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About Columbus

Named for famed explorer Christopher Columbus, the capital city of Ohio is home to Ohio State University and Angie’s List members who use the service to find reliable service providers for a range of home repair needs.

Columbus is a thriving city with many diverse communities. The quiet residential neighborhood of Clintonville to the north provides a peaceful environment for children at play. The suburb of Dublin is a bustling economic center and headquarters for Wendy's and Verizon Wireless. To the northeast, the upscale community of New Albany offers luxurious homes, golf courses, exclusive shopping and fine dining. The Ohio Governor's Mansion is located in Bexley, which also serves as a center for culture and art within the city of Columbus.

The rich historic tradition and diverse communities in Columbus make it a great place to live and work. The recommendations and reviews provided by Angie's List members make it even easier for residents to find the repair and remodeling help they need in this beautiful cosmopolitan city. Find the best contractors and plumbers on Angie’s List, and keep your Columbus-area home in perfect condition. Join Angie’s List Columbus.


Local Columbus, OH Home Improvement Tips, Trends, and Hiring How-tos

Kitchen remodel

Member Photo of the Day: Spicing Up Bland Kitchen Cabinets

From builder basic white cabinets and appliances to a kitchen that's hot today! See how cabinet refacing, new counters and back splash transformed this kitchen.
refinished bathtub in small bathroom

Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Remodeling

Refinishing your tub, tile and grout; installing tub liners; painting; or changing fixtures and hardware are good ideas to save on a full bathroom remodel.

How to Get Rid of Earwigs

Earwigs, or pincher bugs, don't actually burrow in your ears. But they may be in your yard or near leaky pipes in the home. Learn how to get rid of earwigs.
homemade carpet cleaner ingredients

Get Rid of Stains with Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Make your own carpet cleaning solution with these common pantry items. Avoiding harsh stain remover chemicals allows you to save money and go green.
basketball hoop in front of a home

5 Slam-Dunk Spring Home Improvement Ideas

Basketball tourneys aside, March is great time to get going on spring cleaning, organization and home improvement. Here's the game plan to get organized.
Exterior porch and foundation repair

How to Avoid Bad Concrete and Lay a Good Foundation

A Columbus, Ohio, homeowner says a project to lay a new garage foundation went awry when the company he found online used watered-down concrete.
dentist performing dental implant

Dental Implants Can Fill the Gap for Some Patients

Dental implants offer advantages over traditional bridge procedures, but finding specialists and ensuring insurance coverage requires consumer research.
backup power generator

Backup Power Generators Reassure Homeowners

Fed up with fighting electricity outages, some Columbus, Ohio, homeowners put power in the home by purchasing backup home power generators.

Doctors Urge Discretion When Placing Ear Tubes in Children

While still the most common procedure in children, the popularity of ear tubes to treat ear infections and fluid buildup has waned since the 1990s.
remodeled sunroom addition

Columbus Sunroom Becomes a Four-Season Hideaway

For 11 years, a Columbus-area family couldn't make the most of their all-glass, three-season sunroom. Here's how they remodeled it for all-season use.

4 Ways to Keep Hornets and Wasps Away from Your Home

Don't get stung by pesky wasp and hornet problems. One highly rated provider shares four tips to keep wasps and hornets away from your home.
Bed bug

Columbus Exterminators Explain Ways to Beat Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pesky little bugs, but they can be beaten. Highly rated pest control companies recommend ways to keep the unwelcome critter from your home.
Tree roots and sewer pipe

Clogged Sewer Lines? Check for Tree Roots

Invasive tree roots can cause major plumbing problems, especially in older neighborhoods with clay sewer lines.
cat licking its chops

Columbus Feral Cat Debate: Remove or Neuter?

Residents and officials disagree over the best solution for reducing the growing population of stray felines around Columbus, Ohio.
Level tool

Columbus has Complicated Licensing Rules

Becoming licensed, and verifying that someone is licensed, is not a simple process in Columbus.