How Much Does It Cost To Install a Glass Shower Door?

Normal range: $532 - $1,378

A new glass shower door costs on average $947 to install, in addition to labor. Factors like door size, customization, and hardware will also impact price.

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Updated August 26, 2022
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Updating and upgrading your shower door is an excellent way to refresh your bathroom without too much expense or the inconvenience of construction. There’s nothing quite like a new glass panel to give a room an instant infusion of spa-like luxury. The cost of installation for a new shower door starts at $532 and can go up to $1,378 or more for a custom design—there’s an option for every budget.

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How we get this data
Normal range for U.S.
$532 - $1,378
  • Average
  • $947
  • Low end
  • $160
  • high end
  • $2,000

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Shower Door Near You?

Frameless shower doors allow for an all-glass look, with minimal hardware needed for them to function. They bring a sleek and modern look to a bathroom and are easier to keep clean because there is no frame. As a result, many homeowners are considering frameless shower doors for new builds and renovations.

The national average to install a frameless shower door is $912. These are the average installations prices in cities across the country:

StateAverage Installation Price
Las Vegas, NV$889
Los Angeles$766
New York City$1,014
Oklahoma City, OK$703
Philadelphia, PA$1,197
Raleigh, NC$833
Tacoma, WA$957
Tallahassee, FL$834
Tucson, AZ$1,016

Shower Door Installation Cost Breakdown


Materials for the job will include the new door, any hardware that comes with it (e.g., door pulls, hinges), and the bar and channels that hold the door in place.


The labor costs for a shower door installation add quite a bit to the overall cost. Depending on the type of shower door you choose, the price for professional shower door installation averages around $500 to $1,000. For example, the cost to have a professional install a frameless shower door is around $1,000, while the less pricey sliding shower door installation runs about $200 to $400.

Professional installers typically charge around $60 per hour and factor in an additional fee for any special materials or tools needed to complete the job. Most installations take about two to four hours to finish.

How Big of a Shower Door Can I Get on My Budget?

The cost to install a frameless shower door by size, including the cost of the door and labor:

SizeAverage Cost
24-inch frameless door$400 – $1,150
30-inch frameless door$400 – $1,300
36-inch frameless door$475 – $1,650
48-inch frameless door$500 – $1,800
56-inch frameless door$600 – $1,900
60-inch frameless door$500 – $2,300

Additional Shower Door Styles

  • Framed shower doors: These are the most affordable style to buy and have installed. The cost to install a framed shower door ranges from $190 to $500.

  • Semi-framed shower doors: This door type is a good compromise between less expensive framed styles and more costly frameless ones. Their thicker glass gives them a more updated look than framed shower doors. The cost to install a semi-frameless shower door is $225 to $2,000.

  • Custom: Bathrooms that are highly customized may require custom shower doors. These can include curved, etched glass, or special-cut doors. The cost to install a custom shower door can run $3,300 and up.

Other styles available include sliding shower doors for bathtub or shower combinations, frosted glass doors that offer more privacy, and neo-angled shower doors for small spaces with corner showers. The average cost to install these types of shower doors is $500.

What Upgrades or Options Are Available for Shower Doors?

There are several options for upgrades to glass shower doors, which include:

  • Low-iron glass: Low-iron glass offers a bright white glass instead of the typical greenish tint of most glass. This glass cost averages around $650. 

  • Increased glass thickness: Going from three-eighths of an inch to half an inch will make your shower door look and feel more luxurious—plan for an extra $650 to upgrade the glass thickness.

  • Decorative handles: An upgraded door handle with a towel bar is a nice addition, costs around $200, depending on the style you choose.

  • Water spot prevention: This treatment will keep your glass from spotting after you use the shower. This option costs around $500.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Shower Door Yourself?

A modern bathroom with a glass shower door
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If you are handy and an experienced DIYer, you can do a shower door installation yourself. But you may want to have an installation buddy and an extra set of hands nearby for moving and balancing the glass panels. These are the tools and materials you will need, in addition to purchasing the shower door and hardware:

Tool/MaterialAverage Price
Hammer$7 – $40
Level$13 – $265
Tape measure$7 – $35
Caulk gun$4 – $200
Plastic mallet$7 – $30
Drill or driver$49 – $179
Hacksaw$6 – $22
Utility knife$3 – $25
Stainless steel screws$5
Wood shims$2 – $5
Anchors$3 – $14
Tape$3 – $8
Waterproof silicone sealant$13

FAQs About Shower Door Installation

Shower door glass should be at least three-eighths of an inch thick. Any less than that, and you run a higher risk of the glass shattering if the door is closed too hard or something falls against it. For custom shower doors, glass is sometimes thicker.

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