A Complete Breakdown on the Cost of Toilet Installation

Margaret Wack
Written by Margaret Wack
Updated February 17, 2022
brand new toilet
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Installing a toilet costs between $225 and $530, with an average of $370

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If you’re looking to makeover your bathroom into the spa-quality room of your dreams, don’t overlook your toilet. Replacing your toilet can go a long way toward making your bathroom fit your desired aesthetic. Toilet installation costs can range from about $120 to $820. Costs depend on the brand and type of toilet, the installation location, and whether you want any extra features.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Toilet?

It costs an average of $370 to install a new toilet in your home, excluding the price of the toilet itself. The price can vary depending on several factors, including toilet removal, special features, and the condition of your plumbing.

Average Cost for Toilet Installation in Your Area

While the price of toilet installation is fairly steady nationwide, it does vary somewhat depending on where you live. Here are the average costs of toilet installation around the U.S.:

  • Boston: $420

  • Los Angeles: $320

  • Columbus, OH: $380

  • Houston: $420

  • Chicago: $500

  • Atlanta: $340

  • Las Vegas: $305

  • Philadelphia: $390

  • Minneapolis: $365

What Will It Cost to Install My Own Toilet?

Thinking about tackling toilet installation yourself? If you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, you’ll cut labor costs to zero and only have to pay for the toilet itself. While installing a toilet can be a do-it-yourself project for handy homeowners, know that mistakes can be pricey. Errors can cause floor damage, leaks, and other problems that may require a plumber. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to hire a plumbing professional in your area.

Toilet Installation Cost Breakdown

Toilet installation costs depend on a number of factors. These include the cost of the toilet itself, the cost of installation, and any extra labor.

Toilet Cost

A new toilet cost can range from $90 to $1,500 or more, depending on the brand and type. Common toilet types include low-flow toilets, upflush toilets, wall-mounted toilets, and dual flush toilets. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly toilet, something chic and minimalist, or just need it to fit into a tight place, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Installation Cost

Once you’ve purchased a toilet, the cost to install it will be about $370. This process starts with disconnecting the water and draining and removing the old toilet. The plumber then sets the new toilet, reconnects the water, and tests it to make sure everything works properly. 

Toilet Drain Pipe Installation Cost

If you’re redesigning your bathroom floor plan or moving a toilet, your plumber may need to move the drain lines, vent lines, and water pipes. The drain pipe connects the toilet to the sewer line or the septic tank. According to HomeAdvisor, repairing a drain line costs $670 on average, while adding a new drain pipe costs between $0.75 and $30 per linear foot, not including labor. In general, moving a toilet to a new location costs a total of approximately $3,000

Toilet Removal Cost

Now that your shiny new toilet is installed, but what do you do with the old one currently sitting in your garage? If you want your old toilet gone after the new one is ready, you’ll need to pay to have it removed. Toilet removal costs range from $50 to $200.

Additional Labor Cost

You’ll want to set a little extra money aside for any not-so-happy surprises, such as unexpected leaks, poor caulking, or a cracked flange (the part of the toilet that connects to the drainpipe and secures the toilet to the floor). In these cases, you’ll need to pay for additional labor from your plumber or contractor in order to fix the problem. Additional labor can increase the cost by as much as $800.

What Type of Toilet Fits My Budget?

From simple two-piece toilets to high-end or eco-friendly appliances, toilet costs vary depending on the style you choose.

Low-Flow Toilet Cost

The average cost for a low-flow toilet is $510. Low-flow toilets are a great option if you’re trying to conserve water. They use much less water than a traditional toilet, so you reduce your environmental impact every time you flush.

Dual Flush Toilet Cost

The average cost for a dual flush toilet is $350. These toilets are another great way for you to make your home more eco-friendly. They feature two separate flush settings for liquids and solids, which can help you conserve water and lower your monthly water bill.

Upflush Toilet Cost

An upflush toilet costs an average of $950. These pricey toilets can fit into tight spaces and are popular in European cities and other areas where space is at a premium. Because these toilets remove waste upward through a small pipe, they can fit on top of a finished floor.

Wall-Mounted Toilet Cost

A wall-mounted toilet costs about $675. These minimalist toilets typically don’t have a base, saving room in a small bathroom and making the space feel more open and inviting.

Composting Toilet Cost

Composting toilets cost an average of $900. For the truly environmentally dedicated, these toilets don’t require any plumbing hookups. Instead of using water to flush waste back into the sewers, these toilets break down waste and transform it into compost-like material. Because you don’t need a water hookup to operate them, compost toilets are often a good fit for tiny homes and campers.

Smart Toilet Cost

A smart toilet costs an average of $4,000 but can range from about $1,200 to $13,000 or more. Like low-flow and dual flush toilets, these toilets save on water. What sets them apart are their various smart features like touchless flushing, seat warmers, self-closing lids, lighting (so you don’t bump into the toilet in the dark), and music. Some come with UV disinfecting lights, self-cleaning capabilities, and built-in bidets.

What Factors Influence the Cost to Install a Toilet?

toilet in home bathroom
Photo: Ben Bryant / iStock / Getty Images

Factors that influence toilet installation costs include the type of toilet, where you want to install it, and whether you need extra labor.

The Type of Toilet You Choose

Not all toilets are equal. Considering the amount of time you’ll likely spend on your porcelain throne, you should be sure to pick one you like. That said, different types of toilets can come with different installation costs. This is especially true if you choose a toilet that requires extra plumbing work or includes any special features.

Before following tips for choosing a new toilet, take some measurements of your bathroom space to ensure that it will fit. First, note the rough-in measurement, which is usually 11 to 13 inches; this is the length between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the floor bolts. Next, decide if you have room for desired features like a taller seat height or a longer toilet bowl. An elongated toilet bowl is about 2 inches longer than a round one, so consider a round toilet if you’re tight on space. Comparing elongated to round toilets, an elongated toilet bowl is about 2 inches longer than a round one, so consider a round toilet if you’re tight on space.

Where You Install It

Where you want to install your new toilet will also affect the cost. Unsurprisingly, it’s more expensive to install a toilet upstairs than on the ground floor. It’s even more expensive to install a new toilet in the basement if you don’t already have plumbing installed. The average cost to install a toilet in a basement without plumbing is $1,695.

Whether You Need Repairs

While installing a new toilet, a plumber may also need to repair components of your plumbing system to prevent leaks. This can increase the cost by up to $800. Repairs can include replacing the toilet wax ring and replacing the toilet flange.

Water damage from existing leaks surrounding the toilet plumbing may also result in additional costs. For example, repairs are essential for protecting your home from structural damage and mold if a leak has damaged your flooring. On average, it costs $200 to $500 to repair floors damaged by a bathroom leak.

Emergency Toilet Installation Fees

Emergencies happen and expect to pay more for an impromptu service call when they do. Any time a plumber is called in for a rush job after hours, on the weekend, or during a holiday, it drives up the cost of labor. An emergency visit will increase the usual hourly rate to time-and-a-half or sometimes even triple it. Some plumbers charge an emergency fee of about $100 to $350, while some charge this on top of the increased hourly rate.

FAQs About Toilet Installation

How often should you replace your toilet?

While toilets are pretty sturdy appliances, they don’t last forever. A general rule of thumb is that you should replace your toilet every 25 years. That said, if your toilet isn’t working correctly, you should definitely replace it as soon as possible.

What type of toilet should you choose?

If you’ve never gone toilet shopping before, you might be surprised at just how many options are available. With this surprising variety, it can be overwhelming to settle on the perfect new toilet for your bathroom. You should choose a toilet that meets your budget, fits properly in your space, and matches the rest of your decor.

How much does it cost to replace a toilet?

Replacing a toilet costs between $275 and $480. This includes removing the old toilet and installing the new toilet.

How much does it cost to repair a toilet?

The cost of toilet repairs ranges from about $100 to $200. If your toilet needs repair, you should look for a reputable plumber near you. From a broken chain to a malfunctioning toilet handle, a pro can handle any issue with ease.

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