Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Updated December 14, 2021
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Your master bathroom should feel like a personal retreat

Even small changes to your master bathroom design can turn it from ho-hum into a spa-like oasis. Get inspired today with photos of master bathroom designs. 

Create a statement vanity

Pedestal or cabinet? Double vanity or single sink? White, brown or a vivid color? Marble, stone or laminate? When it comes to vanities, there are endless options. What you choose depends on the amount of space you have and your personal taste.

If you’re looking for something simple or classic, consider a white pedestal sink. These smaller sinks provide more open space, allowing you to dedicate more space to a shower or tub or to open up a smaller master bathroom.

Cabinet vanities provide more storage than pedestal sinks and allow you to really amp up the design of your bathroom. You can choose a neutral white or gray or a traditional natural wood. If you’re feeling bold, choose a bright color, such as teal, yellow or navy. Even if you don’t have a large budget for your vanity, you can paint it for a fraction of the price of a brand new one.

Once you’ve chosen your vanity, consider the counter material and the sink you want. Some great master bathroom design ideas include marble, white stone and even wood or concrete, all of which are stylish countertop materials options, although you may pay more for marble or stone countertops. Vessel sinks are trendy, but undermount sinks offer a classic look for any master bath.

Upgrade the shower or tub

Nothing will create a more spa-like atmosphere than a luxurious shower or tub.

Clawfoot or stand-alone tubs add an instantly glamorous feel to any bathroom. You can choose a single tub or a shower combo with an elegant shower curtain. You can even choose to add a splash of color to the tub to draw the eye. 

Stand-alone showers work as beautiful focal elements of any bathroom. With a variety of shower heads including overhead rainfall, ceiling and dual, you can choose the style that suits your needs. Walk-in showers allow you to forgo shower curtains or glass, saving time and money on cleaning. However, glass enclosures offer lots of natural light. 

If you have a tight budget, a fiberglass shower may be the best option. However, you can still give it a major facelift for a luxurious feel. Updating your current shower head, faucet and handles is a simple, affordable way to create a spa-like atmosphere, and it’s a project you can DIY in a weekend. 

Extra design elements in your shower will really make a statement. Built-in benches and alcoves are great additions to any shower, although they will raise the price of a shower installation. You can make a splash by using different tiles than the rest of the bathroom, or incorporate the tile design into the rest of the room. 

Pay attention to the details

Master bathroom design is about more than just the sinks and showers you choose. Small design touches can improve the luxury of any master bathroom, regardless of the size.

You can DIY many accents, saving yourself a lot of money, including replacing hardware and lighting and even adding a backsplash or shiplap.

Consider the hardware you want to use throughout the bathroom, including glass-door hinges, knobs and pulls on the vanities, faucets and light fixtures

If you want your bathroom lighting to stand out, consider overhead pendant lights. You can also add sconces for an elegant look, or choose a traditional overhead vanity light.

Drawer knobs and pulls can be personalized for any look, whether you want something more modern, traditional or elegant. You can go for crystal or stone knobs, metal square handles, or forgo them altogether for a clean, linear look.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your walls. Your choices go beyond paint or wallpaper. You can add a tile backsplash to a wall or the space above a vanity, add shiplap for a cottage look, or include wainscoting to really stand out.

Regardless of how you choose to decorate your master bathroom, make sure your design fits your needs and wants.

What other ideas do you have to make your bathroom a luxurious space? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.