How Much Will It Cost to Remodel My Shower?

Ginny Bartolone
Written by Ginny Bartolone
Updated March 15, 2022
A white and beige modern bathroom with new shower/tub combo
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The cost to remodel a shower runs between $200 and $15,000—quite a large range, depending on your desired style, project scope, and installation choices

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Most great mornings kick off with a long, hot shower. But this little haven in our homes can naturally break down over time as it battles mold, mildew, and natural wear and tear. When it's time to spruce up your shower design, expect to pay an average of $200 for stylish new fixtures—or up to $15,000 for a complete remodel.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Shower by the Scope of Your Project?

Remodeling a shower can mean many different things, depending on your budget and your design. If you're overhauling your whole bathroom, assume the shower will take up between 5% and 25% of your total costs.

Let's start with labor prices to remodel a shower. For a large project, you may need the following pros.

Shower ProsLabor Prices
Interior designer$50 – $200 per hour
Plumber$600 – $1,600 per fixture
Contractor to install the shower$400 – $1000

On the other hand, maybe you're just looking to up your shower game with some new fixtures and faucets. Or perhaps fresh new tiling is the easy answer. Smaller projects—especially ones easier to DIY—run much less.

We've ranked shower installation projects by the general size and price ranges. These cover the cost of materials and, depending on the project, labor:

Shower Installation Projects Cost
Showerhead and faucet$50 – $900
Shower door$600 – $1,350
Full-body shower unit$600 – $12,000
Regrouting a shower$10 – $25 per sq. ft.
New tiles$0.50 – $50 per sq. ft.
New plumbing$600 – $1,600
Shower stall installation$700 – $1,600

Make a note: you may also pay extra for construction permits and to have your old materials hauled away. We'll go into these more below.

Average Cost of a Shower Remodel in Your Area

Shower remodeling prices differ depending on where you live. Metropolitan areas around Southern California, for example, may see higher labor and material costs than a home in rural Montana. 

On the other hand, larger homes away from the city mean larger bathrooms and therefore higher average costs. Some places also require you to secure a building permit, which can range between $350 and $1,800. 

Take a look at five states and their standard shower installation costs:

  • Maine: $3,800

  • New York: $3,600

  • Florida: $2,200

  • California: $3,500

  • Montana: $2,300

What Type of Shower Remodeling Can I Get on My Budget?

Ready to tackle your shower project, but not sure where to start? Budgeting is a safe launching point for home projects. We've listed a range of projects in each price range for remodels large and small.

$20 to $1,000

Add a touch of a modern style by purchasing new showerheads, doors, or a new fan and installing them on your own. You can also employ the help of an interior designer for a small project in this range. Smaller pre-made shower kits may also fall under $1,000 for the unit and installation.

$1,000 to $3,000

You can pull off several projects in this budget. Install a new pre-made shower stall, upgrade to a tub-and-shower combo, or simply upgrade your shower's plumbing.

$3,000 to $6,000

Your costs may land in this price range for major shower redesigns. You can choose from higher-end shower kits as well as custom tile walk-in designs. Consider a full-body showerhead and installation for a small-to-mid-sized shower.

$6,000 and Up

The world of shower design opens up above this level. Hire an interior designer near you to reimagine your shower experience by adding color-coordinated tiles, matching fixtures, and updated plumbing. At this price point, you can even factor in the cost of a steam shower.

What Will It Cost Me to Remodel My Own Shower?

Labor prices when remodeling a shower can run as much as 50% of your project costs. Taking the DIY approach in some cases may save you some cash. 

However, there is a bit of a caveat to consider: installing a shower can easily go wrong without the right training. Think poor drainage, mold, and a leaky showerhead. Here are a few projects you can take on yourself and their price tag:

Showerhead and Faucet

You'll find a range of showerhead options today, from handheld to a rainfall design. Simple showerheads run as low as $20, but more complex ones can reach $200. You will also need pliers, a wrench, and plumber's tape for installation. Full-body showerheads with multiple spouts require extra plumbing and can cost thousands, so it's best to leave this to the pros.

Shower Door

If you're hoping to skip the shower curtain look, you can install a shower door for $350 to $800 without labor costs.

Upgrade a Bath Fan

If your bathroom fan is so loud that it interferes with your shower jam session, it’s time to replace it. A new fan costs between $100 and $300. You’ll probably be able to replace it on your own, but you should hire a pro if you need to install a fan in your bathroom for the first time.

Shower Remodel Cost Breakdown

Reputable contractors, designers, and plumbers will always provide a detailed cost breakdown before starting any work. When reimagining your shower, you may spot the following costs in your estimate:

  • Materials. This includes pre-fit or custom shower stall, door, showerhead, faucet, drain, plumbing, shower pan, bathroom fan, and accessibility bars.

  • Labor including plumber, contractor, and designer fees

  • Building permits

  • Cost to haul away old materials

Which Shower Style Fits My Budget?

Many professional shower installers purchase pre-assembled kits from trusted brands. Kits may include a fiberglass or acrylic stall, a shower door, the faucets, and showerhead, as well as the shower pan. Walk-in showers or tub-and-shower combos take a different approach.

Here are three main styles to consider:

Pre-Made Shower Kit

These kits cost between $200 and $8,000, offering a bit of everything for each budget. Add in the cost of labor for installation at $400 to $1,000.

Walk-In Shower

A tiled shower may cost a bit more, but it is necessary for a full, walk-in design to properly seal in water. Tiles also give you a bit more flexibility to show off your style (will you opt for porcelain or glass?). A new, 32-inch square walk-in model runs between $4,200 to $8,500, without the cost of the plumber and extra hardware.

Tub-and-Shower Combo

You will find this combo in the majority of modern homes, both for its stylish bathroom design and to save space. If you're starting fresh, expect to pay an average of $3,000 for the bathtub and shower liner materials and labor.

Bathtub to Shower Stall

On the flip side, if you’re looking to scrap your bathtub-shower combo in favor of a simple shower stall, you can do so for $1,200 to $3,600. This includes labor, materials, and hauling away the old tub.

a custom bathroom with a bathtub and shower side by side
Photo: Andy Dean / Adobe Stock

What Factors Influence the Cost to Remodel a Shower?

Remodeling a shower can mean many different things. Simple restorations—such as adding a glass door where your curtain used to be—may be all you need for a fresh look. But restyling your shower from the tiles to the tub is another story. 

Here are the major factors that influence your shower remodel:

  • The extent of your remodel

  • The size of your bathroom

  • Where you live in the U.S.

  • Whether you need a plumber or interior designer

  • The age of your home and plumbing

Shower Remodeling FAQs 

Let's say your shower needs some TLC, but you're not sure where to start. Begin with some commonly asked questions that home remodelers tackle before jumping in.

Should I remodel a shower myself?

It all depends on the extent of your design. Regrouting, switching your showerhead, or replacing an old fan are all great projects to tackle on your own. However, the moment you get into the plumbing aspect of a shower remodel, it's necessary to call in the professionals.

How do I remodel a shower?

Time to reinvent your morning routine? Start your shower remodeling process by researching shower installers and fitters in your area. These pros can handle everything from sourcing materials to making sure your installation is properly sealed. Once you find the right team:

  • Determine your budget

  • Discuss the extent of your remodel with your contractor

  • Hire an interior designer if necessary

  • Choose a plumber for more extensive projects

Shower remodels cover everything from updating tiles to replacing an old bathtub, so tailor the project to your unique vision.

What other projects should I do at the same time?

Once you dress up your new shower, you'll be ready to take on the rest of the bathroom. Upgrade your bathroom sink to match the aesthetic of your shower stall. Rethink your bathroom storage to free up counter space. And pull the whole room together with complementary floor tiles that bring harmony to the whole space.

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