20 Outdoor Living Trends to Get Creative With in 2023

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated June 29, 2022
family grilling outside
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Creative outdoor living trends and decor to change up your backyard space

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This year, homeowners and renters are putting more emphasis on reconnecting with the outdoors and embracing more playful and creative hobbies. Creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor space can also provide an additional area to work from home. There are a ton of high- and low-effort ways to turn your outdoor space into a haven and entertaining area for all seasons and occasions. 

Looking for some inspiration to help plan your new outdoor living area? Here are the most popular 20 outdoor living trends to watch for and incorporate into your own space in 2022. 

Entertainment & Function

2022 is all about reconnecting with friends and family. To do this, incorporate elements that are great for hosting, like outdoor kitchens and activity areas for the kids. Here are some fun and active entertainment ideas for your backyard: 

1. Backyard Playset  

If you have a family with young kids, there’s nothing they’d appreciate more than their own backyard playset. This is ideal for getting them off their electronics and outside. Plus, it’s a great way to let out some steam if they’re doing school from home. Consider even building a simple DIY treehouse. 

Project difficulty: Easy 

2. Outdoor Kitchen

man cooking outside on grill
Photo: Anchiy / E+ / Getty Images

Take family dinners outside or host backyard parties with ease with an outdoor kitchen setup. Alfresco dining has never been more fun—especially while getting to enjoy a warm summer night. Be sure to include an outdoor dining table and chairs so you can have a place for everyone to sit and enjoy their food. 

Project difficulty: Advanced 

3. Wet Bar

Outdoor wet bars are also trending in 2022. This setup is perfect for hosting and is an ideal way to enjoy beverages in hot summer months or even the cold—did someone say hot toddy? You can also get the look by adding a bar cart with your favorite beverages next to your grilling area. For a wet bar, make sure you consider the costs of installing an outdoor faucet to hook up a sink.

Project difficulty: Advanced

4. Hot Tub

outdoor hot tub surrounded by flowers
Photo: Bill Oxford / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

You may be the most popular house on the block after setting up your very own outdoor hot tub. As the ultimate luxury, hot tubs are great for entertaining guests and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space during all seasons of the year. 

Hot tub installation can cost around $3,400—although it’s on the more expensive end, it’s worth it. Consider adding some string lights around your hot tub so you can enjoy the feature at nighttime. 

Project difficulty: Advanced

5. Activity Areas 

Keeping the kids busy and entertained is essential when it comes to building your outdoor space. Consider setting up a craft shed or structure where your kids can store their toys and play. To create longevity, consider making these activity areas a space that your kids can enjoy all the way into their teen years. 

Make these areas as modern or traditional as you want—you can even make these areas suitable for adults as well, making them the perfect quiet getaway to get any tasks or hobbies done. 

Project difficulty: Easy 

6. Backyard Movie Night

outdoor movie setup with blankets and cushions
Photo: mixetto / E+ / Getty Images

Mix up a Saturday night and watch a movie outside with a projector screen or outdoor TV. Set this screen (or even a white bedsheet) upon a flat surface, such as the side of your house. Complete the area with fun, weather-resistant seating options, like bean bags, and other ambient elements such as an outdoor rug, cozy lighting, and—of course—snacks.  

Project difficulty: Intermediate 

7. Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens 

Gas grills aren’t the only feature that can be great for cooking and hosting. If you want to take your outdoor kitchen setup to the next level and get more creative with how you cook, consider installing other outdoor kitchen features such as a wood-fired pizza oven. If you’re not ready to fully commit, these ovens also have portable options, making them a flexible option for your outdoor retreat. 

Project difficulty: Intermediate 

8. Gas Fireplaces

woman sitting by outdoor fireplace
Photo: Kirk Fisher / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Take your outdoor space through multiple seasons with a cozy gas fireplace. Consider installing a fireplace, fire pit, or other heating options in your new design. This feature will be the perfect way to incorporate warmth and light in 2022. 

Project difficulty: Intermediate 

9. WFO (Work From Outside) 

In addition to creating a fun entertainment zone, you can also design a cozy office space to make working from home feel like a vacation. "This summer, we’re seeing a lot of people take advantage of their outdoor space during work hours," says Rupa Mehta, an outdoor home care expert at Angi.

Here are some tips to turn your outdoor space into a comfortable and productive oasis. For boosted internet connection, consider installing a Wi-Fi extender.  

Project difficulty: Intermediate

Work From the Outdoors Moodboard Infographic

Lush Landscaping  

A focus on gardening and being green will be big in 2022. Many people picked up gardening during the pandemic, so highlight your new (or longtime) hobby with some lush landscaping features for your outdoor space. 

Whether you’re looking for DIY options or major updates that require a landscaper near you, check out these fun ideas you can consider for your setup:

10. Edible Gardens

person picking tomatoes from garden
Photo: Zbynek Pospisil / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Consider creating an edible garden for your outdoor space. This feature is great for adding some flavor, nutrients, and color to not only your plate, but to your garden as well. Plant vegetables like tomatoes and peppers or herbs such as cilantro, oregano, or lavender. If you want to try starting with a smaller project, stick to trying an herb garden first.

Project difficulty: Easy 

11. Earth-Friendly Gardening

Sustainability has become an even bigger trend this year. If you’re considering sprucing up your outdoor garden space, try to stay as sustainable as possible to make a positive impact on the environment and your wallet. This means things like incorporating native plants to conserve water, starting a compost, using organic seeds, and exploring lawn alternatives such as moss, shrub beds, and rock gardens

Project difficulty: Easy 

12. More Privacy

sitting area with bamboo fencing
Photo: GCShutter / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Spending more time outside and hosting guests may warrant an increased need for privacy. This can be achieved a variety of ways, including divider screens, fences, or even tall greenery. 

You can also create an ethereal and cozy feel by hanging some gauzy curtains to separate the areas of your outdoor space. Having more privacy in your backyard can be great to keep nosy neighbors out and for creating a quiet outdoor office if you choose to work outside. 

If you plan to build a privacy fence or wall divider, make sure to check with your local regulations first. 

Project difficulty: Intermediate 

13. Vertical Gardening 

Vertical gardening that covers the walls of your outdoor space serves as unique wall art and allows you to keep that outdoorsy feel if you happen to have a small area to work with. Grow vines directly along the side of a wall, or get a ladder garden or stacked planters to achieve the look. Fill those planters with greenery such as succulents to reduce the amount of water you need to take care of them. 

Project difficulty: Intermediate

Bohemian Touches

One of the biggest design trends is the bohemian style. Boho decor helps you achieve a laid-back, but put-together, cozy vibe. "Bohemian-style decor and furniture are popping up everywhere this summer," says Rupa. She recommends turning your space into a boho oasis by sticking to a natural coloral palette, rattan furniture, and plenty of rugs.

This is your chance to experiment with different textures and shapes. Here are some bohemian accessory ideas to give you some inspiration:

14. Rattan Pieces

outdoor hanging rattan chair
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Furniture made from rattan is trending for 2022 and is very versatile both indoors and out. Rattan furniture is made from an eco-friendly and sustainable material and adds a cool and unique look to every space. Plus, it’s more durable and requires less energy to produce than wood material. 

Incorporate pieces like rattan stools or chairs, lounging couches, tables, and more. Rattan’s unique look will surely be a conversation starter at your next gathering.

Project difficulty: Easy  

15. Rope Accents 

To incorporate more texture into your bohemian look, you can add pieces and accessories that have rope accents. Rope is typically strong and flexible, making it a durable material for furniture and outdoor accessories. Rope is also very weather-resistant and comes in neutral colors, which fits well with the natural bohemian look. 

Add some chairs made of rope, hanging rope baskets, or even pillows and cushions with rope accents.  

Project difficulty: Easy 

16. Bohemian Accessories

outdoor hammock hanging from trees
Photo: Тодорчук Екатерина / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Achieving this look is easy—all you have to do is incorporate many different textures, colors, and patterns and layer them. This also works great if you’re a plant lover and want to add a lot of greenery to your space. Consider adding elements like a hammock, a hanging swing chair, and fun rugs to achieve the ultimate laid-back feel. 

Project difficulty: Intermediate

Bohemian Oasis Moodboard Infographic

Minimalistic Colors & Shapes

This year, we’re focused on more understated and simple designs and materials. Here are some unique ideas to help you embrace the natural and minimalist shapes and colors of the season: 

17. Geometric Shapes & Clean Lines

modern outdoor patio furniture
Photo: mbolina / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Clean lines are key for creating a more modern space. Furniture with simple modular lines and geometric shapes is trending and offers an uncluttered and clean aesthetic. In addition to patio furniture, you can implement this into your outdoor flooring options with uniquely shaped tiles or stone pavers. 

Project difficulty: Easy 

18. Concrete Furniture 

Furniture made out of concrete is trending this year and offers an industrial look. Pieces made out of concrete offer many style options with unique textures and shapes. Consider concrete tables, benches, fire pits, and side tables to highlight this trend in your outdoor space. 

To soften the hard lines and concrete material, incorporate a comfy throw blanket or plush pillows into your seating area. 

Project difficulty: Easy  

19. Natural Colors

outdoor sitting area and grill
Photo: RossHelen / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

2022 is all about natural shades that create a calming and cozy vibe in an outdoor space. Think muted tones, like sage green, cashmere, cream, or light beige. These shades work great in a wide variety of designs and match well with other furniture and accessories you may want for your outdoor space. 

Consider even adding a statement piece with a pop of color here and there, like a bright throw pillow or rug. 

Project difficulty: Easy  

20. Recycled Materials 

Keep up with the sustainable trends by reusing old or “last-season” outdoor accessories and furniture and upcycling or giving it a new paint job. You can also opt for furniture made from recycled or raw materials, like teak wood or acacia, which is usually extracted from old houses and boats. 

Project difficulty: Easy 

Additional Outdoor Decor Tips

friends laughing and eating outside
Photo: mapodile / E+ / Getty Images

There are endless ways to make your outdoor space feel like home. Here are some tips and additional ideas to make the most of your outdoor living space. 

Create a Space That Works in Most Seasons   

Think about ways you can make your outdoor space adapt with the seasons. For example, you can add to your existing features, like placing a sun umbrella over your dining area during warmer summer months. Also, take steps to protect your furniture throughout the year by using fabric protectors and purchasing furniture covers. 

Plus, buying versatile and weather-resistant furniture and accessories will save you money in the long run. 

Add a Rug 

To bring the indoors outside this year, create the same cozy feel as your living room with a rug. Outdoor rugs add comfort to any outdoor space—just make sure it’s weather-friendly. You can also try layering your rugs to give your space a more textured feel. 

Don’t Skimp on Lighting 

To create the best ambiance possible, you should invest time into finding stylish and durable outdoor lighting! Get creative with twinkling lights, pendants, tiki torches, flameless candles, or sconces—the options are endless and can be tweaked based on your style. If you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, you can also opt for battery-operated or solar-powered lighting options.

Match Accessories to Your Home’s Style  

When crafting your ideal outdoor space, consider matching to the style you have on the inside of your home. For example, you can mirror the color palettes or use similar art motifs. This creates a nice flow between the outdoor features and the interior style and decor of your home. 

Consider the Whole Family (Including Pets)  

When putting together your outdoor space or making modifications be sure to consider the whole family, even your pets. This is a great way to make the outside of your home as enjoyable as it is inside, for everyone. 

If you have pets, consider pet-friendly additions, like a designated digging area or a doggy playground. Kids can also keep busy with fun activities, such as a playground, water features like a splash pad, or other backyard games. Read more for some fun printable outdoor activities for kids.  

Printable Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Kids Activities Printable

With the emphasis on entertainment and bringing friends and family together in 2022, make sure you have some activities for the kids to keep them busy. Explore the activities below and easily print them out for the next outdoor hangout.

Printable Recipe Cards for Outdoor Meals

Download Printable Outdoor Activities & Recipe Card Here 

We hope this round-up of outdoor living trends and inspirational tips help you create the backyard haven of your dreams. Above all else, make sure the space works for you and your family’s needs. From outdoor eating areas to sustainable and modern design, you’ll also be sure to impress any guests that visit. For more help tackling larger projects, consider hiring a remodeling contractor or interior designer.

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