22 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated September 30, 2021
Modern small bathroom with white tile walls, glass rain shower, backlit round mirror, and vessel sink on narrow wood table
Liubomir – stock.adobe.com

Make a big impression with your small space

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A walk-in rain shower. A standalone clawfoot tub. A double vanity. Your dream remodeled bathroom probably has all of these features and more. But sometimes, no matter how many gorgeous bathroom pictures you pin on your vision board, there is simply no room for these things. That’s OK! Because you can still make your small bathroom worthy of being on someone else’s vision board. 

How? Peep these small bathroom remodel ideas for some inspiration for even the smallest powder rooms, plus get tips on how to make your bathroom feel larger. 

Small Bathroom Ideas

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite small bathroom design ideas to show you that while you may be limited in space, you shouldn’t be limited in creativity.

1. Beaucoup Backlighting

Modern small bathroom with backlit mirror and shower walls, marble tub and shower wall, wood sink, and black metal accents
Photocreo Bednarek – stock.adobe.com

Whether you need to add light to a small dark bathroom or simply want a modern way to illuminate your powder room, LED backlighting is your friend. It looks elegant while bathing the bathroom in a soft glow. Though we have to say, this marble-and-honeycomb bathroom would be gorgeous even without the illumination. 

2. Bold Black-and-White Tiles

Modern shower with white subway tile wall next black-and-white tile wall
Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Using mixed black-and-white shower tiles quickly adds impact to tiny bathrooms. What we love about this standup-shower design in particular is that the darker tile appears on only one shower wall to keep the look from feeling overwhelming. 

Pro tip: A standup shower can be a great option for a smaller 3/4 bathroom that can’t fit a tub. 

3. Magnificent Mosaic Tile Tub

Bathroom with brown mosaic tile tub, wall-hung toilet, and built-in mosaic shower shelves
Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

For a softer take on a high-drama shower area, may we present this mosaic tile tub. The beige color palette adds a peaceful warmth, while the gold flecks keep it from looking too one-note. 

4. Extended Hardwood Floor

Tiny apartment bathroom bathroom with wood floor and accent wall, wall-hung toilet, honeycomb tiles, and rectangular sink
ventura – stock.adobe.com

This tiny bathroom makes the most of its limited space by extending the hardwood floor up past the back of the toilet—a visual trick that makes the bathroom look more spacious. 

5. Space-Saving Wall-Hung Toilet

Small modern bathroom with gray tiles, glass shower, wall-hung toilet, and white vanity and cabinets
miriristic – stock.adobe.com

One of the easiest ways to save space in a diminutive bathroom is to opt for a wall-hung toilet. Not only is the bulky tank tucked away behind the wall, but the bowl is off the ground, resulting in more floor space. 

According to Kohler, who makes several varieties of these toilets, a wall-hung toilet can save up to 12 inches of space over traditional floor-mount toilets.

6. Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Faucet

Small bathroom with gray tiles, glass and black metal shower, wall-mounted faucet, vessel sink, and plants
photosbysabkapl – stock.adobe.com

Another easy way to save space? A wall-mounted faucet. Unlike a traditional deck-mounted tap, which is installed on a sink countertop, wall-mounted taps attach to the wall behind the sink and hang over it. This frees up limited counter space on small vanities. 

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to small bathrooms, our mantra is: when in doubt, mount. 

7. Texture-Mixing White Tiles

Separate bathtub and shower in white-tile bathroom
Photographee.eu – stock.adobe.com

There’s a reason you’ll see small bathrooms with all-white color schemes—it makes them look bigger, not to mention feel like luxurious spas. What this bathroom does particularly well is add visual interest and texture by using different types of white tile on the walls, in the shower, and on the floor. 

Pro tip: Use white and other light colors to make a small room look and feel larger than it is.

8. Dramatic Doorless Shower

Bathroom with a doorless shower, wall-hung toilet, wood vanity and mirror, and black-and-brown tiles on the floor and walls
bilanol – stock.adobe.com

Who says you need a shower door? A doorless shower opens up a bathroom while showcasing floor and wall tiles. It definitely needs to be pitched correctly and have a large enough drain, so it is important to speak to a licensed shower installer in your area

9. Eye-Lifting Vertical Decor

Bathroom with wooden ladder next to toilet, open wood shelves, small square sink, and white tile
photosbysabkapl – stock.adobe.com

Yes, you can decorate a tiny bathroom without it feeling cluttered, and this bathroom shows how to do it. Open shelves support small plants and pitchers, while a towel ladder sits comfortably in the narrow space between the toilet and the wall radiator.

10. Vanity-Shunning Vessel Sink

Small vessel sink with black faucet and green plants underneath a round black mirror
photosbysabkapl – stock.adobe.com

Unlike more common undermount sinks, which are installed under a bathroom vanity countertop, vessel sinks sit on top of a countertop. They come in a range of sizes and work especially well in small bathrooms because they can fit on top of tiny cabinets or tables. 

Pro tip: Traditional vanities can take up a lot of bathroom real estate, so it may be easier to find a small cabinet that fits your space and convert it into a vanity with the help of a vessel sink. 

11. Soaring Floor to Ceiling Tiles

Small bathroom with floor to ceiling beige tiles
rilueda – stock.adobe.com

Want an easy way to add visual impact while remodeling your small bathroom? Install large floor tiles from floor to ceiling to draw the eye upward. Again, a neutral color palette helps the bathroom feel more open, particularly when it’s combined with a white ceiling. Want an easy way to add visual impact while remodeling your small bathroom? Install large floor tiles from floor to ceiling to draw the eye upward. Again, a neutral color palette helps the bathroom feel more open, particularly when it’s combined with a white ceiling. 

12. Beautiful Built-In Shelves

Brown tile bathroom with built-in shower shelves above tub
yampi – stock.adobe.com

If you’re redoing your bathroom from scratch, follow this bathroom’s lead and install built-in shower shelves so you’ll have a chic place to store all of your toiletries out of the way. We really love how this one features recessed lighting under the top shelf for a warm glow.

13. Narrow Double Vanity

Black and white bathroom with white tile walls, black tile floors, standup shower, and narrow double-basin vanity
Jodie Johnson – stock.adobe.com

This ultra-narrow double-basin sink proves that you can live that double-vanity life without that traditional double-vanity space.

14. Glam Gold Accents

Small powder room with matching gold faucet, towel ring, and open-concept shelf
Jason – stock.adobe.com

It’s easy to add a bit of glam to an undersized guest bathroom with a coordinating gold faucet, gold towel ring, and gold and white open shelves.

15. Marblelous Walls

All-white marble bathroom
Alhim – stock.adobe.com

If you have the bucks to do it, an all-marble bathroom is a showstopper, no matter what size it is. In fact, saving the marble for your smallest bathroom is a great way to go easy on your wallet. 

16. Naturally Bright Lighting

Gray tile bathroom with white tub and sink next to large window overlooking cityscape
Luka – stock.adobe.com

A large window can make even the smallest bathroom feel spacious and open, so if possible, consider adding one while you plan your remodel. Just be sure to keep it free from heavy drapery, which can make the bathroom feel closed in.

17. Trendy Shiplap Accent Wall

Powder room with navy blue shiplap accent wall
Jason – stock.adobe.com

This floor-to-ceiling navy blue shiplap accent wall is the stuff of modern farmhouse dreams. And because the rest of the powder room is white, it doesn’t feel like it’s too much for the teensy space. 

18. Glamorous Mirrored Wall

Bathroom with green sink and toilet, gold metal accents, black-and-white tile floors, and a mirror covering the back wall
James Brey / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

You may be caught up in the old-glamour vibe of this bathroom upon first glance, and we don’t blame you, but look beyond the swanky decor, and you’ll notice that one wall is actually a giant mirror. This is a great trick to try if you want to make your bathroom look bigger than it is.

19. Industrial Chic Sink

Industrial vessel bathroom sink on wood vanity below industrial pendant lamp and three mirrors
peshkova – stock.adobe.com

For a soft take on an industrial look, we love this contemporary vessel sink paired with a wire-cage pendant light, light gray brick, and natural wood vanity. This bathroom also uses mirrors to give the illusion of having more space.

20. Shades of Gray

Industrial vessel bathroom sink on wood vanity below industrial pendant lamp and three mirrors
John Keeble / Moment via Getty Images

This grayscale bathroom eschews traditional wainscotting in favor of white subway tile set with gray grout. It adds even more personality with an intricate gray, black, and white floor tile, while a dark gray wall and gray toilet anchors the whole look. 

21. Subway Tile Softness

Small bathroom with white subway tiles, bathroom sink and stylish gold mirror on the wall
photosbysabkapl – stock.adobe.com

Black-and-white subway tiles can look a little stark in a small bathroom, but this bathroom avoids that with the help of a gold mirror and soft mauve decor. We also love how the tile has both a horizontal and vertical orientation to keep things interesting visually.

22. Black and White With Warmth

Bathroom with black honeycomb tile floor, black vanity, matte black fixtures, subway tile shower wall, and lighter mirror
filo / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Between its classic subway tile, black honeycomb tile, and matte black accents, this modern bathroom could easily veer into stylish-but-cold territory. That’s why the wood door and vanity are key—they add warmth to the space, but still look sleek.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Small Bathroom

Beige bedroom with ensuite bathroom and open pocket door
#moreideas – stock.adobe.com
  • Go for a pocket door—they tuck discreetly into the wall and don’t block off any space in the bathroom while open.

  • If you’re using a bold wallpaper or shower tile, consider leaving some of your wall space white to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  • Decorate the back of the toilet tank with small vases filled with dried flowers.

  • Use a portable bath board and top it with fresh flowers and candles. It’s perfect for when you have guests over and want decor that’s temporary. 

  • Tie back any shower curtains with a rope that hooks into the wall when you’re not showering to help open up the bathroom even more.

  • Alternatively, attach one shower curtain to each side of the tub à la window drapes. Push them all the way back against the wall when they’re not in use.

  • Hang plants from the ceiling to add greenery and keep shelves clear.

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