How Much Does Primary Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

Jenna Jonaitis
Written by Jenna Jonaitis
Updated February 1, 2022
The interior of a bright modern bathroom
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The typical cost to remodel a primary bathroom is between $10,000 and $25,000

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Remodeling your bathroom can make a huge impact on your daily life and the value of your home. If you want to transform your main bathroom, the average remodel costs between $10,000 and $25,000, with the average homeowner spending $18,000. Large primary bathrooms in luxury homes might even reach or exceed $50,000

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Primary Bathroom per Square Foot?

Whether you’re dreaming of a spa-like bathtub or a farmhouse vanity, here's a full look at how much a primary bathroom remodel costs, depending on the square footage and what pieces you decide to tackle. 

The average cost of remodeling a primary bathroom is $125 per square foot, depending on the quality of materials, appliances, and finishes. 

Below is a bathroom remodel cost estimator based on common bathroom sizes.

Bathroom SizeCost Range
3 by 5 (15 square feet)$1,500 to $2,250
4 by 6 (24 square feet)$2,400 to $3,600
4 by 8 (32 square feet)$3,200 to $4,800
5 by 8 (40 square feet)$4,000 to $6,000
7 by 9 (63 square feet)$6,300 to $9,450
8 by 10 (80 square feet)$8,000 to $12,000
9 by 10 (90 square feet)$9,000 to $13,500

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Primary Bathroom Near You?

Depending on where you live, bathroom remodel costs can differ based on labor costs and local materials. 

Here’s a breakdown of the costs in different locations.

CityCost RangeAverage Cost
Arlington Heights, IL $5,900–$15,020$10,450
Cedar Rapids, IA$5,360–$13,270$8,880
Bar Harbor, ME$4,000–$8,380$6,060
Boone, NC$3,130–$12,330$7,080
Eugene, OR$7,370–$12,910$9,390
Casper, WY$6,300–$7,660$6,980
Surprise, AZ$6,590–$16,450$11,190
Redondo Beach, CA$13,090–$26,280$19,340

How Much Primary Bathroom Remodeling Can I Get on My Budget?

Depending on your budget, you may be able to remodel your main bathroom from floor to ceiling, or upgrade your guest bathroom with pieces that matter most. 

Here are estimates of what you can do with your remodel budget:


Enjoy an updated small- to medium-sized bathroom that keeps the same floor plan and plumbing locations, and includes quality but not high-end materials. 


Remodel a medium-sized bathroom with new fixtures, flooring, and vanity with good quality materials and some higher-end finishes.


For this budget, you can get higher-end floors, vanity, and appliances for a medium to large-sized main bathroom. You may also be able to change the floor layout for a medium-sized bathroom.


Change the layout of a large bathroom and remodel with high-end fixtures and vanity, a separate tub and shower, and flooring. 


You can remodel a large bathroom complete with separate tub and custom-made shower, and choose other high-end pieces and finishes for your vanity, mirror, and floors.

Primary Bathroom Remodeling Cost Breakdown

The interior of a modern bathroom with tiled flooring
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Here is an estimated breakdown of the costs that go into a bathroom renovation, from your toilet to your ceiling fan. 


You can design your own bathroom remodel or hire a bathroom designer in your area to help bring your vision to life and ensure each detail is precise. The cost of a bathroom remodeler depends on where you live and how extensive your remodel is. 


Tearing out your bathroom from flooring to fixtures can run anywhere from $1,000 to $2,300, depending on the size of your space. If you’re removing walls, the cost could go even higher.


If you hire a contractor, they usually take care of any permits for you. If you’re doing a DIY bathroom remodel, expect to pay between $350 and $1,800 for building permit costs.  


New drywall costs on average $1.50 to $3 per square foot—that includes material and labor. 


For a fresh coat of paint, the average cost is between $150 and $550, depending on your square footage. The cost for an interior painter ranges from $170 to $680 for a room on average, or $20 to $50 an hour

Toilet and Sink

Fixtures take up $200 to $1,800 of your budget. Two sinks will cost more than one. 


Expect to spend between $250 to $1,450, but more if you move the locations of your plumbing fixtures, like your toilet, sink, and shower.


Installing a new bathtub costs between $400 and $3,400, but can be as much as $13,000 for a high-end spa tub. 


A new shower costs from $300 to $3,000, depending on the material and if it’s custom-made for your space. 


Depending on whether you choose linoleum, vinyl, or tile, your new bathroom flooring could cost anywhere from $200 to $1,350, but expect to pay more for a larger bathroom. On average, labor costs for flooring installation range from $0.60 to $4.00 per square foot, depending on where you live and the difficulty of your project.

Vanity and Countertop

A new vanity runs from $300 to $3,800 or more, while the cost of your countertops can be $200 to $1,000, depending on the type of countertop. 

Lighting and Electrical

To change light fixtures, the cost is usually between $100 and $400, but budget for more if you’re adding new outlets, recessed lighting, or luxury light fixtures. The cost of hiring a contractor to install your lights can be anywhere from $80 to $300 or more

Mirror or Medicine Cabinet

The cost of a new mirror or medicine cabinet depends largely on the size, style, and finish. To have a mirror installed, it usually costs between $160 and $460.


Adding cabinets or shelves to your bathroom remodeling project ups the cost, usually by a couple of hundred dollars. 


A new bathroom fan costs between $50 and $400, but is crucial to avoid moisture and mold damage.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Remodeling a Primary Bathroom?

Changing the layout of your bathroom impacts cost the most, along with the quality of your materials and square footage. Installing a separate tub and shower also tends to up your project cost.

Square Footage

Larger bathrooms are more expensive to remodel than smaller ones because of more square footage. With larger bathrooms, you need more materials, fixtures, and time or labor to install them. 

Changing the Floor Plan

Adjusting the floor plan of your bathroom drives up the cost of your remodel more than anything else, especially if you change the location of your plumbing fixtures. But having the right layout and flow is critical to achieving an end result you’ll love. 

Quality of Materials and Finishes

Higher-end fixtures, lighting, bathtubs, and showers up the cost of your remodel but also boost your home’s resale value. 

Separate Tub and Shower

Having a separate tub and shower adds more to your total cost due to the materials and potential extra plumbing labor required. Custom-made and luxury showers and baths also increase the cost compared to off-the-shelf products.

FAQs About Primary Bathroom Remodeling

How do I remodel a main bathroom?

You remodel the main bathroom by designing and planning, demoing and framing, doing electrical and plumbing rough-in, drywalling, then installing your tile, vanity, shower, bath, and countertop, before doing your flooring, paint, and final fixture installation. 

Follow a bathroom remodel checklist or hire a bathroom remodeler near you to guide you through the process. Know what to look for in a bathroom remodeler, so you get the best match for your job.

How much should you spend on a main bathroom remodel?

A bathroom remodel should cost between 3% to 7% of your home’s value. For a $300,000 home, that would be between $9,000 and $21,000. For a $500,000 home, that would be between $15,000 and $35,000. 

Is a main bath remodel worth it?

Yes, a main bath remodel is almost always worth it when you choose a well-planned design and quality materials and fixtures. On average, homeowners recoup 66% of their bathroom remodel cost. With a primary bathroom remodel, you get to enjoy the new space every day, which also enhances your quality of life. 

Can you remodel a bathroom for $5,000?

Yes, you can remodel a bathroom for $5,000 if it’s a small bathroom, you don’t change the floor plan, and you choose budget-friendly fixtures and flooring. You can save money on your bathroom remodel by painting and updating your lighting fixtures rather than gutting the bathroom. 

What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

The most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is changing the floor plan and the location of your plumbing fixtures, such as your toilet, sink, and shower. Other key expenses are your shower, bathtub, vanity, and flooring, depending on how luxury the materials are. Determine your bathroom remodel budget breakdown based on what aspects are most important to you.

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