How Much Will It Cost to Rough-In Plumbing for My Bathroom?

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Updated May 20, 2022
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  • The average cost to rough-in plumbing for a bathroom is $7,000.

  • The number of bathrooms, piping material, and project size are a few factors that impact the total cost. 

  • Necessary training, skill, and insurance requirements make this a job for a pro. 

  • Rough-in plumbing is best for new construction and complete renovation, not minor remodels.

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Whether you’re constructing a new home from scratch or renovating your current one, you’ll need rough-in plumbing completed for a bathroom addition. The average range homeowners can expect to pay for rough-in plumbing in their new bathroom is $2,000 to $12,000. This guide will help you plan a budget to make your dream bathroom a reality while accounting for project factors like labor and bathroom size.

Minimum CostNational Average CostMaximum Cost

Rough-In Plumbing Cost Breakdown 

The average cost to rough-in plumbing for a bathroom is $7,000. However, it can range from as low as $750 to as much as $20,000. The final price depends on the piping material, home size, labor fees, number of fixtures, and more. 

Piping Material

Each piping material has its pros and cons at different price points. It’s common for homeowners to choose a different type of piping material when remodeling their homes. The piping material factors into the total cost.  

Copper Pipes

Copper piping is durable and resistant to corrosion and bacteria. It can last for 50 years on average, but it can last up to 80 years with proper maintenance. The cost of using copper pipes for rough-in plumbing in your bathroom is $3 to $8 per linear foot

PEX Pipes

PEX piping is flexible and resistant to corrosion. It requires fewer connectors than copper and isn’t as vulnerable to freezing temperatures. You can expect to pay $.40 to $2 per linear foot for PEX piping.  

CPVC Pipes

CPVC piping is corrosion-resistant and can withstand high heat and water pressure. On average, homeowners pay $0.50 to $1 per linear foot for rough-in plumbing in their bathroom. 


Your local licensed and insured plumber is your go-to pro for rough-in plumbing for your bathroom. Hiring a plumber costs $45 to $200 per hour, but the average range is $80 to $130 per hour. Depending on the plumber and the region in which you live, you can potentially pay an additional $50 to $300 in travel fees

Home Size

The size of your home will determine the distance between each bathroom and the piping material required for your plumbing lines. On average, you’ll pay more for a three-bathroom rough-in job in a 2,000-square-foot home with bathrooms on different sides of the building than for a job in a 1,250-square-foot home with bathrooms that share a wall.  

Number of Bathrooms

The number of bathrooms you need rough-in plumbing for can impact your final price. Here are some cost estimates for rough-in plumbing by the number of bathrooms involved in the project:

Number of BathroomsCost
1 Bathroom$1,500 – $3,000
2 Bathrooms$3,000 – $6,000
3 Bathrooms$4,500 – $9,000
4 Bathrooms$6,000 – $12,000

Fixture Type

The type of fixture you need rough-in plumbing for will influence this project’s actual cost. Let’s look at some of the average prices you can expect for each type:

Fixture TypeCost
Faucet$230 – $480
Double Faucet$400 – $600
Toilet$350 – $3,500
Sink$300 – $5,500
Bidet$1,500 – $2,900
Bathtub$500 – $2,750
Shower$1,500 – $3,500

Number of Fixtures

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As you might expect, the number of fixtures can drive up the cost of material and labor. For example, rough-in plumbing for dual sinks and a walk-in shower in a primary bathroom will cost more than a half bath or a powder room.


If you need a permit to get the bones of your dream bathroom installed, it can cost $30 to $500

What Will It Cost Me to Do My Own Rough-In Plumbing?

There’s no denying that you can save money on labor fees by doing the rough-in plumbing for your bathrooms on your own. While most homeowners love to save a few bucks wherever they can, this project requires skills, time, and extra know-how. 

Even if you’re handy with tools, some homeowners insurance only covers work completed by a pro, not DIY jobs. This means any water damage that occurs due to faulty pipe connections will have to come out of your pocket, which can potentially be thousands more than the initial labor fees. So, keeping this all in mind, a rough-in plumbing job is best left to a licensed and insured plumber near you.

FAQs About Rough-In Plumbing

What is rough-in plumbing?

For rough-in plumbing, your plumber will run all the drain and water supply pipes through the incompleted walls of your construction project and make the pipe connections. Rough-in plumbing projects occur before the installation of any appliances, faucets, sinks, or fixtures. 

How long does rough-in plumbing take?

The entire project can take three to five days for a pro to complete. 

Is drywall put up before this project?

No, rough-in plumbing is one of the last steps before your drywall goes up. Around this time, your inspector will also come to conduct an examination and tell you if your plumbing is approved and satisfies your building permit. 

Is rough-in plumbing required for minor bathroom changes? 

No, if you’re only remodeling your bathroom but require plumbing work, it’s better to contact your local plumber to replumb your home. Rough-in plumbing is only ideal for new construction and full-blown renovations.

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