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Local Seattle, WA Home Improvement Tips, Trends, and Hiring How-tos

man washing greens in kitchen sink  (Photo by  Maskot via Getty Images)
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbersWater Softeners
If you've got hard water wreaking havoc on your plumbing, leaving mineral deposits on your surfaces, or leaving a nasty film on your dishes, could a descaler help, or do you need a water softener?
supplies needed to build a fruit fly trap
House CleaningAnts, Spiders and Insects
Fruit flies — don’t bother me!
bridal shower table
Wedding Planner & Planning
Three Seattle wedding planners describe what they do to make a wedding run smoothly and how they help make each wedding unique.
black door with white trim
Windows - Safety & Security Film
Homeowner claims the contractor she hired to install a door damaged the frame and left large gaps on three sides. Contractor says she declined having a door casing installed to fix the gaps.
A man stands in front of the reception area at his office.
Internal MedicinePhysicians
Angie's List highlights the Top Seattle Internal Medicine Doctors of 2013 from local consumer reviews.
Two young girls in wheel chairs move along a path together.
Nursing Homes and Assisted LivingIn-Home Health Care
Does your family need assistance in caring for a disabled youth? Many options exist, including nursing homes, youth facilities and in-home care. Find the right choice for your loved one with this compare and contrast.
Washington appreciated Organized Spaces' work rearranging her shoe closet. (Photo courtesy of Kindel Washington)
Closet Organization
Organized Spaces helped an Angie's List member bring order to her chaotic, cluttered closet by adding shelves and organization. She says they did creative work with unused space.
tea bags
Digestive Care - Gastroenterology
Bitter and carminative herbs aid in digestion, as they contain volatile and stimulating oils. The recommended way to use digestive herbs is to make tea. First, find a Seattle herb store or health store.
large tree fallen on a house
OutdoorTreesTree Services - Removal and Trimming
Douglas fir, cedar and deciduous trees provide wonderful benefits for your yard, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Window film
Replacement WindowsWindow TintingWindow Treatments
Window contractor recommends replacement windows with low-e glass to control heat gain and protect against radiant heat.
A young women gives a manicure to an elderly woman.
Nursing Homes and Assisted LivingIn-Home Health Care
Stay involved with your loved one's care to ensure their needs are being met. Learn about a unique visiting policy that a Seattle based nursing home adopts.
ladder leaning against unfinished roof
Roofing Repairs
Seattle-area contractor John Mulinski is serving a 70-month prison sentence after a Montana jury convicted him of federal wire fraud.
Chicken coop fence
FencePetPet Area
Chicken wire rarely looks this good
Open air duct vent
Air Duct CleaningIndoor Air Quality
An air duct cleaner shares the impact that pet contaminants have on your air ducts and allergies.
a stucco house
Serious dry rot issues in the area make texture coats a less-than-ideal siding material.