50+ Stylish Fireplace Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated April 4, 2022
woman with headphones on reading on chair next to a fireplace
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Eye-catching fireplace designs to create a cozy at-home retreat

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Did you know that fireplaces are one of the most profitable home features? They’re an energy-efficient and attractive alternative to central heating. Not only are they useful (and a must-have in colder regions), but fireplaces are also an amenity that can increase the resale value of your home

Fortunately, the increasing versatility of fireplaces makes it easier to find one within your budget. Whether you’re looking for local fireplace installation ideas or ways to modernize your existing one, this roundup of over 50 different fireplace styles will spark up inspiration. 

You’ll also find a few printables for decor and fireside activities to enjoy for the winter season. 

Fireplace Design Ideas 

Since the look of a fireplace can either elevate or downplay a space, finding the perfect design is key. 

1. Rustic Brick

rustic brick fireplace
Photo: Chamomile_Olya / Shutterstock

A rustic brick fireplace can add an industrial or unique vintage look to any interior design. The exposed brick texture can help create a contrasting element in a modern space.

2. Marble Overlay

A marble fireplace surround will give it a sleek and elegant look. While marble is typically expensive, the natural element is heat-resistant and durable.   

3. Metallic 

If you’re looking for an eye-catching interior design, consider metallic tile or paint for your fireplace. Metals appear as a luxurious accent that can elevate the look of a room. 

4. Custom Tile Design

For intimate, enclosed areas, such as the living room, a custom tiled fireplace can serve as an aesthetic focal point. You can use a design board to mix and match tiles and create a unique look for the space.  

5. Glass-Enclosed

living room with glass enclosed fireplace
Photo: RyanJLane / E+ / Getty Images

A glass-enclosed fireplace allows you to enjoy the beauty of a flickering flame without the worry of sparks or tumbling logs. Plus, glass doors help minimize air escape and improve the fire’s efficiency.

When it’s too cold outdoors, your family can get cozy by the fire and enjoy quality time together. You can encourage laughter and conversation through a family-friendly activity such as charades.

charades printable with scarf and hot chocolate

Download the Charades Game Here

6. Inglenook Fireplace

living room with inglenook fireplace
Photo: frazaz / iStock / Getty Images

With an inglenook style, the fireplace structure has a recessed wall of open space. You can reserve that empty area for firewood storage, decor, or a seating area.

7. Kiva Style

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, the kiva fireplace is a popular design inspired by southwestern pueblo architecture. Its curved, beehive-like shape adds a unique look to room corners.  

8. Sculptural Fireplace

To add a stunning centerpiece, a custom sculptural fireplace can be an eye-catching geometric accent. A professional fireplace builder can construct one that complements the style of your home. 

9. Fireplace Column

living room with fireplace column
Photo: OlgaChan / iStock / Getty Images

For homes that already have a fireplace but could use a facelift, columns are a popular addition. Fireplace columns enhance the aesthetic of the surround and serve as another architectural element.

10. Carved Stone

Another way to level up your fireplace is with creative stone carvings. From intricate designs to unique patterns, stone is a versatile canvas for fireplaces that makes an elegant accent.   

11. Electric Fireplace

living room with electric fireplace
Photo: Liudmila Chernetska / iStock / Getty Images

As an energy-efficient and fumeless alternative, electric fireplaces provide the same heating and aesthetic benefits to a home. Additionally, electric fireplaces are easy to install and are low-maintenance.

12. Bedroom Upgrade

scandinavian bedroom with fireplace
Photo: imaginima / E+ / Getty Images

To turn your sleeping quarters into a warm and cozy retreat, consider the architectural detail of a bedroom fireplace. Use a fireplace to upgrade your primary bedroom or as a central heating alternative to a basement guest bedroom.

13. Linear Style

living room with linear style fireplace
Photo: hikesterson / iStock / Getty Images

Switch from the traditional style by adding a linear fireplace. The linear style adds a contemporary look and is easy to install in a variety of spaces.  

14. Stacked Stone

stacked stone fireplace
Photo: Mike Gattorna / Unsplash

Enhance the interior design aesthetics with a stylish stacked stone fireplace. The stone can serve as a decorative element and provide a cozy feel to the room. 

15. Antique French

For admirers of European architecture, the French antique surround is a unique fireplace style that creates an elegant look for a room.  

16. Double-Sided Style

A double-sided fireplace can make an attractive room divider for any open space setting. 

17. Sleek Design

living room with sleek minimalist fireplace
Photo: in4mal / iStock / Getty Images

For a minimalistic interior design, less is more. A smooth and sleek fireplace surround helps maintain a clean, clutter-free look.

18. Modern Concrete

Another option for those looking to renovate their fireplace is to use concrete. Not only is concrete fireproof and durable, it’s also very easy to customize. You can work with a professional concrete contractor in your area to create a design that elevates the space.

19. Farmhouse Style

farmhouse style fireplace
Photo: Kristen Prahl / iStock / Getty Images

A farmhouse style embodies simplicity, coziness, and a vintage vibe. A wood fireplace surround can add rustic charm and help complete the room design. 

20. Painted Overlay

painted overlay fireplace
Photo: Nadia Sobchuk / Shutterstock

Revitalize an old fireplace with a fresh coat of paint. The new overlay will add a pop of color and make the fireplace a highlight of the room.  

21. Molded Frame

Have a local fireplace remodel contractor add aesthetics with decorative molding and trim. Remodeling a fireplace costs between $400 and $2,000, depending on your needs.

Fireplace Decor Ideas

After fireplace installation or remodeling, decor will complete the overall look and feel of the space. Level up your fireplace with the following ideas.

22. Custom Mantel

Complement your home’s style and design with a custom fireplace mantel. As an aesthetic element, mantels allow you to display art, seasonal items, and other decorations. 

23. Picture Frames

Hanging a picture or wall art above the fireplace can add a personal touch to your space. You also print out and frame your favorite quotes like the one below:

printable inside wooden frame with home decor

Download the Picture Frame Quotes Here 

24. Display of Collectibles

Do you have collectibles? Use the fireplace as a display area for them, easily creating a focal point of the room. 

25. Colorful Backsplash

white fireplace with navy blue painted wall
Photo: Artjafara / iStock / Getty Images

Painting the accent wall around the fireplace is an easy way to refresh a room. 

26. Mantel Mirror

white living room with mirror on mantle
Photo: Martin Barraud / OJO Images / Getty Images

If the fireplace room is small, consider mounting a large mirror above the mantel. Mirrors create the illusion of space and bring natural light, making the room feel larger, brighter, and more inviting.

27. Charming Accents

bright blue chair next to fireplace and Christmas decor
Photo: imaginima / E+ / Getty Images

Place charming accent pieces, such as a lamp or bold-colored chair, near the fireplace to create a cozy look.  

28. Built-In Bookshelves

Turn your fireplace room into a relaxing library with a built-in bookshelf. You can find a furniture builder near you to add shelves along the outer sides of the fireplace to place books and other accessories.

29. Mounted TV

living room with tv mounted over fireplace
Photo: hikesterson / iStock / Getty Images

Mounting a TV above the fireplace is a growing trend in living rooms. For this particular option, electric fireplaces are ideal. Otherwise, the heat from gas and wood-burning units can severely damage electronics.

30. Natural Elements

Natural elements such as assorted wood pieces and greenery add a sense of outdoors in the home. Incorporate these elements into your fireplace room to create a peaceful and relaxing ambiance.

31. DIY Art Collage

Placing homemade artwork around the fireplace, such as pottery and DIY wreaths, can add personality and create a nice wall feature. 

32. Plant Decor

potted plants on mantle
Photo: Paul Hanaoka / Unsplash

Plants are versatile decorative elements that easily liven up a dull area. Easily anchor the corner of the fireplace hearth with a tall plant or display a series of small potted plants on the mantel. 

33. Built-In Furniture

If you have additional wall space on either side of the fireplace, a built-in credenza or media console can double as decor and storage space.

34. Rustic Decor

Add rustic charm to the fireplace using decor such as an old-fashioned clock, wooden accessories, and candlesticks.

Unused Fireplace Ideas

Warmer months are an opportunity to get creative with the empty fireplace box. Here are some clever ways to spruce up the hearth when it’s not in use.

35. Firewood Storage

white fireplace storing logs
Photo: Lipik1 / iStock / Getty Images

Instead of tossing unused firewood, keep it in the fireplace hearth as a storage area. Firewood is a trendy decor option that adds natural elements and texture to a space. 

36. Inside Tiling

You can hire a local tile contractor to add decorative tiling on the inside of the fireplace. Opt for ceramic tile, which is durable and can withstand heat. 

37. Aesthetic Screen

While screens traditionally serve as a protective barrier against heat and stray sparks, they also transform the overall look of the fireplace. From elegant metallics to stained glass, fireplace screens can be a nice aesthetic accessory. 

38. Fireplace Glass Door

With the same functionality as a screen, decorative glass doors can also serve as a fierce design piece. 

39. Pet Nook

Who said unused fireplaces are only for storage? If it is in the family room or bedroom, the empty space can make a great resting area for your pets. Throw a plush pet bed into the fireplace to create a cozy den for your four-legged pal. 

Did you recently adopt a furry friend? Surprise family and friends with these adorable pet announcement signs.

puppy sleeping on top of framed printable

Download the Pet Announcement Signs Here 

40. Flower Arrangement

If your fireplace is on hiatus during spring and summer months, you can use it to feature a blooming, colorful flower arrangement.

41. DIY Storage Area

From books or magazines to a basket of extra blankets, an empty fireplace is an extra space to store items. 

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

42. Poolside Lounge

With a fireplace near the pool, the contrast of fire and water elements will make a striking feature.

43. Under a Gazebo

Enjoy the outdoor ambiance of sitting fireside beneath a gazebo or pergola. A professional fireplace builder near you can advise you on safe placement and proper ventilation.

44. Fireplace Wall

fireplace wall
Photo: laughingmango / iStock / Getty Images

Constructing a fireplace wall can add privacy to your yard and an enjoyable lounge area during the colder months.

45. Outdoor Kitchen

Add a fireplace to your outdoor kitchen area. Whether it’s a brick pizza oven or warm tableside glow, a fireplace will take your outdoor dining and party hosting to the next level. 

46. Freestanding Fireplace

Construct a freestanding fireplace in your backyard as both a decorative focal point and cozy seating area. 

47. Indoor-Outdoor Fireplace

This type of fireplace is a double-sided wall in the home that allows you to enjoy the warmth and beautiful glow both indoors and outdoors.  

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

The unique and decorative framework of a mantel can make any fireplace stand out. Enhance your interior design with these custom mantel ideas.

48. Floating Barn Wood

floating barn wood fireplace
Photo: NataliaLavrivNedashkivska / Shutterstock

For a farmhouse look, add a floating shelf made of reclaimed barn wood. It is a great way to have eye-level decor and maintain a clutter-free area.

49. Metal 

A metal mantel shelf will add an industrial feel to your fireplace. Metal shelves are common above modern electric fireplaces.

50. Stone

A stone mantel shelf pairs especially well with a rock fireplace surround. This mantel idea can give your home a cozy, rustic feel.

51. Glass Shelf

Glass mantel shelves are particularly popular in beach homes with fireplaces. This is a unique way to spice up a traditional fireplace.

52. Colonial-Style

colonial style fireplace mantle
Photo: Irina Lev / iStock / Getty Images

The traditional colonial mantel features aesthetic columns on either side of the fireplace that can draw focus to the fireplace.

53. Brick Mantel

Brick mantels are simple yet classic styles that can easily blend into a brick wall to help maintain a minimalist design. 

54. Marble 

A marble mantel shelf completes a surround of the same element and adds luxury to your space.

55. Hand-Carved 

A hand-carved surround mantel, such as with unique designs and abstract curvature, will add a sense of elegance to your fireplace. 

Fireplaces are versatile and lovely additions that attract many homebuyers. From eco-friendly heating to cozy and romantic settings, the benefits of a fireplace are endless. If your current one is past its prime, a local fireplace repair service can help.

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