21 Striking Walk-In Shower Ideas

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated July 11, 2022
A woman in a bathrobe putting away towels
Photo: Rh2010 / Adobe Stock

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Taking on a bathroom remodel is well worth it to enhance your daily shower experience—and it can even add value to your house. Big or small, a walk-in shower with a good interior design can make your bathroom feel luxurious and give you a daily spa experience. Many walk-in showers are also more accessible for people with disabilities and injuries, and for older adults. 

You can have it all: Convert a small bathroom, or go all out with the ensuite bathroom design of your dreams. Whether you’re planning on a DIY remodel or you’re bringing in a pro, these striking shower ideas will spark your imagination.

Glass Walk-In Shower Ideas

When it comes to walk-in showers, glass abounds. With so many styles of glass showers available, it’s hard not to fall in love with one of them. 

1. Sliding Door Walk-In Shower

Walk-in shower with one sliding glass door and gold accents
Photo: Javani LLC / Adobe Stock

This gorgeous beige-and-gold bathroom is sure to leave you feeling glamorous. A sliding glass door is compatible with any layout and is a super space saver. Gold accents, together with mosaic tiles and stainless steel hardware, give this space a Grecian flare. 

2. Small Bathroom Walk-In Shower

A small bathroom with a slate gray walk-in shower tile
Photo: Iriana Shiyan /Adobe Stock

Glass walk-in showers can complete any bathroom. If you aren’t one to soak, you can convert your tub and install the perfect walk-in shower in its place. This stunning small bathroom blends the tile color palette with countertops and cabinets to make the bathroom feel complete.

3. Attached Bathtub Walk-In Shower

A built-in bathtub with a corner walk-in shower with a half-glass enclosure
Photo: Jason / Adobe Stock

This attached bathtub is the best of both worlds. If you’ve got the layout, you really can have it all with a full-size bath and attached corner walk-in shower combo. The half glass shower enclosure helps make the space feel bigger and brighter.  

4. Sliding Doors Walk-In Shower 

Walk-in shower with two center sliding glass doors
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

This sleek walk-in shower with slate gray wall tiles and silver hardware is practical while still exuding a modern aesthetic. The sliding double doors save space, while the floating vanity and large mirror round out the illusion.

5. Frosted Glass Walk-In Shower

 A bathroom with a frosted glass walk-in shower, vanity, and mirror
Photo: Andrey Burmakin / Adobe Stock

If you want a little more privacy, opt for a frosted glass enclosure. You can even choose a tinted or etched glass door to match your bathroom decor. Adding touches like a new shower door or an upscale vanity can give your space a chic feel.

6. Vintage-Inspired Walk-In Shower

A brown and white bathroom with a rounded glass walk-in shower
Photo: htpix / Adobe Stock

This vintage-inspired bathroom is all style in a small space. The rounded glass walk-in shower is both a space saver and a stunning focal point. Blended wood tones give this space an inviting feel for a standout design.

Tiled Walk-In Shower Ideas

7. Walk-In Shower With Glass Subway Tile 

A white walk-in shower with a hinged door and white subway tile
Photo: Joe Hendrickson / Adobe Stock

Glass subway tiles give this shower a clean, translucent look. Paired with a gray pebble tile floor, the light natural wood can really put a finishing touch on your bathroom. 

8. Matching Mosaic Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower with a vertical mosaic stripe and matching vanity tile
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Turn your shower walls into a canvas for self-expression. This walk-in shower showcases a floor-to-ceiling mosaic stripe for dramatic effect. Dark wood accents match the mosaic and create a contrast with the white walls. A slim, matching backsplash above the vanity ties the design ideas together for a polished look.

9. Ceramic Tile Accent Wall

A walk-in shower with a black-and-white ceramic tile accent wall
Photo: Lois GoBe / Adobe Stock

An accent wall makes any space exciting, so why not try one in your walk-in shower? These dramatic geometric ceramic tiles give your shower a custom look without breaking the bank. Take a partially enclosed walk-in shower to the next level with a black-and-white pattern—the contrast will give your accent wall an extra pop.

10. Geometric Pattern Walk-In Shower

A modern bathroom with a walk-in shower and geometric tile pattern
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

This modern bathroom features a curbless shower with a glass panel and dual sinks. The white is offset by an eye-catching geometric tile pattern made of diamonds and hexagons. The design has a dramatic effect against the white walls and black fixtures. 

11. Marble Tile Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower with marble tile and a contrasting herringbone pattern
Photo: EmilyKam / Adobe Stock

Go all out with stunning marble tiling. Expertly mixed marble tiles are the focal point of this walk-in shower stall featuring inset storage, a marble bench, and a contrasting herringbone pattern. Just be careful—this tile is so gorgeous, you might want to renovate the rest of your bathroom to match.

Unique Walk-In Shower Ideas

Whether you’re designing your own dream home or you’re due for a major renovation, we’ve got some unique walk-in shower options you won’t want to miss.  

12. Spa Room Walk-In Shower

A spa room with a glass door, large bathtub, tile mosaic, and overhead shower
Photo: Javani LLC / Adobe Stock

Get the full spa experience with a shower room including a bathtub and a shower bench. With marble tile and matching wall and floor tile mosaics, you might be tempted to take extra long showers. 

13. Doorless Walk-In Shower

A bathroom with gray slate walls, an open shower, and brown vanity
Photo: demphoto / Adobe Stock

This curbless walk-in shower is definitely decadent. The wood accents perfectly tie together the gray tile with the exposed brick. An oversized floating vanity with two faucets and marble countertops is a refreshing alternative to a double vanity. 

14. Walk-In Shower Room

An ensuite shower room with a separate water closet
Photo: Tom / Adobe Stock

This primary bedroom comes with its own ensuite shower room and separate water closet. This luxury walk-in shower features a rain shower system and plenty of hanging space for bathrobes and towels. 

15. Walk-in Shower With Twin Shower Heads

Large marble bathroom walk-in shower, bathtub, and two sinks
Photo: Tracy Ben / Adobe Stock

This chic minimalist bathroom is all about doubling up. You might not have space to double everything, but you can add a double shower head to any shower stall with enough space. Mix and match heights to fit your needs, or finish it off with a modern teak floor mat.

16. Wet Room

A curbless bathroom with shower, bathtub, and sink
Photo: kanashe_yuliya / Adobe Stock

If you’re ready to fully commit to a walk-in shower, consider trying a wet room. If you do go this route, make sure to hire a pro for proper plumbing and sealant.

This gorgeous bathroom has it all: a curbless shower, a rain shower head, a soaking tub, and a skylight. The perfect mix of river rock and glass mosaic tile gives this wet room an earthy finish.

17. Walk-In Shower With Natural Light

 A walk-in shower with a skylight and a mix of mosaic tiles
Photo: poplasen / Adobe Stock

This unique loft shower makes the most of its top floor local with a skylight to let in the natural light. With a little creativity, you can make an unusual space feel free. If a skylight isn’t an option, a window can serve a similar function. Use frosted glass for privacy and soak up the sunlight.

Color Palette Ideas for Walk-In Showers

Whether your home improvement project is big or small, smart color choices can make all the difference. Mix it up, or stick to the classics.   

18. Dark Blue Walk-In Shower

A corner walk-in shower in a small bathroom with dark blue tile
Photo: htpix / Adobe Stock

If you‘re renovating a guest bathroom or converting a half-bath to a full, consider adding a corner shower. The dark blue tiles tie together this small modern bathroom, and the corner shower stall makes the most of a tight space.

19. Mixed Metallics

A bathroom with a walk-in shower, gold-and-white shower curtain, and gold accents
Photo: Javani LLC /Adobe Stock

If curbless or glass enclosures don’t suit your needs, you can still add flair to your walk-in shower with a curtain. Match your shower curtain to your lighting fixtures or metallic hardware, and switch up the decor by opening or closing the curtain for a dual look. This shower features a rainfall shower head, recessed storage, and a black mosaic border. 

20. Black-and-White Walk-In Shower

A black-and-white shower with a built-in bench
Photo: Joe Hendrickson / Adobe Stock

This classic color scheme is ideal for a clean, modern aesthetic. Continuous marble tiled walls and black accents tie this room together. With plenty of bench space for storage or seating, this is a shower anyone would want to come home to.  

21. Pink-and-Purple Color Palette

A purple-and-white bathroom with a walk-in shower, overhead lighting, and large windows
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

This bathroom offers much more than a stunning color palette with stacked subway tiles in shades of white, pink, and purple. Bay windows, an inset shower stall, and recessed lighting all contribute to a spacious feeling. Matching porcelain tiles seamlessly blends the walls with the bathroom floor. A heated towel rack is the perfect finishing touch, creating a homey vibe.

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