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About Atlanta

With its storied history and vibrant, bustling ambiance, Atlanta offers the best of many exciting worlds. The members who live in the city itself and surrounding communities like Marietta, Sandy Springs and Duluth use our reviews to keep their homes in shape.

From downtown to the  farthest reaches of the metro area, Atlanta is bursting with an infectious spirit that draws in newcomers all the time. That growth has spurred a wide array of contemporary architectural styles in homes around Atlanta, and they complement the Victorian, neo-classical, American colonial and other styles that predominate in many parts of the city.

When they're in the city or in neighboring communities like Alpharetta and Kennesaw members can find service providers who have been highly recommended by their neighbors. Find the best contractors and plumbers, and keep your Atlanta-area home in perfect condition.


Local Atlanta, GA Home Improvement Tips, Trends, and Hiring How-tos

Vitamin D supplements

3 Signs You Suffer from Vitamin D Deficiency

The sunshine vitamin is vital to health, but many of us are lacking. Talk to your doctor if you experience these symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency.
kitten at the vet

How to Get Rid of Cat Fleas

Feline fleas are a nuisance, even if you don't own a cat. A pest control expert gives tips on how to eradicate fleas from your home and yard.
technician installing dehumidifier

How Much Does A Whole House Dehumidifier Cost?

Learn whole home dehumidifier cost and factors so you can beat that unbearable summer heat. Read about dehumidifiers and variable-speed air conditioners.
Car paint damage

How to Prevent and Repair Car Paint Oxidation

Car owners know they need to change the oil and rotate the tires regularly, but a vehicle’s paint can significantly affecting the car’s value.
drywall and insulation

Is Your Home Built With Toxic Drywall?

Know what to look for when determining if the drywall in your home is safe or a hidden toxin.
white ceiling fan with lights

Ceiling Fan Installation and Safety

Depending on the installation, a licensed electrician may be required to put up a ceiling fan. Fans must have at least seven to eight feet of clearance.
Repairing water-damaged ceiling

How Can I Find a Roof Leak?

Roof leaks can cause serious damage to a home if left unattended. An Atlanta roofing contractor explains how to check for signs of leakage.
Air duct cleaner at work

5 Reasons to Consider Air Duct Cleaning

Most people think of "air pollution" as being outdoors, but indoor air quality can be just as bad -- and people spend far more time indoors.
holiday gifts

Dealing with Adult Children During the Holidays

Once you have grown children, you face new challenges during the holidays. Follow these tips for a less stressful holiday with your kids and their kids.
dry and peeling skin

Use the Right Soap to Prevent Dry Skin

When trying to prevent dry skin, many people wouldn't consider soap a problem, but finding the right soap can help. Look for one without dyes or deodorants.
Insurance forms

Finding a Psychiatrist in your Insurance Network

Learn how to find out if your health insurance is accepted.

When to Keep Your Child Home from School

Not every sniffle requires an absence from school. To keep your kids healthy, know when to keep your children home and when it’s safe to send them off.
cedar shake wood shingle roof

Common Roof Type: Cedar Shake

Cedar shake roofs are a popular alternative to asphalt shingles, metal and tile. Wood shingle roofs are energy efficient, durable and weather resistant.
Plumbing tool

4 Types of Specialty Plumbers

Some plumbing jobs require more expertise than the typical toilet clog. Learn about specialty plumbers who work with natural gas lines and other special fields.
man getting a spa massage

Atlanta Relaxation Spots Can Help Ease Stress

Atlanta’s relaxation hot spots, along with the city’s psychiatrists, can help you to eliminate stresses and become adept at coping with anxiety.