27 Dazzling Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated April 27, 2022
Father and son shaving in front of bathroom mirror
Photo: MoMo Productions / Getty Images

Let your bathroom mirror be a reflection of your personality

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Don’t let picking out a mirror be an afterthought when planning your bathroom design, as it can play an important role in the overall look and function of the room. From providing utilitarian uses to serving as a purely decorative addition, browse through some different mirror ideas to use in your own space.

Bathroom Mirrors With Functionality

From adding storage to improving lighting within the room, learn about some of the added functions bathroom mirrors can have.

1. Multipurpose Medicine Cabinet

Woman fixing her hair in front of mirrored medicine cabinet
Photo: Letizia Le Fur / Getty Images

While a medicine cabinet isn’t the newest concept, you can find modernized versions to give your bathroom vanity a sleek look. A medicine cabinet is a great addition for bathrooms that have minimal cabinetry and storage space, and can keep your essentials off of the countertops. This frameless sleek mirror overlay is mounted to a light wood unit to help you keep your space tidy and organized. 

2. Illuminated Border

Contemporary bathroom mirror with illuminated border
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Bring more light into your space by opting for an illuminated mirror frame. This rectangular unit features a LED border to brighten up the room and provide ample lighting for those mornings that you need to get ready before the sun rises or if your bathroom lighting is lacking. 

3. Backlit LED

Backlit LED circular mirror
Photo: Serghei Starus / Getty Images

Like the illuminated border mirror, a backlit LED fixture brightens up the bathroom and serves as a focal point within the space. The backlighting provides a soft glow, and you can even find smart options that allow you to control the light with voice command or from an app. 

4. Integrated Shelf

Bathroom mirror with built-in shelf
Photo: tekinturkdogan / Getty Images

Create more storage options by shopping for a mirror with a built-in shelf to house small bathroom items and essentials. Use it in a guest bathroom to store travel-sized toiletries, or hang it in a small powder room to display decorative pieces that show off your personal style.

5. Side-By-Side Mirrors

Double square mirrors hung above double vanity
Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Encourage more personal space in your bathroom while improving the functionality and flow of the area. Hanging two mirrors side-by-side above a double sink can eliminate the stressful morning rush if you have to get ready at the same time as your partner. 

6. Built-In Functionality

Built-in mirror cabinet in white-on-white bathroom
Photo: michaelmjc / Getty Images

These built-in units work similarly to a medicine cabinet, providing shelf space behind the mirrored piece. However, they are built directly into the wall, which provides a seamless look by positioning the unit flush against the wall, rather than protruding over the sink. The white-on-white color scheme of the room brightens up the space, making the room feel larger.

7. Adjustable Pivot Mirror

Boy standing in front of oval pivot mirror
Photo: Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

A tilted mirror gives you control over the angle of the fixture, allowing you to tilt it up or down with ease. This provides a greater range of viewing and is a versatile choice for children’s bathrooms, guest bathrooms, and main bathrooms alike.  

8. Extendable Vanity Mirror

Extendable vanity mirror in bathroom
Photo: Kilito Chan / Getty Images

Similarly to a tilted mirror, an extendable mirror allows for a greater range of motion to provide more visibility. This telescoping fixture is a good choice for a second mirror to provide more magnification and a focused view when you’re getting ready for a big night out. 

9. DIY Frame

Woman painting over antique mirror with angled paintbrush
Photo: dream@do / Adobe Stock

Take on a DIY project and upcycle an antique mirror to give it new life. Find a frame with a design that matches the aesthetic of the room, and use chalk paint and an angled paintbrush to revamp the piece. Use one coat of paint and leave some of the areas of the frame unfinished for a more distressed and rustic look. Or, use multiple coats of paint to provide full coverage for a matte finish. The best part about chalk paint? There’s no need to sand prior to painting, as the paint binds to most surfaces (including metal).

Bathroom Mirror Shapes

While size is an important factor to keep in mind when it’s time to choose a mirror, remember that the shape also can make an impact on the overall look of your bathroom. 

10. Soft Circle

Bathroom interior with circular mirror against shiplap accent wall
Photo: TriggerPhoto / Getty Images

A round mirror can bring an elegant design statement to the room. The soft curves complement many different room styles and the shape brings balance to the space.

11. Expansive Rectangle

Rectangular mirror hung in large modern bathroom
Photo: abezikus / Getty Images

Using mirrors is a tried-and-true design technique to trick the eye into perceiving the room larger than it actually is, and placing it rectangularly can open up the space even more. This expansive rectangular mirror is long enough to be positioned over a double vanity, so you and your partner can have separate spaces, while still sharing one large mirror.

12. Full Length Mirror

Large bathroom with full length mirror built into wall
Photo: YinYang / Getty Images

Save floor space in your bedroom or closet and move the full-length wall mirror to the bathroom. This oversized floor-to-ceiling mirror is integrated into the vanity area so you can get the perfect view of your outfit while you’re getting ready to take on the day. 

13. Chic Hexagon

Double hexagon mirrors in modern farmhouse bathroom
Photo: Jason / Adobe Stock

Go for a nontraditional shape when picking out a mirror, like this hexagonal fixture. The black border accentuates the angles of the frame while serving as a decorative and functional addition to the bathroom design. 

14. Trendy Oval

Oval mirror in modern bathroom
Photo: Toyakisfoto.photos / Adobe Stock

Elongate the wall in a room by opting for an oval-shaped mirror. Not only do the curves of the fixture soften the hard lines in the room, but the longer shape provides a better view.

15. Double Squares

Double wooden mirrors hung above double vanity
Photo: Tammy Hanratty / Getty Images

Use two square mirrors to create a distinct divide in an area with a double sink. The angled shape of the mirror makes good use of the corner space in the room.

Bathroom Mirror Aesthetics

Check out some bathroom decor themes and how the right mirror can be used to tie the design together.

16. Bohemian Concept

Bohemian bathroom design with circular mirror
Photo: NeonShot / Getty Images

Bring on the boho by mixing patterns, textiles, and textures. This wooden ledge mirror set against a herringbone-patterned accent wall creates a whimsical yet cozy aesthetic that will make you feel like you’re relaxing at the spa. Introduce color through greenery and decorative soaps to enhance the design.

17. Contemporary Design

Modern bathroom with frameless mirror
Photo: Westend61 / Getty Images

Embrace clean lines in your bathroom by choosing a mirror that aligns with the contemporary aesthetic. This frameless mirror provides a touch of minimalist style while making the room feel more spacious and open. 

18. Hollywood Lights

Woman getting ready in bathroom in front of Hollywood-style vanity mirror
Photo: Johner Images / Getty Images

The ultimate mirror for getting the perfect selfie or upping your makeup application game is the Hollywood vanity mirror. Bright individual lights line the sides of the frame to illuminate the space while you’re getting ready. Hollywood vanity mirrors work well in a variety of styles of bathrooms and can instantly improve the functionality of the area.

19. Chic Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse bathroom with shiplap walls
Photo: YinYang / Getty Images

Try out the popular modern farmhouse aesthetic in your bathroom by blending chic fixtures with natural elements. For example, this matte black modern mirror mixes well with the matching light fixtures and hardware. The shiplap walls and natural wooden cabinetry bring warmth into the room for the perfect blend of old and new.

20. Clean Lines

Large luxury bathroom with built-in mirror
Photo: hikesterson / Getty Images

Give a luxurious and customized feel to your bathroom, by making built-in cabinetry the focal point. Integrate the mirror so it fits flush with the built-ins for a seamless transition. This expansive mirror with hidden hardware creates the illusion of an even larger space.

21. Shabby Chic

Shabby chic bathroom with antique upcycled mirror
Photo: Martin Baurraud / Getty Images

Create charm in your bathroom and try on the shabby chic design trend. Shabby chic decor incorporates worn-in, antique, and vintage pieces for a nostalgic aesthetic that has a nouveau flair to it. This upcycled antique mirror pairs well with the endearing beadboard trim and quaint trinkets to create a comforting feel.

Bathroom Mirror Materials and Styles

Browse through different types of mirror materials and styles to choose from when making your selection. 

22. Lustrous Brass

Modern bathroom with brass circular mirror
Photo: Mark Lopez / Getty Images

Instantly add to the appeal of your bathroom by using a metallic mirror frame, such as brass, silver, or copper. This brass piece adds a touch of glam and matches the hardware, the towel rack, and the light fixture to create cohesion in the space.

23. Beveled Glass

Beveled glass circular mirror in bathroom
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Beveled glass refers to the edging around the frame that is cut at a slant to make the mirror look polished and pronounced. The beveled edge refracts the light to create more dimension and serves as a visual point of interest in the space. 

24. Frosted Glass

Double rectangular mirrors with frosted glass border
Photo: Joe Hendrickson / Adobe Stock

Frosting glass is a technique that sandblasts the surface of the material to create a level of opacity on the surface that still allows light to pass through. These dual rectangular mirrors have glass etching around the edge of the piece to serve a functional purpose, but also make an elegant design statement. 

25. Natural Wood

Wood frame mirror hung in bathroom
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

A natural wooden frame provides a level of softness to the space while giving a timeless feel. This is a versatile material for a mirror frame that works well with various interior decor styles. What’s more, the refined nature of natural wood can inspire other design choices you make in the room, such as opting for wooden countertops or installing a juxtaposed brushed aluminum faucet. 

26. Hanging Captain’s Mirror

Hanging captain’s mirror in modern bathroom
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Giving a nod to the classic look of mirrors found on ships, a captain’s mirror makes a stately design statement—and isn’t just for nautical-inspired bathrooms. This type of mirror usually features a circular-shaped frame with an exposed leather strap or rope to hang the fixture from. It works well in various styles of bathrooms and can serve as a focal point within the space.

27. Distressed Wood

Distressed wooden mirror in bathroom interior
Photo: Fabrice LEROUGE / Getty Images

A distressed wooden mirror frame brings character into the space and can tie together different interior design styles, such as modern farmhouse, coastal, or bohemian. Pair it with succulents or other low-maintenance plants to greenery into the space.

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