11 Outdoor Kitchen Designs Any Home Chef Will Love

Amber Guetebier
Written by Amber Guetebier
Updated January 12, 2022
A backyard with barbeque and dining table
Photo: RossHelen / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

If you can’t stand the heat, hang out in the outdoor kitchen

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Fresh air and sunshine are natural benefits of being outside, but what about barbeque? An outdoor kitchen is at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists when it comes to outdoor living. From wood-fired pizza ovens to a refrigerator stocked with cold drinks, outdoor kitchens turn cooking from a chore into a beloved social event. Here are some beautiful outdoor kitchen ideas to inspire you to stop dreaming and get cooking on your plans. 

11 Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 

The most beautiful outdoor kitchens complement the existing home design and landscaping while meeting the outdoor chef’s particular needs. Whether you’re looking to create your own barbeque haven or have an artist’s outdoor kitchen retreat in mind, these designs will help inspire you to create an outdoor kitchen unique to you. 

1. Carpenter’s Personal Cookery

An elevated patio deck with a barbeque
Photo: Courtesy of Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams of Emerald & Grace Interiors used his custom carpentry skills to create an outdoor oasis of his own. Williams built an elevated patio deck in his yard and enhanced it with beautiful wood sides and a built-in bank of benches for storage. Even if you don’t have a custom patio or large deck space right outside your backdoor, a separated, elevated deck like this can create a designated space for cooking and entertaining. And if you don’t have the carpentry skills like Williams, consider hiring a local carpenter to help you create a clever cooking space of your own. 

2. Landscaper’s Outdoor Oasis

A design outdoor kitchen
Photo: Courtesy of Derviss Design

This outdoor kitchen designed by Michelle Derviss of Derviss Design took about seven months to complete and involved a team of stonemasons, woodworkers, electricians, skilled laborers, and a nearby concrete company

To match both the landscaping and the existing architecture, Derviss chose to use a stone from Kansas, called Cabernet. Her client’s outdoor kitchen budget is always a consideration, too. For homeowners considering a backyard kitchen, Derviss reminds them, “There are generally a lot of moving parts in constructing an outdoor kitchen, so it is important to have all your craftspeople and suppliers lined up.” It’s definitely worth the wait!

3. Artist’s Kitchen Retreat

A wooden outdoor kitchen
Photo: Courtesy of Laura Harris Studio

You don’t need extensive custom work to create a gorgeous outdoor kitchen. Artist Laura Harris and her partner Pete designed this kitchen themselves. They used repurposed materials as much as possible, including vintage, reclaimed barn wood from a friend’s property for the countertops and butcher block from a nearby butcher shop. 

Among the final touches, they lined the underside of the roof with bamboo to give it a rustic feel and added fresh pots of herbs, a portable pizza oven, and a hanging pizza board to invoke kitchens of Italy and Mexico they admired during their travels. 

4. Take Your Pizza Outside

An outdoor pizza kitchen
Photo: Courtesy of RTA Outdoor Living

The incredible custom look of this outdoor pizza kitchen from RTA Outdoor Living is not exactly what meets the eye. While it has the appearance of a brick kitchen, the main construction of the kitchen is made up of prefabricated pieces from RTA Outdoor Living, a modular outdoor kitchen manufacturer that creates the components for an outdoor kitchen in four to eight weeks. The pieces are then assembled on-site and appliances are installed. The installation takes only a few hours. 

For this kitchen, the homeowners wanted to change out the standard color and finish of the factory kitchen, so RTA customized the exterior by applying a reclaimed brick finish painted to match the existing patio. 

5. Dad’s Dream Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen with quartz countertops
Photo: Courtesy of Grillin with Dad

It’s only fitting that Maciek Z. of Grillin with Dad has an outdoor kitchen that suits his passion for all things grilled. A remodel of his deck included a designated, covered space just for grilling and whipping up his recipes. While wood is the primary material in this project, he splurged for some beautiful quartz countertops, which he says are “weather, stain, and scratch-resistant.” 

6. Plant Lover’s Paradise

An outdoor kitchen with plants
Photo: Courtesy of The Horticult

For Ryan Benoit of The Horticult, being outside in the garden is a lifestyle. As garden designers, horticulture enthusiasts, and authors of the book “How to Window BoxChantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit spend so much time outside that an outdoor kitchen just made sense. Ryan utilized space in the side yard of his La Jolla home and custom-built it. He even added wheels should they ever need to move it.

7. Outdoor Living Rooms

An outdoor living space
Photo: Courtesy of Distinctive Gardens

The team at Distinctive Gardens Landscaping not only created an outdoor kitchen; they created an outdoor living space adjacent to it, complete with a fire pit at its center. The shelter ensures the cook stays out of the sun or rain. The custom concrete countertops match the floating seating area, offset by a distinctive Mintaro slate laid out using crazy-paving—a method of hardscaping where pavers of various shapes and sizes are laid out in a seemingly random pattern. 

8. Modular Dreams

A modern outdoor kitchen
Photo: Courtesy of RTA Outdoor Living

You don’t always need a major remodel to get your dream outdoor kitchen. This kitchen from RTA Outdoor Living arrived in modular pre-fabricated pieces that are assembled on-site. Even the modern, moody color is one of the standard color choices. Materials arrive in the morning, and you can have a fully functioning kitchen, including appliances, before the sun goes down.

9. Edible Feasts

An outdoor kitchen with a ready supply of fresh herbs
Photo: Garden Guru / Adobe stock

Your outdoor kitchen is part of your garden, but is your garden part of your outdoor kitchen? This kitchen not only incorporates the natural outdoor setting, but it goes one step further by integrating edible plants and herbs and plenty of counter space directly into the design. Having fresh ingredients at your fingertips is one of the big perks of having a kitchen outside. 

10. Double Up on Grills

An outdoor kitchen with two grills mounted in a stone counter
Photo: Kent / Adobe stock

What’s better than an outdoor grill? Two outdoor grills. Whether it’s for a big family gathering or using one grill just for veggies, having two grills side-by-side is an unexpected addition to an outdoor kitchen that guarantees everyone will get their fill. 

Among the things to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen, what you’ll cook on should be at the top of the list. Your grill or pizza oven will be the center of your entire kitchen, so deciding how many you need is essential. 

11. Rustic Retreat

An outdoor barbecue and kitchen
Photo: hikesterson / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

By using the same kind of stone for both the accent wall and the structure of the kitchen—as well as adding a planter directly above the countertop—this outdoor kitchen blends perfectly into the landscape. Your kitchen design can be integrated into a patio or landscape remodel to achieve a harmonious look while offering plenty of outdoor storage, a sink, and outlets. 

How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

The cost of installing an outdoor kitchen can range dramatically. On average, the cost range is between $5,520 and $22,150. Luxury kitchen designs fall on the higher end of the scale and are often part of a more extensive redesign of outdoor living space

Modular outdoor kitchens can be installed directly onto an existing patio or deck without a significant remodel. They can give the look of a high-end kitchen for around $5,000 or less. 

Should I Build an Outdoor Kitchen Myself or Hire a Professional?

Some DIY outdoor kitchen projects can be built and installed by homeowners who possess a good deal of know-how and plenty of tools. However, because most dream outdoor kitchens usually include sinks and refrigerators, you’ll need to involve a plumbing and electrical specialist. If you are doing anything beyond the basics with your kitchen, it’s a good idea to hire a local outdoor kitchen design professional to ensure the work is done correctly and the kitchen will withstand the elements.

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