Who Should I Hire to Install Bathroom Tiles?

Stacey Marcus
Written by Stacey Marcus
Updated November 29, 2021
Tiled floors and wall in bathroom
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You should hire a tile contractor to install bathroom tile

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When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your bathroom remodel, skip the messy mortar and find a tile contractor to help install bathroom tile. Outfitting your bathroom involves a lot of decision-making; however, hiring the right tile contractor for your project may be one of the most important choices for its final aesthetic. Here’s what you need to know when reviewing your options.

Benefits of Hiring a Tile Contractor

If you are on the fence about hiring a pro for your bathroom remodel, consider the following benefits for your project:

  • Project expertise: A certified tile contractor is an experienced professional who understands the nuances of selecting and installing tiles; a pro’s help ensures a seamless and thorough process.

  • Faster installation: A tile installer can solve job queries and quandaries faster than the average homeowner, such as measuring the space for tile orders, selecting the right materials to use, and getting the job done efficiently.

  • Details are covered: A certified tile contractor has the proper tools and protocol knowledge to guarantee a safe installation. They will also consider long-term wear-and-tear on the tile and take extra steps to minimize the possibility of future problems like leaks, mold, and mildew.

  • Less stress: If you’ve ever undertaken a DIY tile project and watched tiles fall off a wall and crack after application, you know how quickly tiling can go awry and that they can be rather messy to clean up after. A pro can bring efficiency to the whole process, give you some free time back, and provide guaranteed quality assurance for the project and its result.

  • Trends insight: A tile contractor can lend industry insight to your project, including patterns and bathroom tile trends, as well as the latest innovation in installation techniques and products.

Can I DIY Install Bathroom Tiles?

You can DIY install bathroom tiles if you have the time, materials, some know-how, and a wealth of patience. If you feel inspired to start this project, plan on an average cost of around $3 to $7 per square foot, which accounts for your project materials. You’ll also want to set aside a designated work area for measuring and cutting tiles and mixing mortar and grout. Mortar and grout will take time to dry and cure after application.

Tiling is a rather labor-intensive project, so if you’re short on time, a pro can take the lead or help you get the job completed.

Can I Hire a Mason for Bathroom Tile Installation?

While masons primarily work in brick and stone, their industry experience also carries over to tile and ceramics. Masons are trained craftspeople with extensive practical experience. You can include masonry contractors in your search for pros and inquire if they also handle specific niche projects like bathroom tile installation. The cost to hire a masonry contractor averages around $70 per hour, which will likely contribute to a higher project cost.

Can I Hire a Handyperson for Bathroom Tile Installation?

A handyperson with tiling experience is another type of pro to consider for installing bathroom tile. A handyperson can handle a more straightforward installation process and will bring their own equipment to the job site; however, larger or more complex projects may require the expertise of a licensed contractor. The cost to hire a handyperson starts at around $60 per hour.

How Do Tile Contractors Install Bathroom Tile?

Tiler lays ceramic tiles on bathroom walls and floors
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After materials have arrived for your bathroom remodel, the tile installation typically requires about two days with the help of a tile contractor. During this time, your pro will take the following steps to complete the project:

1. Prepare the surface to make sure it’s clean, level, and stable

2. Plan the tile layout with chalk lines and spacers

3. Mix and apply mortar to the surface

4. Lay the tiles and apply spacers

5. Fill in the tile joints with grout

6. Wipe-away grout residue

7. Allow the tile to set

8. Seal the grout for additional protection against moisture and cracking

How Much Will It Cost To Retile My Bathroom?

It typically costs between $450 and $10,000 to retile a bathroom, depending on factors like quality of materials and square footage. The average cost to retile a bathroom is $2,000, including labor.

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