What is the approximate cost to replace a cast iron stack and how long would it take to complete the job?

Updated November 25, 2020
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Question by Guest_9478857: The stack in my home is made of cast iron & about 50 years old. I would like it updated with current pipes. Approximately how much would this cost and how long would the job take?

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Answered by LCD: IF you mean the entire drain and sewer system in the house, then probably about $2-4,000 range for a normal 2-story house. less for small one-story - plus if a lot is in walls or floors that have to be cut into to do the changeout (as opposed to readily accessible from under crawlspace or open joists in basement) then additional thousand or two typically in drywall and painting repairs.

This does NOT include the outdoor portion, which can vary from $15-20 approximately for very shallow pipe to as much as $50-100/LF if in deep frost area and hard digging - even more if have to go around plantings, through drives or sidewalks, or through rock because you are changing the alignment to miss other obstacles.

Personally, if not showing leaks, I don't see why you want to replace good cast iron with brittle plastic (assuming you are talking ABS or PVC) - normal cast iron can go a hundred years or more in normal residential service as long as you do not hit it with a lot of very strong cleaners or acids- and of course outside if frost gets down to its level or large tree roots displace it, then it can crack - but so can plastic.

Answered by Deboramajama: I just had a plumber in today and he said $1400.

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