30 Inspiring Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated October 8, 2021
Woman washing hands in a vessel sink in a modern black and white bathroom
Photographee.eu – stock.adobe.com

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So you want to remodel your bathroom. Whether you’re ready to rip out your ’90s-era jet tub today or want to peruse bathroom remodel ideas for the future, we can help you figure out a new stylish setup. Here are a four ways to improve a main bathroom, a guest bathroom, and even a tiny powder room.

1. Add a Walk-In Shower

White tile bathroom with curbless, doorless walk-in shower with dual shower heads
PC Photography/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Whether you need ideas for a small bathroom remodel that doesn't involve a bathtub or simply want to follow modern bathroom trends, consider adding a walk-in shower. These open up your bathroom so it feels more spacious, and they show off your shower tile design through glass shower doors. 

A curbless shower—a shower that runs level with the floor and has no barriers to step over—can open up your bathroom even more and create continuity between your bathroom floor tile and shower tile. Curbless showers may cost more money, but they are great for accessibility, too.

2. Opt for a Freestanding Bathtub

All white bathroom with freestanding white bathtub next to large teardrop vase holding budding branch
XtravaganT – stock.adobe.com

If you have the space, a freestanding tub makes an epic impression in a main bathroom. What’s more, you can choose one that fits your style. There are antique clawfoot tubs for a luxury vintage vibe, sleek white or black oval tubs for a modern look, and wood-surrounded rectangular tubs for a rustic design.

3. Update Old Tile with a Modern Pattern

Small luxury bathroom with walk-in shower, white shower subway tile, white hexagonal floor tile, and brown vanity
adamkaz/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Replacing old bathroom tile or adding tile to painted drywall dramatically updates any bathroom, especially if you choose a modern pattern. Think large or small honeycomb tiles in black or white for the floor, large slate gray tiles for the shower, or large marble tiles with gray swirls for the wall behind the bathtub. 

Even classic patterns, such as white subway tile with black grout, can look modern when paired with another patterned tile or amenities such as a walk-in shower with a rain shower head.

4. Rethink the Vanity and Sink

Modern bathroom with vessel sink, white and black tiles, black ladder towel rack, and black circle mirror
navintar – stock.adobe.com

While it can be easy to fall back on the traditional rectangular vanity and undermount bathroom sink when planning your bathroom remodel, there are more options out there. 

The vessel sink, for instance, sits on top of a vanity but can also be added to a small cabinet or table. A hanging vanity—a popular bathroom remodel trend—frees up floor space in a small bathroom. And wall-mounted faucets attach directly to the wall behind sinks, freeing up counter space. Even pedestal sinks have gotten a makeover, with sculptural geometrical shapes that resemble works of art.

7 Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Replacing an old bathroom vanity is one of the best ways to get a completely new look without spending money for an entire bathroom makeover. But it’s not the only thing you can do. Before you call a local bathroom remodeler, consider these tips on how to change up your bathroom design on a budget.

  • Paint your existing bathroom vanity and change out the hardware.

  • Refinish your bathtub or sink with a DIY kit. These include self-leveling coatings that can cover chips and stains or turn a colored tub into a white tub.

  • Swap out your sink faucet.

  • Paint the walls and add a new mirror.

  • Attach LED light strips behind the bathroom mirror.

  • Create a shiplap accent wall.

  • Use less expensive materials, such as ceramic tiles vs. porcelain tiles or quartz countertops vs. marble countertops.

13 Bathroom Remodel Ideas by Decor Style

Your home is an extension of your personality, and your bathroom should be no exception. So whether you’re more of a maximalist or minimalist, bohemian free spirit or rustic country fan, we can help you find a bathroom that fits your vibe.

1. Luxury

Luxury bathroom with black and white marble walls and floor, black vanity, and freestanding white tub
Dariusz Jarzabek – stock.adobe.com

With black and white marble walls and floors, this bathroom is the epitome of contemporary luxury.

2. Minimalist

Luxury minimalist bathroom with gray tiled walk-in shower, free-standing white tub, and gray and tan vanity
Photographee.eu – stock.adobe.com

This minimalist bathroom prioritizes the essentials and prizes clean lines while avoiding excessive decoration.

3. Traditional

Traditional bathroom design with long white vanity cabinet, standup shower, and freestanding tub
Javani LLC – stock.adobe.com

A classic double vanity pairs with modern amenities, including a standup glass shower and freestanding bathtub. 

4. Contemporary

Contemporary bathroom with black-and-gray hexagonal tile floors, a matte black shower cubicle and white wall-hung vanity
John Keeble/Moment via Getty Images

To do a contemporary bathroom look, copy this bathroom’s white, black, and gray color scheme, hexagonal floor tiles, and matte black accents. 

5. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern bathroom with wood-grain floor tiles, white pedestal sink and toilet, ladder towel rank, and plants
navintar – stock.adobe.com

Remember how we said pedestal sinks could resemble works of art? We were talking about sleek column pedestal sinks like the one in this mid-century modern bathroom.

6. Chic

Small bathroom with marble shower surround and mosaic accent tiles
alabn/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

This super stylish small bathroom leaves a big impression with its marble shower surround with patterned mosaic accent tile.

7. Industrial

Industrial bathroom with wooden and concrete walls and white bath
Photographee.eu – stock.adobe.com

Concrete pairs with blonde wood to ensure this industrial bathroom looks warm and inviting, rather than cold and harsh. 

8. Rustic

Bathroom with white clawfoot tub, shiplap walls, and mint green vanity unit with double hand basin
Perry Mastrovito/Image Source via Getty Images

Between its clawfoot tub, distressed mint green vanity, and shiplap walls, this bathroom could be the poster child for modern farmhouse style. 

9. Art Deco

Art deco bathroom with roll-top tub, black and white subway tiles, black-and-white checked floor, and vessel sink on brown vanity
John Keeble/Moment via Getty Images

Pay homage to the Roaring ’20s with an Art Deco bathroom, complete with a vintage roll-top tub, subway tile, and a black-and-white checked floor. 

10. Boho

Boho bathroom with a wood chevron pattern sink backsplash and floor, wood tub surround, wood pendant lights, and vessel sink
Neonshot – stock.adobe.com

This fabulous boho bathroom incorporates wood everywhere from the tub surround to the sink backsplash to the hanging pendant lights. 

11. Spa

Spa-like bathroom with gray tiled shower and floor, freestanding tub, and brown vanity
Javani LLC – stock.adobe.com

For spa-like luxury in your own home, install a stand-up rain shower with steam to relax your muscles and give your skin a glow. Don’t forget the fluffy white towels, robes, and slippers. 

12. English Country Estate

Bathroom with freestanding roll-top tub, teal and brown striped wallpaper, pedestal sink, brown vanity, and teal curtains
Andreas von Einsiedel/​​Corbis Documentary via Getty Images

Bring a bit of the English countryside to the States with the help of striped wallpaper, dramatic curtains, and of course, a freestanding roll-top tub perfect for enjoying a long soak and cuppa tea.

13. Accessible

​​Accessible home bathroom with curbless shower and toilet handrail for people with disabilities
navintar – stock.adobe.com

If you want a beautiful bathroom that’s accessible, go for a curbless shower, handrails around the toilet, and a low wall-mounted sink with room for a wheelchair underneath. 

Bathroom Remodel Ideas in 6 Color Schemes

Not quite sure what decor style you like best? Another tried-and-true way to plan out a bathroom renovation is by color. 

1. Mixed Neutrals

Contemporary bathroom with white subway tile shower walls and tub surround, brown double vanity, and gray tile floor
chuckcollier/E+ via Getty Images

This bathroom pairs classic white subway tile with soft gray floor tiles and rich brown vanity for a space that feels trendy yet calm.  

2. Gray

Small bathroom with gray wall and tiles, a bath tray, and white wall-hung sink
John Keeble/Moment via Getty Images

Gray is one of the most popular bathroom interior design colors for a reason—it’s sleek, sophisticated, and the ultimate neutral.  

3. Blue

Small modern bathroom with blue-flower sink backsplash, gray vanity, and blue-tiled standup shower
LeoPatrizi/E+ via Getty Images

This contemporary apartment bathroom does not shy away from bold blues, yet by keeping the color focused on the shower wall and sink backsplash, the small space feels open. If you love patterns, consider adding a dynamic pattern to one wall to create a focal point like this bathroom does. 

4. Yellow

Luxury bathroom with yellow honeycomb floor and wall tiles, yellow and black vanity, marble walls, and glass standup shower
​​tulcarion/E+ via Getty Images

Forget the yellow-painted walls and instead try a daring yellow tile on the bathroom floors. This vivid golden honeycomb tile pairs with black, gray, and white for a trendy mod vibe. 

5. Green

Bathroom with green mosaic sink and shower tiles, green floor and wall tiles, white vessels sinks, and green mirrors
tulcarion/E+ via Getty Images

There’s just something about an emerald green bathroom that evokes opulence, particularly when it’s paired with a walk-in glass shower and double sinks. 

6. Black

Modern bathroom with black chevron wall tiles, freestanding black tub, black vanity, hardwood floors, and large mirror
Peshkov – stock.adobe.com

Gone are the days when an all-black bathroom was considered gothic and depressing. Now, a primarily black bathroom or powder room is supremely chic, especially when it embraces patterns and features warm wood accents.  

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