How Much Does a Showerhead Cost?

Lydia Schapiro
Written by Lydia Schapiro
Updated April 22, 2022
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Simple showerhead replacements typically cost $75 to $150 but can vary based on style and any requested plumbing repairs

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When you’re planning to buy a showerhead, there are a few costs you’ll need to consider, such as the actual showerhead, the labor, and materials used and any extra features or plumbing services you request. Overall, showerheads usually range from $75 to $100, while installations typically cost $50. Below, we’ve laid out all you need to know about replacing or installing a showerhead.

How Much Do Showerheads Cost by Area?

From no-frills to luxury, showerhead costs will vary depending on your location. Below are some estimates of what you can expect to pay based on your location within the country.

Florida$120 – $250
Indiana$131 – $375
North Carolina$118 – $331
California$139 – $398
Illinois$145 – $417
Colorado$128 – $362
New York$169 – $493
Massachusetts$129 – $366
Washington$143 – $410

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Showerhead Yourself?

Whether you like a quick shower or take your time, the showerhead matters. If it’s in your budget, hiring a professional to install your showerhead could carve out the perfect time to go run that errand or have some downtime. On the other hand, installing your new showerhead yourself will allow you to cut costs and more importantly, feel like a professional yourself. On the other hand, installing your new showerhead yourself will allow you to cut costs and more importantly, feel like a professional yourself.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

If you opt for professional installation, the cost for showerhead removal and replacement is roughly around $50 to $100 for labor fees, not including the price of the actual showerhead.

Installing the showerhead yourself is a doable job and will allow you to save money. Without the labor fees, you’ll just be paying for any necessary materials and the new head. Necessary materials typically include slip-joint pliers, Teflon tape, and an adjustable wrench. 

You can expect to pay around $240 to a professional for removal and installation costs, while it will cost roughly $75 to remove and install the showerhead yourself. Of course, this depends on the type of showerhead you pick and the features you request.

Showerhead Cost Breakdown

When you’re installing a new showerhead, there are several aspects to consider that will affect the project’s total cost. Since you’re the star of your shower, it’s important that you carefully weigh your options before making a final decision. 

Showerhead Type

The type of showerhead you pick is a large cost factor. The most basic type is a single wall-mount showerhead, but if you go for a more luxurious showerhead, such as an adjustable head, you should expect to pay more. 

Showerhead Labor and Materials

If you opt to hire a professional for your installation, you will pay for labor fees. This typically includes installing a shower arm connector and showerhead, acquiring material, and preparing and cleaning the area. Nationally, the average cost for labor and materials per showerhead is $80 to $220.

Showerhead Finish

Depending on your budget, the finish you choose will contribute to your project’s total cost. Typically, chrome finishes cost less than the cost of polished brass, brushed nickel, and bronze.

Other Shower Installation Costs

If you want to remodel your bathroom, you might be looking for added features. If you opt for various products or services, you will likely need to pay extra fees. Common extra requests include a shower door, a bath fan, plumbing, and accessibility features.

Additional shower installation prices are as follows:

Shower door$600 – $1,350
Bath fan$250 – $550
Accessibility$400 – $800
Plumbing$600 – $1,600

Showerhead Costs by Type

A woman bathing her puppy using a shower head
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You have many options when choosing a showerhead, and the type you pick will contribute to your total cost. Below are some estimates of what you can expect to pay based on showerhead type:

Single Spray Showerhead

The most standard type of showerhead, the single spray showerhead usually costs from $5 to $50, depending on the features you choose. This is typically the least expensive type of showerhead and normally includes adjustable settings.

Rainfall Showerhead

If you choose a rainfall showerhead, you can expect to pay from $25 to $150. The rain showerhead has a large, flat surface, and is generally considered an upgrade to your shower.

Ceiling-Mounted Showerhead

A ceiling-mounted showerhead can be anywhere from $80 to $300. Similar to the rainfall showerhead, this has a larger surface area and is attached to the middle of the ceiling. This reduces the water that ends up on the walls, preventing mildew growth.

Handheld Showerhead

Handheld showerheads typically range from $30 to $200. This type of showerhead detaches from the wall and is connected to a long hose. This type of showerhead allows you to perform multiple tasks, such as cleaning your pets or bath area.

Sliding Bar Showerhead

Sliding bar showerheads are fixed upon a bar that is mounted to the shower wall. You should expect to pay somewhere from $60 to $300. These offer the benefit of being able to adjust the height of the showerhead to your desire.

Dual Showerheads

One of the more expensive options, dual showerheads consist of heads, usually controlled with one lever. These can range from roughly $100 to $1,000, but the cost varies depending on the type of each showerhead.

FAQs About Showerheads

Why should I replace my showerhead?

If you’re noticing abnormalities from your shower, such as low or high water pressure, leaks, or mold, you might want to consider getting a replacement, which will inevitably be of higher quality and improve your showers. Additionally, you might feel you need more features added to your shower, such as additional spray settings or a detachable head.

What benefits will I receive from a new showerhead?

If your showerhead is moldy, leaky, or clogged, a new showerhead will inevitably offer a higher functioning appliance. Plus, if you feel your showerhead doesn’t match your bathroom, a new showerhead can enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom.

What finish should I select?

You’ll have several options to pick from when selecting a finish, including chrome, nickel, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. Chrome is typically the least inexpensive option, while bronze and nickel are more expensive. Brass and stainless steel, somewhere in the middle, are both durable options and easy to maintain.

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