization Company was great. The workers who came out for the install were very courteous. They were very prompt. I would use them again in the future if required.

Description of Work
I used Lowe's Weatherization Company a couple of months ago. They installed a window for me.

Category replacement windows




Salesman showed up on time. Installer showed up on time and spent the extra time to make sure door fit as snugly to the ground as possible.

Description of Work
Installed new garage door.

Category garage doors

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    Attic insulation, crawl space insulation and encapsulation, sump pumps, crawl space dehumidifiers, air sealing, spray foam insulation, and window replacement.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver

    How is Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver overall rated?

    Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

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    Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver is open:

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    Yes, Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver offers free project estimates.

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    No, Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver?

    Yes, Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver offers warranties.

    What services does Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver offer?

    Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver offers the following services: Attic insulation, crawl space insulation and encapsulation, sump pumps, crawl space dehumidifiers, air sealing, spray foam insulation, and window replacement.