42 Trendy TV Room Ideas

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated April 1, 2022
woman with short gray hair turning on TV
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Stylish and clever TV ideas to complement—not complicate—any room

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Nowadays, more people prefer staying home to entertain family and friends. Whether gathering for family time or hosting a movie night, a TV is a necessary room feature.

While many people enjoy a large and luxurious television, it can complicate the look of a room if not positioned well. Fortunately, there are skillful ways to place a TV to enhance the space, no matter the size of the room. 

Don’t have a designated space for a media room? We've compiled our favorite design ideas to turn any room into a relaxing entertainment oasis. From large living rooms to small den areas, there’s one for your humble abode.

Living Room Ideas With TV

With a television in the living room, the key is to display it in a manner that complements the comfort and style.

1. Frame TV 

For luxurious living room settings, opt for a frame TV. These smart TVs are slender like picture frames and have gallery mode screensavers, allowing them to blend into the room as wall art.

2. Bespoke TV Unit

living room with big plasma screen TV
Photo: Edwin Tan / E+ / Getty Images

Bespoke TV units come in a variety of sizes and designs, or you can find a furniture builder in your area to customize one to fit the style of your living room. Make it a built-in wall unit that surrounds your television, adding books and decor pieces to elevate the look of the room. 

3. Textured Wall

living room with tall windows and the TV above the fireplace
Photo: Chastity Cortijo / Unsplash

Looking to add visual appeal without excessive decor? Install wainscotting or wall painting techniques such as sponge painting to create interesting wall textures for the room.    

4. Hidden TV Decor 

From decorative cabinetry to custom sliding panels, you can use decor to cover or conceal your TV while not in use.

5. Blackout Drapery

living room with TV and black curtains
Photo: itchySan / E+ / Getty Images

Hanging blackout curtains not only reduces glare on the TV but also creates heat insulation by blocking window drafts. 

6. Dim Lights

dimly lit room with TV and sofa
Photo: Pixelci / iStock / Getty Images

Whether you’re enjoying a movie with the family or snuggled up under a blanket, light dimmers can set the mood and create a cozy ambiance.

7. Wall Decals 

As a painting alternative for renters, wall decals allow you to create a DIY design around the TV that is easy to remove.  

8. Dark Colors

man sitting on couch watching hockey on TV
Photo: shironosov / iStock / Getty Images

To blend your TV into the room, paint the wall a dark color. Using dark wall colors in living rooms is trendy and helps furniture and decor pop.  

TV Stand Ideas

A great TV stand will support the television’s size and provide ample storage for media essentials.

9. DIY Stand

You can repurpose unused furniture, such as an old desk or wooden crates, into a TV stand. Simple decor such as a faux plant and books can add a personal touch without being distracting. 

10. Entertainment Center

children watching TV
Photo: Fertnig / E+ / Getty Images

An entertainment center contains plenty of space and drawers to help conceal items, from gaming consoles to Wi-Fi routers and cables.

Does your TV room double as a video game room for the kids? Consider adding some fun gaming decor: 

video game printable mockup frame on table

Download the Game Room Wall Art Here

11. Freestanding

man working out in front of TV
Photo: visualspace / iStock / Getty Images

For a spacious area, a freestanding TV stand can be an additional feature that complements the other furniture in the room.  

12. Wall Unit

living room with blue sectional sofa and TV on the wall
Photo: jodiejohnson / iStock / Getty Images

Utilize wall space with a built-in TV unit. The shelving will create valuable storage space for TV essentials and other decor items. 

13. TV Mantel

living room with blue chair and TV mounted on the wall
Photo: FOTOGRAFIA INC. / iStock / Getty Images

Who says mantels are only for fireplaces? Install a floating shelf beneath your mounted TV to create a point of interest and display decorative items.

14. Floating TV Stand

Instead of using the floor, you can install a “floating” wall shelf to place a lightweight TV.

15. TV Room Divider

For an open floor space, a large and wide TV stand can help separate one area from the other and create privacy. You can also install a rotating table within the room divider to switch the television direction at your leisure.

16. Custom Stand Design

woman sitting on floor with headphones reading book by TV
Photo: Morsa Images / E+ / Getty Images

If you haven’t found a TV stand you like, consider hiring a local carpenter to custom-build one for you.  

TV Wall Mount Ideas

Depending on the room’s style and television’s size, mounting your TV may be optimal for viewing pleasure. Below are a few ideas with which a TV mounting service in your area can assist.

17. Above the Fireplace

Looking for ways to decorate your fireplace? Mount the TV above it to watch and enjoy with family or guests. The TV will add both decor to the mantel and style to a cozy room.  

Want to keep the area subtle when not in use? Hang photos or artwork around the TV to create a gallery wall.  

19. Built-In TV Nook

minimal living room TV nook
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / iStock / Getty Images

Sometimes a protruding TV can make a small room look cluttered. Create a TV nook or alcove in the wall so that the TV sits within, keeping the appearance sleek. 

20. Adjustable Wall Stand

If your TV is in the corner of the room or near a window, an adjustable wall stand allows you to turn or angle the TV as needed. 

21. TV Backlighting

TV on brick wall backlighting
Photo: ExperienceInteriors / E+ / Getty Images

Hang fairy lights or adhesive LED lighting strips behind the TV to create a warm evening glow.  

22. Marble Wall Panel

Do you have a marble wall? Mount your TV to it for a sophisticated and luxe look.

Small TV Room Ideas

Small TV rooms can often be tricky to arrange due to their size. Here are quick solutions to free up the area and maximize room space.   

23. Wall Color Backsplash

A colorful wall is not only eye-catching but also makes a room appear more decorative, thus lessening the need for additional furnishings. 

24. Creative TV Cabinetry

tv cabinetry with shelves storage
Photo: Yurdakul / iStock / Getty Images

Draw attention to a small room with unique TV cabinet designs. Hire a local carpenter to create stylish patterns or features that elevate the space. 

25. Minimalist Style

minimal living room leather couch
Photo: Edwin Tan / iStock / Getty Images

Take the “less is more” approach with simple decor, such as a lamp and throw blanket. A minimalist design helps maintain space and cleanliness. 

26. Floating Shelves

A quick hack to declutter your home and maximize floor space is to install wall “floating” shelves for storage and displaying decor.   

27. Mirror Decor

circle mirror living room decor
Photo: FollowTheFlow / iStock / Getty Images

Mirrors maximize lighting and create the illusion of space, helping a small room appear larger and brighter. 

28. TV Armoire

An armoire is a stylish piece of furniture that can double as both a TV stand and storage solution.

29. Sliding TV Panels

Install sliding panels to seamlessly hide your TV when not in use.

30. Double-Duty Furniture

loft style living room with ottoman and bike
Photo: Pekic / E+ / Getty Images

When it comes to small spaces, storage is your best friend. This is where double-duty furniture can help. Ottomans, for example, are decorative pieces that function as both footstools and storage spaces.

31. Cozy Decor

woman sitting black leather sofa drinking coffee
Photo: Inside Creative House / iStock / Getty Images

Smaller spaces naturally create an intimate atmosphere. With that in mind, opt for cozy elements, such as plush rugs and pillows, to make the space comfy and inviting.

32. TV Projector

woman using tv projector
Photo: Satoshi-K / E+ / Getty Images

Take gaming and movie night to the next level with a portable TV projector. They’re small, easy to store, and display images much larger than a TV. Also, most projectors are compatible with gaming devices and consoles.

33. Club Chairs

Swap out an oversized sofa for smaller armchairs, which you can easily reposition in the room. 

Family Room Ideas With TV

If you prefer the TV in a more casual setting than the living room, the family room is ideal. Below are a few stylish ideas you can recreate in your home.

34. Home Theater Style

Do you already have a TV projector? Add surround sound speakers, dimming lights, and reclining chairs to make the room an at-home movie theater. You can also consult a local soundproofing contractor for noise-proof solutions.

movie bingo printable mockup

Download the Movie Night Bingo Here

35. Seating Variety

white sofa in living room
Photo: AsiaVision / E+ / Getty Images

Incorporate a variety of seating for all ages and body types. Mix and match sofas, armchairs, and ottomans to accommodate different heights and comfort levels. 

36. Storage Cubes

You can get creative with storage cube organizers, such as adding fabric drawers to conceal remotes, game consoles, and miscellaneous items. 

37. Incorporate Smart Tech

woman using remote watching TV
Photo: PeopleImages / E+ / Getty Images

While smart TVs come as a given for streaming services, other smart tech such as voice assistants can provide an extra “hand” around the room.

38. Sports Den

Is the household into sports? Convert the family room into a relaxing sports den. Decorate the room with favorite team flags, a display of trophies, or even wall-mount a basketball hoop. Here, you can enjoy hosting Super Bowl parties and other sporting events. 

39. Home Bar

woman making a drink at a home bar
Photo: MaximFesenko / iStock / Getty Images

Make it the perfect area to entertain guests with a home bar installation. Use the bar for storing snacks and drinks as well as creating an additional seating area.

40. Garage Lounge

No extra living space in your home? Convert the garage into a relaxing TV lounge for the family. You can find a general contractor in your area to get an estimate and complete the remodeling job. 

41. Built-In Shelves

white sofa in living room with big bookshelf
Photo: urbazon / E+ / Getty Images

Add built-in shelving to your family room to make the TV area multipurpose. Store books for a home library, toys and board games for the kids, and more.  

42. Wall Mural

Personalize the interior design with a decorative mural. You can use an empty wall to embrace your creativity and add a pop of color to the space.

When it comes to adding a TV to your space, the ideas are endless. Be sure to hire an electrician for cord and wiring installation, as they can provide safe placement ideas for your space.

The Ultimate TV Room Style Guide
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