What Does It Cost to Install Glass Block Windows?

Lydia Schapiro
Written by Lydia Schapiro
Updated October 28, 2021
Bathroom with clear glass block window
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Glass block windows cost somewhere from $460 to $980, or an average cost of $710

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Being comfortable in your own home is a necessity, and for most homeowners, privacy is a prerequisite. And if your current windows don’t meet your needs, it might be time to consider glass block windows. 

Glass block windows provide enhanced privacy and increase your comfort. In addition, they are energy-efficient and can instantly spice up your home’s aesthetic. On average, you should expect to pay $710 to install glass block windows. This can be a complicated project, so you should hire a professional installer near you to do the job right.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Glass Blocks by Size?

Depending on the window size, the cost to install glass blocks vary—people enjoy using smaller glass windows in areas such as basements and garages, while larger ones are common in living rooms or kitchens.

  • 25-by-25 inches: $60–$300

  • 31-by-31 inches: $65–$350

  • 36-by-36 inches: $85–$475

  • 48-by-48 inches: $155–$840

How Much Does It Cost to Install Glass Block Windows Near You?

Based on your location, the cost to install glass block windows will vary slightly. The average range in the U.S. for installing glass block windows is $460 to $980.

  • Boston: $980

  • Chicago: $788

  • Raleigh, NC: $832

  • Salt Lake City: $710

  • Austin, TX: $1,100

  • Los Angeles: $990

  • Philadelphia: $1,000

  • Indianapolis: $720

  • Minneapolis: $1,140

  • New York: $960

How Much Does It Cost to Install Glass Block Windows by Style?

Shower built with glass blocks
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

When it comes to aesthetics, there are various glass block window styles to choose from. But know that style will affect what you pay.

Clear Glass Blocks

If you opt for the classic clear glass blocks, expect to pay roughly $7 per block. But if you want custom blocks or unique shapes, you might pay up to $25 per block. Clear glass blocks consist of a combination of limestone, soda ash, sand, and cullet—the mixture is heated, melted, and then shaped into blocks.

Colored Glass Blocks

Colored glass blocks are similar to clear glass blocks, but offer less visibility. Colored glass blocks cost $20 per block on average, but depending on the colors they can cost up to $35 or more.

Acrylic Glass Blocks

Acrylic is a stronger and longer-lasting material than glass. Acrylic glass blocks cost roughly $12 to $20 per block.

Wavy Glass Blocks

Wave glass blocks are a very common style that can go with nearly any type of room. These blocks are typically $7 per block but can cost up to $25 per block.

Alpha Glass Blocks

The key feature on alpha glass blocks is a large circle in the middle of the clear glass. On average, they cost somewhere between $10 and $20 per block. Alpha glass blocks come in several different colors and are common in living spaces.

Ice Glass Blocks

Ice glass blocks feature wave patterns that provide privacy without blocking the light. Ice glass blocks typically cost roughly $15 per block but can go up to $30 per block. Ice glass block windows, due to the way they offer privacy, are commonly installed in bathrooms.

Diamond Glass Blocks

Diamond glass blocks consist of woven patterns that are designed inside the block–these blocks offer full privacy. Diamond glass blocks on average cost $15 per block, but can go up to $70. The one downside is that they block out a significant amount of natural light.

Frosted Glass Blocks

On average, frosted glass blocks cost $25 per block. This type of block features a texture that creates a blurred and distorted view without blocking light from entering your home.

What Factors Influence the Cost to Install Glass Block Windows?

In addition to style and location, there are a few other factors that affect your total project cost when installing glass block windows.

Installation Type

The three types of installation for glass block windows are mortar, silicone, and vinyl.

  • Mortar glass block windows typically cost $175, but the cost can range from $30–$320. These windows often have a traditional look but are less energy-efficient than other options.

  • Silicone glass block windows are easy to apply and ideal for small spaces due to their smaller joints. They are usually around $200 but can range from $40–$350.

  • Vinyl glass block windows are the most versatile and also the most expensive option. These are pricey since they can usually withstand damage from water, weight, and wind. Expect to pay around $275 for vinyl glass block windows, but they can range from $70–$500

Ease of Installation

If your current windows are damaged or have structural issues, the installation will be more demanding and may require special equipment. This will increase labor costs and add to the total cost.


Often, when people install glass block windows, they request added ventilation, since glass block windows don’t feature ventilation. If you purchase this with your window blocks, you can expect the total cost to increase by roughly $20.

Can You Install Glass Block Windows Yourself?

Installing glass block windows is a doable task when you have prefabricated options; “prefabricated” windows refers to windows that have been made beforehand. As a DIY project, installing glass block windows usually costs somewhere from roughly $150 to $450

On the flip side, when your glass block window project includes custom-built walls or windows, your best bet is to hire a local glass block installer, who will ensure your windows are properly assembled and installed.

FAQs About Glass Block Windows

What are the benefits of glass block windows?

If you like to be certain of your privacy at home, glass block windows might be your match. They offer privacy without preventing light from entering, while also providing enhanced security. Plus, they increase your home’s energy efficiency.

How are glass block windows energy-efficient?

Glass block windows are airtight and prevent drafts so your home will not lose or gain heat, saving your money on heating and cooling bills.

What should you do if one of the glass blocks breaks?

If an individual block breaks, you can remove and replace it. This is a job for which you should contact a professional because the project is usually complex, involving you having to further break the block.

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