How Much Does It Cost To Install A Bathroom Fan?

Sharon Greenthal
Written by Sharon Greenthal
Updated February 1, 2022
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The average cost to have a bathroom fan installed is between $240 and $540

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The total cost, including purchasing the fan, can be as low as $110 or as high as $800. This range is based on how complicated the installation is, what type of fan you purchase, and where you live. Learn the cost of installing a bathroom fan and what to consider.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Bathroom Fan Near You?

Here are the average prices for a bathroom exhaust fan installation in some cities across the country:

  • Kansas City, Mo.: $305

  • Yuma, Ariz.: $315

  • Providence, R.I.: $321

  • Boise, Idaho: $325

  • Houston: $342

  • Cleveland: $344

  • New Orleans: $376

  • Philadelphia: $406

  • San Francisco: $426

  • Birmingham, Ala.: $526

What Type of Bathroom Fan Can I Get on My Budget?

5 bathroom exhaust fans compared, with the most expensive combination including a light and heater

There are many options when choosing a bathroom fan that can bring the cost up significantly. Larger bathrooms require larger fans, which will increase the cost. Additional features, such as built-in lights, heaters, and motion sensors, will increase the price. Styles range from simple to decorative. Whichever type you want, there are many price points. 

Here is the range of prices for the different options for exhaust fans:

  • Basic exhaust fan: $15–$80

  • Exhaust fan with light: $36–$420

  • Exhaust fan with light and heater: $74–$424

  • Some of these have the motion-sensors included. If you purchase a motion sensor separately, the cost will range between $20 to $120.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Bathroom Fan Yourself?

The cost of installing a bathroom exhaust fan yourself can be pretty expensive if you need to buy the tools required for installation. Plus, you need electrical know-how, especially because you’ll be working in damp areas. A mistake in this area could be dangerous and costly, especially when you consider the cost of materials, the level of skill needed, the possibility of injury from falls or electrical mishaps, and water damage if you install it incorrectly.

Instead of playing amateur electrician, it's best to hire a local bathroom professional so you can focus on what you excel in: buying pretty new towels or a shower curtain. However, if you have the experience and want to tackle this yourself, the tools and equipment needed include: 

  • Drywall saw: $15

  • Ducts: $23

  • Ladder: $100

  • Power drill: $49–$249

  • Reciprocating saw: $150

  • Roofing adhesive: $49

  • Roofing nails: $6

  • Roof vent: $120–$350

Bathroom Fan Cost Breakdown

The costs involved in installing a bathroom exhaust fan are:

  • Purchasing the fan: $15–$420

  • Hiring an electrician: between $50–$100 per hour. Installation takes 2–4 hours.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Bathroom Fan by Type?

Installing exhaust fan
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There are three main types of bathroom exhaust fans:

  • Wall-mounted: When there is no easy way to vent through the roof (such as the first-floor bathroom in a two-story home), the air must be vented through the exterior wall or a soffit. Another option for first-floor bathrooms is a wall-mounted exhaust fan. The cost to purchase a wall-mounted fan is $130–$340, and installation by a professional will run between $50 and $100 per hour.

  • Ceiling-mounted: These vent through the attic and out the home's roof and cost $60–$250, depending on the design and noise rating of the unit. Installation by a professional will be between $50 and $100 per hour.

  • Remote fans: Remote fans are located in the attic and vent out through the roof. These are used for multi-room fans or bathrooms with multiple fans and use ductwork to vent. If there is no ductwork in place, the cost can range widely. For small homes, installing ductwork will be $150–$2,000, but for larger homes, the ductwork installation can go as high as $4,000.

What Factors Influence the Cost to Install a Bathroom Fan?

  • Availability of electrical connections in the ceiling

  • Whether electrical wiring needs to be upgraded or replaced

  • The type of fan you purchase

  • Whether ductwork installation is required for ventilation through the attic and roof

  • Access to the attic from the bathroom

  • The size of the fan

FAQs about Bathroom Fans

Are bathroom fans required to meet building code?

Every municipality has its own codes. But generally speaking, all bathrooms must have some ventilation, whether it's a fan or a window. Check your local building codes before doing any bathroom fan installation to make sure you are meeting the code requirements. A reputable electrician will be able to answer this question.

What kind of expert do I need to install a bathroom exhaust fan?

If your fan is ceiling-mounted and will vent through the attic to the outside, you will need to hire a local electrician. If you need to install ductwork for the first time or replace existing ductwork, you will need to hire a local HVAC professional as well.

What other products might be needed to make my exhaust fan more efficient and work best for me?

You may want to have a noise-dampening addition installed to reduce the sound of the fan in your bathroom. These cost around $50 and require an additional hour of labor, from $50 to $100. If not included in your fan, a humidity sensor will cost $45 to $65 and will automatically turn on the fan when the humidity level in the bathroom reaches a certain point.

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